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Photographer Meets Iconic Photo Subject 33 Years Later

Thirty-three years ago, there was a picture of a one-legged mother with her daughter. The mother wore a long, dark colored skirt that went a bit below her knees, as well as a simple, white, tailored shirt. Her wavy black hair was shoulder length, and she looked into the camera. Her young daughter was walking on crutches, looking down at the ground. The picture took place on a street in Beirut, during a war in Lebanon.

The picture ended up on the front page of the New York Times. It was an iconic picture of the conflict that was happening at the time, and few pictures could match its influence and shock value. The conflict went on for a relatively log time—15 years.

The name of the woman was Samar Baltaji, and her daughter’s name was Nisrine. Thirty-three years after the photograph was taken, Baltaji met up with the photographer, Mahar Attar. The photographer of the iconic picture ran into Baltaji on the street. He was commuting to a gym in the Verdun district of Beirut, and she was on the street, begging.

Baltaji had what many of us would consider a difficult life. During the last 33 years, she lost her other leg—making her a double amputee. She lost it from bone disease twelve years ago. She attributes the loss of her leg to the fact that in 1982, she gave some of her bone marrow to her daughter to save her daughter’s leg. Unfortunately, as an adult, her daughter had a feud with her and kicked her out when the Baltaji’s husband died.

The event of Baltaji’s photograph happened on June 2nd, 1985. Baltaji lost her leg because she was in her living room when a rocket exploded. She spent the last 33 years valiantly raising a family of four children in a dysfunctional city.

How To Start a Company as a Photographer

If you have a passion for taking pictures and have a good camera, you might want to consider opening a business where you can work with other people and take their pictures. You might be surprised at how much money you’re actually able to make as a photographer, and you do not need any special formal training in order to get this done. In fact, lots of people are choosing this as a way to make some side income along with their regular jobs, so it’s a viable choice for you when you need a little bit of extra money.

Because of the competition that you will probably have as a photographer, it is a good idea for you to make your company stand out from the rest. You can do this by creating a website that you can then market and advertise to the public. Let people know locally what type of work you’re able to do and what you are going to charge if they make the decision to hire you. You will also find that social media sites help when trying to get your company name out there and known to those who might want to make use of it.

Hiring a professional photographer can be difficult for people, so you might want to consider creating a portfolio where you’re able to easily showcase your talents for people to see. You will love being able to get your company known and grow a business of your very own without needing to go to school or have years of experience doing it. As long as you know what you’re doing, have a good camera and are able to bring in a bit of clients, you’ll find that this helps a lot and brings in the money that you want.

What you need to find a good photographer

As technology continues to improve, many of us expect picture quality to keep getting better. An image can speak a powerful message and tell a great story. People that own a smartphone can take some high-quality pictures, but there are times in life where a professional photographer will be needed. For example graduation photos, wedding ceremonies, baby showers, business portraits, prom, and other special nights should be captured by a professional with experience. There are a lot of professional photographers, which can be overwhelming. How do you know who will produce the best image? Surely you can not interview and collect samples from every photographer in the world. Here are some tips for hiring the right professional for you:

1) Communicate your needs to the photographer

All photographers have a particular skill. They may claim that they can perfectly capture anything on camera, but odds are they take the best pictures of a specific item. For example, a photographer who takes a lot of pictures of flowers may not be the best candidate to take photos of other humans. When you approach a photographer be sure to communicate exaxtly what you need. Ask to see his/her photo samples.

2) The photographer should only post perfect photos

One bad photo can damage a brand image. Good enough should never be said by a photographer. You want a hard working photographer that takes the time to scope out the perfect scene and the right angle. Never pick someone that relies on filters or photoshop. The most beautiful pictures come naturally.

3) Understand why the photographer is charging the amount they are charging

Be sure you are not getting ripped off. Every job is going to be different. Sometimes a photographer can show up the day of the event, take a couple of photos, and then leave. Other times it may take weeks to prepare for a photo shoot. Pay attention to what you are paying for.

Photographer Who Created Celebrity Personas

If there is one photographer who has defined celebrity personas down the years, it has to be none other than Mick Rock. He has gone ahead and captured the very essence of all the major celebrities you can think of-Bowie, Daft Punk, Lady Ga Ga, Snoop and so many more. It is not as if it is only interesting celebrities that he captures with his lens.

In his own words, he can get something good from the most boring person. To him, it is the relationship between the subject and the camera that is of any value to him not who the subject might be. But for the superstars themselves getting a picture taken by Mick Rock is very important as it signifies that they have arrived.

Among the early brushes with celebrity, subjects came courtesy his interactions with Pink Floyd founder Syd Barret and David Bowie, who in fact had invited him over to his house in 1972. Since then he has gone on to make a hundred album covers. Quite naturally he has many an anecdote to reveal about the decades he has spent photographing some of the musical legends of our times.

The thing that was remarkable about Rock was the fact that even though he had photographed these legends even before they became the phenomena they became, he already saw them in that light. Not one to get carried away by his own fame, he rates his collection of cat photographs very highly indeed. One celebrity he would have loved to photograph was the supremely talented Prince. In his opinion, he wasn’t as culturally important as David Bowie was, but there was no doubt about the fact that Prince was a god of rock and roll.

The only advice that he would have given a younger himself would have been to grow up! That’s Mick Rock for you.

When to Hire a Professional Photographer

There are a variety of events when you’ll need the help of a professional photographer. Knowing when to hire this professional and what to look for in the right person will help your pictures to come out better than you could have expected. For starters, you need to know when the right time is to hire one of these experts. If you’re going to be having a wedding, graduation or the birth of a baby, you might want to consider hiring a photographer so that they can be in charge of taking pictures for you. If you attempt to do the photos on your own, you may find that you either don’t get the right shot or it doesn’t come out in the quality that you want.


Next, you’ll want to find the right photographer to do the work for you. You can do this by searching for local professionals in your area who will be able to do photos of all kinds. A good majority of these photographers have their own websites complete with portfolio, so you can take a look at the type of work they do before making the decision that you’d like to hire them. You will also need to contact the photographer to find out how much they are charging to take some shots.


If you are finding that the photographer is too expensive or isn’t fitting well into your budget, just look for someone else to hire who will not charge you an arm and a leg. Because of the fact that the professional is going to be taking a variety of pictures, you should expect to receive your photos in a few weeks after they have been captured. You’ll be able to go through the pictures with the professional to let them know which ones you like and which ones you don’t like. This makes it effortless for you to have something to look back on from a special event in your life.


How to Hire the Right Photographer

When it comes to taking professional photos, you may be at a loss because of the inability to take them on your own. For instance, if you don’t have a great-quality camera, you aren’t likely to capture the perfect moment in a high-resolution manner. This is why it might be a good idea to hire a professional photographer. Photographers are ideal for all types of situations, since you might need them for weddings, graduations, ceremonies and other events. The problem that so many people have is finding the right one and knowing that they’re working with a professional.


To begin your search, it’s a good idea to look for a variety of different photographers in your area. The photography expert will often have their own website that you can visit to learn more about their work and to view their portfolio. The portfolio is great because it gives a series of pictures the professional has taken, giving you a feel for the type of work that they are able to do. You can also contact the professional to get a quote on how much the picture will cost, and you will also be able to give them information on the type of photo you’d like to have done.


Your expert photographer should be flexible enough to handle all different scenarios and pictures. It is up to you how you want the picture shot, but the photographer will give their own personal and professional advice to ensure that you’re happy with the finished result. You will find that working with a professional can be quite costly, but this depends on who you’re hiring and the type of pictures you’re having done. If you would like a variety of pictures done and edited before being printed, you’re obviously going to pay a lot more for the work to be completed. There are many benefits to hiring a professional photographer when compared to just trying to take the pictures yourself.


The Multifaceted Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana is a former professional lacrosse player and entrepreneur from Denver, Colorado. Urbana is currently the director of Ellipse USA and is responsible for their communications, marketing and day to day operations. He is a multifaceted man to say the least, with plenty of interests in various activities and ventures. He was recently recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration as being included in the FAA Airmen Certification Database. This is a big honor as the FAA’s standards are among the highest in the world. Pilot certification is one of the hardest certifications to obtain however, Jon has made it happen for himself.

If you were to look at his Instagram page you would notice his love for photography. This has become a fulfilling hobby for Jon (including a blog) and you can see his great talent. Jon likes to take pictures of nature and animals. His true love for nature really comes across in his photography, like it did in Earth Castle.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

Videography is also a hobby he actively pursues, with channels on Vimeo and DailyMotion. Videos like the one shown here have helped to promote his fundraisers, as he’s busted onto the GoFundMe scene with a vengeance this year.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

He also has a passion for electronic music, starting out with nothing but Ableton software and a guitar at home. He has remixed several songs as well as created his own masterpieces.


Urbana is the co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camps, which help educate young lacrosse players every year. His camp has been increasing in popularity every year and takes place in Vail Colorado. He is a respectable philanthropist that spends his summers dedicated to coaching these young players. Jon Urbana is very active on social media and you can find him on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn just to name a few.