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Popular Photography Magazine Has Ended

A legendary magazine has come to an end. Popular Photography magazine has finally ceased publication after 80 years in print. The magazine had a circulation of more than one million people when it was at its peak. However, many online photography publications have been created in recent years that slowly eroded the readership of the magazine. The company that publishes Popular Photography finally decided to pull the plug after eight decades in print. It introduced millions of people to photography during that time. Many professional photographers and novices depended on the magazine to tell them the latest info about what was going on in the photography industry.


Popular photography was a very good resource if you wanted to see the latest technology that was available at stores in your area. They also published interviews with various people who made their living in the photographic industry. People who only liked to take photos as a hobby had a place to go so they could learn some techniques to make their photos turn out better. There is no question that Popular Photography magazine helped make many people much better photographers than they were before.


Circulation had fallen all the way down to 300,000 when the owners of the magazine decided to finally call it quits. The news came as a surprise to many people who were unaware of any financial problems the magazine was having. Popular Photography will always be remembered for being the first mainstream publication that was devoted strictly to the topic of photography. There had been a few magazines before it that had several pages devoted to various aspects of the photography industry. However, no other magazine before it had every page devoted to photography news and technology. The magazine was the first exposure that many people had to photography. This is because many people did not own cameras when the magazine was first published in 1937. Nowadays, most people have cameras in their phones.