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The Power of Photography To Make Us Feel Human and Alive

Every day is a day of celebration, and the stories we read online don’t cease in inspiring us to be our best. One of the ways that we get inspired is by looking at fascinating, inspiring and often lachrymose beautiful photography online. In a recent feature in Digg, this is exactly what we get. Digg featured a weekly review of the best photography that has been taken all over the world, and the results are, for the lack of a better term, transcendental.

The Disappearing Jobs

One of the photos that stood out in the feature is done by the Agence France-Presse, and it’s a feature of people who are still working on jobs that are slowly disappearing. We see a photo of a lamplighter, which is a rare job already that goes along with other disappearing work, such as rickshaw puller and an elevator attendant. Another photo there is an excerpt of a photo collection from an artist, and it’s a photo of Bangkok awash in artificial neon light of pink, purple and blue lights. You can see more of the collection at an article from the Colossal magazine.

There’s also a wonderful photo there of the life in Russian culture in the 90s. The 90s is an era of transition from a Soviet state to an order of global capitalism. There’s a lot of cultural growth, transition, and movement in those years that have given momentum to the explosion of art and political disorder in Russia right now. The photo and imagery in the feature captures all of that in an amazing and powerful light.

Another photo in the review is a surreal image of a sub-urban mother who documented his life and the ins and outs of her marriage. This is part of the collection that she wants to put in her new book, Dream Away.

Photography’s Power

The collection featured in Digg is indeed a powerful symbol of how photography can move us. They say that pictures capture more than words, and the Digg feature is indeed a fitting and robust example for such quote.

Photography Mystery Deepens For “Westworld”

The HBO-produced TV show, “Westworld” is one of the most critically-acclaimed of recent years but a mystery in the real world is unfolding according to The Huffington Post. Fans of the show were shocked to discover a pivotal part of the “Westworld” mystery appears to have been drawn from a stock image published openly Online.

Fans of the show were given their first glimpse into the Android world when Peter Abernathy, played by Louis Herthum began to malfunction in his wild west setting when he discovered a photo of a woman in Times Square. The photo has been seen as an important clue to the mystery of the series based on the 1973 film written and directed by Michael Crichton. Fans conducting a search for the image were shocked to discover the image was not produced directly for the show but was, in fact, a stock image published Online by Getty Images.

Creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan are known for their attention to detail so a photography mystery would seem difficult to explain particularly when fans noticed even more mysteries were appearing when they complete Online searches for the mysterious photo featuring actress Claire Unabia. The photographer credited with taking the photo is one Erik Von Weber, a name similar to main “Westworld” character Arnold Weber who has published a number of photos Online with Getty Images many feel are related to the coming season of the show.

AMng the images produced by Erik Vin Weber are a range of portraits of knights, samurai, and barbarians who all made an appearance in the two movies created as part of the “Westworld” franchise in the 1970s. The appearance of Claire Unabia in the show has only added to this photographic mystery which has fans of the HBO show pondering what this means for the future of the Anthony Hopkins led series.

Sir Paul McCartney Shares To The World Her Late Wife’s Talent for Photography

There’s so much power we can feel from just a single photograph. Photographs capture what our memories can’t and transport us to a time that otherwise would never have come back. This is why photographs today are a precious treasure for all, and this is why many pay big money for acquisition of rare photos. In fact, in the most recent news article we can get from BBC, we know that photographs are so precious, that they could generate millions of money for any type of charity or advocacy. One of these people who have most valuable and profitable photographs today is Sir Paul McCartney of the Beatles, and in the BBC article, we learned that he is going to donate to the V and A in London about 63 of his precious photographs taken by his wife who already passed away, Ms. Linda McCartney.

The Collection of Memories

These photos are not just ordinary ones that capture the passing of time. These photos contain portraits of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones, as well as some personal snaps from the McCartney family. These are treasures that not many are able to replicate, and it’s such a fortunate and gracious move on the part of Sir Paul McCartney to have done the act of donation.

We should also include to say here that these photos are made extra valuable because of the fact that Ms. Linda McCartney had won the US female photographer of the year. Which is why most of the shots she took would be going to the V&A’s new Photography Centre that would soon open to the public on the 12th of October.

Talent and Eye

You can’t also just see mediocre photos from the collection of Ms. Linda. The senior curator of the V&A even claimed that Ms. Linda’s photos surely come from a set of eyes that are keen, full of talent and creative in its approach to capture important but fleeting moments.

The Photography Innovation That Makes Cameras Nearly Invisible

As if the new powerful smartphones are not enough, we also have newer and better camera technology that just puts the craft of photography way higher than we thought was already at its limit. The new nanotechnology right now can make more from just less, and this applies to the tiny cameras that are now powerfully integrated into our phones. In fact, one of the most recent photography innovation you can read about lately that comes from Techcrunch states that cameras can now be so minute and yet still powerful enough to take quality photos.

The Near Invisible Camera

In a journal feature from IEEE Electron Device Letters, we learned that there’s now a way to address the problems of having too much mass for the small cameras that we’re aiming for. Because of innovation from the University of Michigan, which includes Euisik Yoon and Sung Yun Park, there is now a way to circumvent the light that passes through the camera to reduce its mass size without depriving light. The breakthrough is now what is called the simultaneous energy harvesting mixed with imaging”. We can’t make this up. It’s really what it is, and it’s going to shape the future of nanotechnology and camera imaging in ways that had never been tried before. With a few tweaks to the sensor and the way power is consumed, there is now a way that images can be recorded with higher frame rates, even at lower lighting levels.

With such innovation, it would almost appear that the sensor would be near-impossible in appearance, and would operate without no need for a battery, and not even a wireless power. As a result, many could see this camera as a fantastic alternative for CCTV surveillance cameras or a spy camera that before costs so much. There may be many smartphone companies that are now after this technology, but there are still challenges to be faced, including the research, time and effort needed to find a mass-scale system to put this innovation into production.

Hiring a Professional Photographer: What to Know

Hiring a photographer for an event is a great way to remember the occasion and have pictures you can share with others. Unfortunately, you probably won’t have the time to take the pictures on your own, especially if it’s a big event like a wedding or major anniversary. In this case, you might want to hire a photographer who can help out. The photographer will be responsible for taking the pictures at your event and then printing them out so that you can keep them, frame them or give them to your loved ones.

While this is an easy enough task for just about anyone, it’s not so easy to find a professional when you begin to realize how many of them are available in your area. You will notice that the world of photography has literally boomed over the years, making it even more difficult than before to find the professional who is right for you. In order to find a good photographer, you’re going to want to see who is available for hire in your area, look at their portfolio and compare prices so that you can still stick to your budget without going over.

Likewise, you need a photographer who is professional and has been used by a lot of satisfied customers. It never hurts to ask friends or family if they have ever hired a local photographer and who they would recommend for this specific job. You will be amazed at how many professionals are out there who are willing to take pictures at your upcoming event. You will then want to stick to a budget that is right for you and is going to reflect on the price you pay for the event, so be sure to look for someone you can trust and know they will do a good job.

Photographer Meets Iconic Photo Subject 33 Years Later

Thirty-three years ago, there was a picture of a one-legged mother with her daughter. The mother wore a long, dark colored skirt that went a bit below her knees, as well as a simple, white, tailored shirt. Her wavy black hair was shoulder length, and she looked into the camera. Her young daughter was walking on crutches, looking down at the ground. The picture took place on a street in Beirut, during a war in Lebanon.

The picture ended up on the front page of the New York Times. It was an iconic picture of the conflict that was happening at the time, and few pictures could match its influence and shock value. The conflict went on for a relatively log time—15 years.

The name of the woman was Samar Baltaji, and her daughter’s name was Nisrine. Thirty-three years after the photograph was taken, Baltaji met up with the photographer, Mahar Attar. The photographer of the iconic picture ran into Baltaji on the street. He was commuting to a gym in the Verdun district of Beirut, and she was on the street, begging.

Baltaji had what many of us would consider a difficult life. During the last 33 years, she lost her other leg—making her a double amputee. She lost it from bone disease twelve years ago. She attributes the loss of her leg to the fact that in 1982, she gave some of her bone marrow to her daughter to save her daughter’s leg. Unfortunately, as an adult, her daughter had a feud with her and kicked her out when the Baltaji’s husband died.

The event of Baltaji’s photograph happened on June 2nd, 1985. Baltaji lost her leg because she was in her living room when a rocket exploded. She spent the last 33 years valiantly raising a family of four children in a dysfunctional city.

How To Start a Company as a Photographer

If you have a passion for taking pictures and have a good camera, you might want to consider opening a business where you can work with other people and take their pictures. You might be surprised at how much money you’re actually able to make as a photographer, and you do not need any special formal training in order to get this done. In fact, lots of people are choosing this as a way to make some side income along with their regular jobs, so it’s a viable choice for you when you need a little bit of extra money.

Because of the competition that you will probably have as a photographer, it is a good idea for you to make your company stand out from the rest. You can do this by creating a website that you can then market and advertise to the public. Let people know locally what type of work you’re able to do and what you are going to charge if they make the decision to hire you. You will also find that social media sites help when trying to get your company name out there and known to those who might want to make use of it.

Hiring a professional photographer can be difficult for people, so you might want to consider creating a portfolio where you’re able to easily showcase your talents for people to see. You will love being able to get your company known and grow a business of your very own without needing to go to school or have years of experience doing it. As long as you know what you’re doing, have a good camera and are able to bring in a bit of clients, you’ll find that this helps a lot and brings in the money that you want.

High Definition Pictures Gain More Appeal With Smartphones

Photography is something that is constantly in an
evolution stage. It always seems to be growing into another step towards even more high definition pictures. More people are putting down the standard cameras and picking up the higher-priced smartphones in order to get the best possible quality for their pictures.

For years photos have been improving because the megapixels for smartphones have been changing. Today with the iPhone 10 this quality is something that people would have never guessed they would be able to see so soon. People that have seen the advertisements know that even with the iPhone 8 Apple was embarking on something that would be completely different. The cameras that are attached to these phones actually make some of the photos look like professional pictures.

This is a big trend when it comes to photography because smartphones take great pictures. Another trend that people are using is app filters. There are apps like Snapseed that have allowed people to take out red eye and also create photos with a vintage or glamour glow look.

All of these are different things that can help people create better photos. It definitely works to the advantage of anyone that may be considering a new way to enhance their photos. There definitely is a great amount of growth in photography technology, and it appears to be growing even more as people look for new methods to create the best picture without spending the most money. Photos are fairly easy to improve if you do a little research beforehand.

The best thing that you want to do in order to improve photos that may be taken in low-light settings is to acquire an app. Will be able to lighten up pictures and see images that may have appeared too dark before.

Four Rocket Photographers Gained Success Through Social Media

A number of photographers have gained credentials and attention from their pictures of rocket blast-offs. These photographers started with photography as a hobby and posted their pictures online, leading to attention from leading figures like Elon Musk and various followers. Their success has come within the past couple of years.

The photographers have gained popularity on Twitter, Instagram and Reddit. Because of their photographs, they now attend launches as official, credentialed, respected media.

Four of these young photographers are Trevor Mahlmann, Vander Galien, John Kraus and Brady Kenniston.

Roughly 5 years ago, Mahlmann took an interest in rockets when he went to watch the launch of a rocket that was set to arrive at the International Space Station from Florida. He attended the launch with a NASA social group, and he was a student at Purdue University. Around the time that Mahlmann joined the NASA social group, he borrowed a camera.

Around the time that Mahlmann borrowed his camera, Galien found his camera in his garage. He started to shoot pictures just for the fun of it. Galien was also keeping abreast of news concerning the space industry.

Kenniston started his photography hobby when he worked as a photographer for his high school’s yearbook. Kraus also started his hobby when he was in high school. He lived on Florida’s Space Coast, and this inspired him to take pictures of launches.

All four photographers brings a lot of camera gear to each launch. It is not abnormal to bring more than a dozen lenses and 6 cameras.

When it comes to who is an inspiration, the photographers have different answers. Elon Musk was Kenniston’s inspiration. He also said that the seeing young people at launches was inspiring. Mahlmann chose Scott Tingle, a graduate of Purdue who is now an astronaut. Galien chose Gwynne Shotwell, one of SpaceX’s leaders.

Why More People are Choosing to Be Photographers

Photography is a type of art that many people are taking advantage of nowadays when looking for a viable business to open and own. Photography is great because it gets you to meet new people in situations that are important for them. If you would like high-quality photos, this professional will also be able to take them for you and print them out, taking the guesswork off of your own head and allowing you to just focus on the event at hand, such as a wedding, graduation or other memory you’d like to capture.

The issue with hiring a photographer is that there are so many available to you, making it difficult and even impossible at times to know who is the best choice for you. The best way to find someone is to look at their portfolio of pictures. This gives you a quick and efficient idea of what types of pictures they are going to be taking and what to expect out of it. Once you have looked at one of these portfolios and found the expert you would like to hire, you’re going to want to contact them to find out the amount they charge for a photography session.

Being able to have a professional there who is taking the work off your own shoulders and doing all of the photography is something that you’re going to find to be highly beneficial and effortless for your needs. This is the time to consider the benefits of hiring such a professional and knowing that this person is going to be there for when you need them the most. This is a good way for you to start the event on hand and know that you’re going to have lots of pictures to help remember the time you hired them.