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Is Waiakea Water the Perfect Bottled Water?

Over the past several years, consumers have been shunning bottled water companies, and with good reason. Many have been flat out untruthful. Cases have surfaced in which companies selling bottled water have simply marketed their products as being “spring water,” when it reality the water was nothing more than filter tap water.

On top of that, environmentally conscious buyers have become very aware of the fact that plastic bottles are terrible for the environment, creating an immense amount of waste and pollution.

The bottled water industry needs a revolution and Waiakea water might just be the company to spark it.

Firstly and most importantly, the source of the water cannot be brought into question. According to Aquagrade, Waiakea’s water comes from the snow-laden peaks of the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii, southwest of the town of Hilo, and is naturally filtered through thousands of feet of volcanic rock.

Company founder Ryan Emmons launched the company in 2012 when he realized that he and his family were paying for bottled water that tasted just like regular tap water. After doing some research, he realized that his family had access to natural springs on the Big Island – an incredibly sustainable, pure and healthy water source.

And considering the fact that the water comes from one of the purest sources on the planet, it’s no surprise that Waiakea spring water is rich in minerals, naturally alkaline and loaded with electrolytes.

On top of that, every aspect of the bottling process takes sustainability into consideration. The water is bottled at a factory that uses renewable power. The packaging is also sustainable.

Waiakea water is bottled in 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate. It’s the first premium bottled water to be certified CarbonNeutral®.

The process for making these bottles wastes 85% less energy than what it takes to fabricate regular plastic bottles. Additionally, it produces almost 90% less carbon emissions.

But it gets even better. Not only does Waiakea invest in protecting the environment, the company has a strong humanitarian spirit as well and donates a tremendous 650 liters to communities around the world that need clean water for every liter that the company sells.

Consumers have recognized Waiakea water’s pursuit of excellence and are buying in. According to NewYou, Waiakea Water sees an annual growth rate of about 170 percent and the company is now valued at well over $10 million.

And it’s well deserved. The main reason bottled water sales have been down is because consumers simply believe that it simply isn’t worth the money. But with Waiakea spring water, it just might be.