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Greg Secker, the Accomplished Entrepreneur

Greg Secker has accomplished a lot in terms of business ventures and philanthropic activities. Born in 1975, Greg admits having achieved so much within a short span of his life compared to most of his peers. He rose faster to become one of the most respected entrepreneurs, philanthropist, and a speaker with a global reputation. An article published on 15 May 2017, in the Ideamensch website gives a detailed outlook into the life and achievements of Greg Secker. Greg Secker founded the Knowledge to Action organization that owns a number of companies including learning to trade, SmartCharts software, and capital index.

Greg Secker also owns the Greg Secker Foundation, which focuses on ensuring positive improvements in the lives of people all over the globe. The organizations owned by Greg Secker are just a few of the endeavors that demonstrate Greg’s commitment and passion to making lives of others much better. He also runs free programs teaching investors and other people how to trade in undervalued stocks, how to exit them profitably and reduce the potential risks involved in the trading in such stocks.

More about Greg Secker

What might come as a surprise to many is that Greg Secker never studied anything related to business, finance, technology, or economics. He holds a degree in agricultural and food sciences from the University of Nottingham. His first career was a trade technologist with the Thomas Cook Financial services. His work as a trade technologist involved developing of systems of enhancing foreign exchange trading. He later moved to the Virtual Trading Desk, which was a new startup company in desperate need of Greg Secker’s entrepreneurial skills.

The Virtual Trading was the first platform to enable online forex trading; its success quickly set Greg Secker to a path of success. When he left Virtual-Trading Desk, he was appointed the Mellon Financial Corporation’s Vice President. By this time, Mellon Financial was a huge fortune 500 financial institution in the United States of America. Greg Secker had a chance to meet some of the best business brains and garnered valuable experience that led to him setting his own company, Learn to Trade. From this humble onset, Greg moved to form other organization all with the aim of improving lives of people.