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Dr. Mark McKenna; More Than Just a Doctor

In the world today, people are opting to stick to more than one profession. Dr. Mark McKenna is among the people who do more than one job; he is both a doctor and an entrepreneur. Mark is the founder of OVME Company which focuses on bettering healthcare through technological innovations. The company which was founded in July 2017 has made several advancements under the leadership of Mark as the Chief Executive Officer. Due to its success, the company has received money amounting to four million US dollars from investment firms. This money was used to facilitate the launching of a mobile medical application and the opening of several clinics in Atlanta, the city of Las Vegas and Nashville.

During the launching of the mobile app, Dr. Mark McKenna was keen to mention that the foundation is still focused on the provision of luxurious experiences to its clients in such a way that they can enjoy medical services from the comfort of their home. This means that they can contact a doctor if they fall sick and the doctor can, in turn, meet them at their house and administer treatment. The method would not only enhance the experience of the patient but also create a situation where the person can get well in a shorter while. At times patients get injured on their way to hospitals or die on the way if in critical conditions. It is, therefore, more convenient if the doctor comes to the patient and not the other way round.

The home treatment would involve simple treatments as well as complex procedures like cosmetic surgeries. Dr. Mark McKenna professionalism is recognised by both the Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners and the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners, who have both licensed the medical doctor. Dr. Mark McKenna is also a community activist; she educates the community on various medical issues and supports various medical related projects. The outspoken entrepreneur went to Tulane University Medical School and after getting the education joined his father in medicine practice. His father was a physician is perhaps where he got the inspiration of being a doctor from. While working with his father, he developed an interest in real estate and decided to pursue the industry.

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