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Eric Lefkofsky Uses Social Media for the Greater Good

These days, almost everyone uses social media. It is a rare occasion find anyone that doesn’t spend half their day involved with some type of social media platform and in many cases, it is easy to find people that spend the majority of their day doing exactly that type of thing. The truth is, some people simply don’t know where to quit when it comes to using social media and they use it until it becomes detrimental to virtually everything else in their lives. However, it is also one of the most powerful tools available for anyone that really knows how to use it. Without a doubt, if you want to get the word out about something quickly and you want to tell a lot of people, social media is one of the most effective and easiest ways of accomplishing those goals. That is why Eric Lefkofsky chooses to use social media. More importantly, he is using it to make his corner of the world a better place.

In some cases, knowing how to use social media to your advantage is vitally important. However, it isn’t necessarily as easy as you might think. You have to be something of a marketing master in order to reach people at the highest levels. Since Lefkofsky is an accomplished businessman and philanthropist, he is quite talented when it comes to learning how to market something successfully. He uses a lot of the same techniques when it comes to social media. The benefits pay off almost immediately. He is capable of getting the word out regarding virtually anything he chooses in a matter of seconds. More importantly, he is capable of reaching tens of thousands of individuals in that amount of time.

He uses social media platforms to inform people about his latest endeavors, such as those involving Tempus. This is a very unique company that is utilizing data analysis to research cancer. Whether he wants to make people aware of the existence of the company, hold a fundraiser, or explain what the company is doing at any given point in time, he is capable of doing all of that and more on social media. He also uses it to further his philanthropic efforts, thereby helping other individuals become more successful.

You might think of Lefkofsky as the poster child for social media prowess. He knows exactly how to use it in order to let people know what is going on and in doing so, he makes the world a better place because he gives more individuals the opportunity to live healthy and successful lives.

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The DeVos family gives generously

Dick DeVos is an extremely influential businessman. During his storied career, Dick had the opportunity to run the Orlando Magic and Amway. He became incredibly successful, but now he has a new mission. Dick wants to give back to the world, and he has the resources to do it.

Dick has dedicated himself to raising money for various causes. Not only is he giving his money, but he is utilizing his network. Recently, he got his friend Leslie Tassell, a Grand Rapids billionaire, to donate a million dollars to a cause he believed in. Dick loves using his network to help worthy causes.

The DeVos family has always believed in philanthropy. The family has given more than a billion dollars throughout the decades. This is a considerable number and it makes the DeVos family the most generous family in Western Michigan.

Dick Devos likes to give on a regular basis. Every year, the Devos Family donates tens of millions of dollars. In 2014, the family gave $94 million. This amount made the family one of the twenty most generous in the country according to Forbes. The family had been very secretive about their giving for years, but Dick believed that revealing their giving ways might encourage other powerful families to give their time, money, and resources to worthy causes.

The DeVos family is very strategic with their giving. They are from the Michigan area, and most of their success comes from being in the Michigan area. In 2014, 60% of their giving was focused on Michigan area. A great deal of that giving was focused on education. Dick knows that education is the key to the future, and he gives generously in this sector. He even established a charter school for future aviators in the Michigan area. Dick also gives to health and community services throughout Michigan.

Recently, a shooter wreaked havoc on an Orlando area. Dick was touched when he saw the carnage. He’d always considered Orlando to be a second home. He knew he had to do something, so he immediately gave $400,000 to the victims. He also started rallying people throughout the area to the cause. He wants the Orlando community to heal, and for everyone to be better off.

The Devos family has become incredibly successful over the last four decades, and now they know they have to give back. Dick DeVos has committed himself to giving to worthy causes.