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What you need to find a good photographer

As technology continues to improve, many of us expect picture quality to keep getting better. An image can speak a powerful message and tell a great story. People that own a smartphone can take some high-quality pictures, but there are times in life where a professional photographer will be needed. For example graduation photos, wedding ceremonies, baby showers, business portraits, prom, and other special nights should be captured by a professional with experience. There are a lot of professional photographers, which can be overwhelming. How do you know who will produce the best image? Surely you can not interview and collect samples from every photographer in the world. Here are some tips for hiring the right professional for you:

1) Communicate your needs to the photographer

All photographers have a particular skill. They may claim that they can perfectly capture anything on camera, but odds are they take the best pictures of a specific item. For example, a photographer who takes a lot of pictures of flowers may not be the best candidate to take photos of other humans. When you approach a photographer be sure to communicate exaxtly what you need. Ask to see his/her photo samples.

2) The photographer should only post perfect photos

One bad photo can damage a brand image. Good enough should never be said by a photographer. You want a hard working photographer that takes the time to scope out the perfect scene and the right angle. Never pick someone that relies on filters or photoshop. The most beautiful pictures come naturally.

3) Understand why the photographer is charging the amount they are charging

Be sure you are not getting ripped off. Every job is going to be different. Sometimes a photographer can show up the day of the event, take a couple of photos, and then leave. Other times it may take weeks to prepare for a photo shoot. Pay attention to what you are paying for.

When to Hire a Professional Photographer

There are a variety of events when you’ll need the help of a professional photographer. Knowing when to hire this professional and what to look for in the right person will help your pictures to come out better than you could have expected. For starters, you need to know when the right time is to hire one of these experts. If you’re going to be having a wedding, graduation or the birth of a baby, you might want to consider hiring a photographer so that they can be in charge of taking pictures for you. If you attempt to do the photos on your own, you may find that you either don’t get the right shot or it doesn’t come out in the quality that you want.


Next, you’ll want to find the right photographer to do the work for you. You can do this by searching for local professionals in your area who will be able to do photos of all kinds. A good majority of these photographers have their own websites complete with portfolio, so you can take a look at the type of work they do before making the decision that you’d like to hire them. You will also need to contact the photographer to find out how much they are charging to take some shots.


If you are finding that the photographer is too expensive or isn’t fitting well into your budget, just look for someone else to hire who will not charge you an arm and a leg. Because of the fact that the professional is going to be taking a variety of pictures, you should expect to receive your photos in a few weeks after they have been captured. You’ll be able to go through the pictures with the professional to let them know which ones you like and which ones you don’t like. This makes it effortless for you to have something to look back on from a special event in your life.


Most Popular Photo Trends of the Year

As photography becomes more and more relevant to the millennial generation, certain trends naturally rise above others in popularity and preference. The internet and the development of social media outlets have virtually changed the way that people have interacted with one another for thousands of years and photography now has the ability to immerse individuals into new cultures, experiences, and walks of life. As the need for artistic, intellectually driven photography increases in modern countries, photography trends become more relevant even to those who do not work directly with the photography industry. In a recent article published by Forbes, a contributor walks readers through some of these photo trends and how they play an important role in the lives of many people.


Natural Design

The natural design concept involves the use of materials in nature to produce feelings of tranquility and peace in photography. This design has been seen on a regular basis in the social media campaigns of some of the leading commercial markets in the country. Major brands like Walmart/Sams and Target have both implemented the use of natural design in their photography to engage shoppers.


Global Views

The global view has also become prominent in photography within the last five years. Economists often say that the internet has produced a much smaller world and global views in photography trends remind people of that reality. When photographers shoot global images, like scenes from romantic Italy, vineyard covered Tuscany, or tropical rainforests in Tanzania, they enforce in the viewer the idea of global beauty.


Vivid, Colorful Shots

While black and white photography became a hot trend for a few years, vivid color is now dominating the photography industry. Across the social media spectrum, and particularly with photo focused sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, users can find images of perfectly captured color.


Moment Capture

Photographers are also engaging with moment capture in new and interesting ways. While it used to cost thousands of dollars to buy a camera that captured the perfect motion of water droplets falling from the sky, photo lovers can now capture these moments with the purchase of an iPhone.


Transferring Pictures to the New Google Photos App and More Tips

Google is arguably the most popular site on the Internet; however, Google offers much more than a search engine. Google Photos is a photo and video storage, sharing, and capturing app that works across all major mobile platforms. Like everything new in life, Google Photos may provide a challenge in getting used to it. Here’s how to make Google Photos work for you, not frustrate you and waste your time.


Apple Photos


If you have an Apple device, download Google Photos on your Apple device: MacBook, iPhone, iMac, or iPod — boy that’s a lot of is! On Apple mobile devices, photos will automatically transfer. Mac users need to identify folders that contain media of interest, then they will transfer.


Users relying on iCloud storage must download pictures and videos directly to their devices, as Google Photos is not compatible with iCloud.




Transferring photos of interest from Flickr is a bit difficult, requiring users to export archives of pictures to their devices. Once media files are on your device, transfer them to Google Photos. However, securing the files from Flickr does take time. Third-party apps like Pictogo may help shorten the difficult process of transferring files.




Uploading pictures from Windows is undoubtedly the easiest option. Simply utilize Google Photos’s desktop unloader program after downloading the app.


Backing up pictures


Google Photos offers two choices of backup: optimized and original. The optimized backup provides limitless storage of photos to Google’s secure cloud. Optimized is markedly more difficult to navigate, however.


Original backup is not unlimited, and may require you to purchase additional storage past the included 15 GB, although casual photographers are unlikely to exceed this limit.




Google Photos allows users to tag photos and later search through them. The convenient app saves tags to save time when you administer tags to new photos and videos.


Nikon’s Rugged W300 Allows Adventurous Shots With Little Worry

Nikon’s latest W300 Coolpix camera caters to the most adventurous of us. This camera operates on land and below water, so no matter where life takes you, you can snap an awesome memory.

Lee Shu, from Digital Trends describes how rugged this camera is, listing it as waterproof to 100 feet, shockproof from 7.9 feet, freezeproof down to 14-degrees Fahrenheit and dustproof.


As we become more active and adventurous in our busy lives, it is nice to know technology is keeping pace with us. Nikon also designed the W300 to capture your videos on 4K technology. With approximately 4,000 pixel resolution horizontally, your videos will be crisp and clear.


The W300 also include SnapBridge. With this technology you can send short videos and pictures immediately to any device you have paired with the camera. The SnapBridge solution uses very little battery to keep a constant Bluetooth connection with your devices. This way, uploading your exploring feats to the world is quick and easy. When you are ready to transfer full length videos or full-sized pictures, you can switch from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi and transfer larger data easily. The camera also enables you to provide remote shooting over Wi-Fi.


The camera will have enough battery life for approximately 280 pictures or on hour of video. Weighing only 8.2 ounces, you can easily slip this camera in with your gear and barely feel the weight. The camera measures 4.4 x 2.6 x 1.2.


The W300 is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2017 according to Nikon for a suggested retail price of $389.95. The camera will be available in orange, yellow and black.


So head out to the beach this summer, after you grab your new W300. Snap some breathtaking underwater pictures and videos and do not worry about sand and dust ruining your camera. The 3-inch LCD display will help you see the magic you are capturing along with a 5x optical zoom to get the best shot of the world around you.


Photography Trends that Will Shape Up 2017

When predicting what’s going to shape up the year 2017, it’s important to look back at some of the trends that shaped up the previous year to forecast if they will still dominate or drop out. Here are just a few trends to look out for in 2017:



The minimalist fashion photography



Street wear is shaping up the looks and ruling the fashion world with fashion photographers now more concerned with the minimal images. The same goes for unretouched photos, which are now gaining in popularity with makeup looks and hair becoming more minimal as authentic aesthetic appeal grows in popularity. Given that more people are opting for realism and diversity, we should see fashion photography become more genuine and less contrived.



The chair



Getting its way in the 2016 photography trends, the humble chair is a trend worth taking advantage of. With the trend taking on the news feeds in 2016, it’s expected that the trends will still go on heading to 2017. Also, chair photos are a minimalist inspired trend that brings out the unnatural perfection of interior photos.



35mm Film



It’s no doubt that people are now getting into the analog kind of photography, and this is common in fine art photos and fashion shoots. It might be slightly expensive, but the 35mm is the best medium of choice for both emerging and established photographers.



Suburban America



Before the close of the year 2016, suburban seemed to take over the photography world. In the past year, the photography took a close insight into the dejected and dusty suburban areas of the American Midwest. The road trip has been an interesting niche for photographers, and it’s thought to shape a better part of 2017 with a close emphasis on pit stops. Also, abandoned homes, long empty roads, and sagging power lines should also feature as recurring themes.

Top Wedding Photography Trends of the Year

During wedding season every year, wedding photography trends become extremely important to engaged couples. Couples often want to express their unique personalities in engagement photos and they pay significant sums of money to ensure that these photos are truly representative of their new lives together. In a recent piece published by the New York Times, Alex Strauss discusses some of the prevalent new trends in wedding photography and some of them may be surprising.


Using iPhones and Apps to Replace Professional Photographers

For more and more engaged couples, high priced professional wedding photographers are becoming a thing of the past. Because photography generally takes up about a third of the entire wedding budget, millennial are opting to use photos taken by the audience through apps like Snapchat and Instagram to capture their big days.


Incorporating Instagram Themes

Lots of couples are also incorporating Instagram motifs in their wedding decor. Small signs outside the entrance of a wedding that tell guests which hashtag to use to tag the future newly weds make a nice treat for many guests. These signs also eliminate the need to search for many different tags when looking for the photos later.


Separate Bridal Shoots

Many new brides are opting to have their wedding shoots on a separate day than the actual wedding. This allows the photos to be taken with a more focus and less of the rushed feeling that often occurs when these photos are taken immediately after the wedding. Couples are also opting to take day-after couples photos to help the wedding flow smoothly.


Social Media Photo Booths

Social Media photo booths have become all the rage with the under 30 crowd. These booths allow guests to have a unique experience and document their wedding fun on Instagram!


Selfie Shots

Finally, selfie shots have become a favorite for newly engaged couples. Instead of having to wait months for professional photography to arrive, wedding guests that could not make it to the event are treated with a lovely selfie of the blushing bride and her new groom.


Making the Most out of Your Next Photoshoot

If you’re looking to step up your Instagram game, you need to take better photos and curate an enviable feed. With the sophisticated smartphones of today, you may think that all you need to do is point and shoot. And while it’s true that they have come a long way, you still need to know how to find the best angle, lighting and time to snap that picture.



Plan Ahead

Before putting your finger on the shutter button, decide what you want your feed to be about. Are you a nature enthusiast or do you adore architecture? Deciding what you want to share wth your audience is the first step.



Set up Your Phone

If you plan on using your phone to take pictures, you need to make sure it’s configured properly. Smartphones tend to blow out specific portions of photography naturally, which results in areas that are overly highlighted. To fix this, simply underexpose your shot. It’s better to have a picture that you need to brighten as opposed to ruining it with overexposure.



Composition and Lighting

When capturing the perfect shot, you need to think about composition and lighting. To be successful, you need to find a way to direct viewers to the subject while capturing emotion. Whether you’re using an iPhone or Canon, the Rule of Thirds is the golden rule. It’s applied by aligning the subject within literal guidelines and intersection points converted into squares. This allows an image to flow section by section and create interest.



Avoid This Mishap

Who hasn’t experienced that heart-crushing feeling of taking the perfect picture only to find out it’s too dark? Keep the following tips in mind when planning your next shoot:



  • Natural light will deliver the best results. If you’re indoors, avoid artificial light as much as possible.
  • Dusk and dawn are the best times to take pictures.
  • Cloudy days are actually best because the light spreads out uniformly.



After you’ve edited your photos, step back and take a look. Return to your photographs later and make sure you didn’t over edit them.


Capturing the perfect shot isn’t has complicated as it seems–it just takes a little practice.


Tips for Sharing Photos on Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are incredibly popular, with billions of people who utilize these pages every single day. If you have a social media account, you probably use it a lot to post updates and share photos. Unfortunately, we’re living in a time now when it can actually be dangerous for you to share personal photographs on such large websites.


The best way to share photos on social media is to keep them semi-private. This means that you can change the setting of the photo in question so that only your friends and relatives can see what you’ve posted. This allows you to still share your pictures without worrying that random strangers are going to be able to see everything that you put onto your page. If you don’t currently have this setting equipped, you can easily change it by going to the settings page on whichever site you’re using. In some instances, you’ll have to change the setting of each individual picture before you’re able to mass-post your photos with the new setting.


There are a lot of benefits to posting your pictures on your social media page. For one, you’ll be able to keep your friends and relatives updated on you and your family’s lives. This is especially great for relatives who live far apart and cannot necessarily see each other often. The only reason your pictures should be made public is if you own a business and need everyone visiting your page to have access to your company’s photographs.


By keeping your pictures safe guarded, you’re less likely to deal with the problems associated with strangers seeing your personal information. If you have any questions regarding your privacy on these websites, you will want to email the company itself to find out more about the different settings and how to change them so that your pictures are less visible to the public and are kept between you and your loved ones.


How to Hire the Right Photographer

When it comes to taking professional photos, you may be at a loss because of the inability to take them on your own. For instance, if you don’t have a great-quality camera, you aren’t likely to capture the perfect moment in a high-resolution manner. This is why it might be a good idea to hire a professional photographer. Photographers are ideal for all types of situations, since you might need them for weddings, graduations, ceremonies and other events. The problem that so many people have is finding the right one and knowing that they’re working with a professional.


To begin your search, it’s a good idea to look for a variety of different photographers in your area. The photography expert will often have their own website that you can visit to learn more about their work and to view their portfolio. The portfolio is great because it gives a series of pictures the professional has taken, giving you a feel for the type of work that they are able to do. You can also contact the professional to get a quote on how much the picture will cost, and you will also be able to give them information on the type of photo you’d like to have done.


Your expert photographer should be flexible enough to handle all different scenarios and pictures. It is up to you how you want the picture shot, but the photographer will give their own personal and professional advice to ensure that you’re happy with the finished result. You will find that working with a professional can be quite costly, but this depends on who you’re hiring and the type of pictures you’re having done. If you would like a variety of pictures done and edited before being printed, you’re obviously going to pay a lot more for the work to be completed. There are many benefits to hiring a professional photographer when compared to just trying to take the pictures yourself.