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A Closer/ In depth look at Daniel Taub:

Daniel Taub is an Israeli Diplomat, established writer as well as an attorney. In addition, Daniel Taub was an Ambassador to the United Kingdom for over for years. Taub is currently the Director of Strategy and Planning at Rothchild Foundation which is located in Jerusalem. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

Daniel Taub was raised within the United Kingdom. However, he made the decision to relocate to Israel almost thirty years ago. Taub was involved with the Defense Forces for a period of time. In addition, Taub was a reserve officer for a short time.

*Educational Training/ Ambitions:

Mr. Taub has some impressive educational credentials. Daniel Taub attended University College as well as Oxford University. In addition, you may also add Harvard University to the list of prestigious Universities that Daniel Taub attended.

One of his first jobs after relocating to Israel in the late 1980’s was that of a Speechwriter. While working as a Speechwriter, Daniel Taub worked under the direction of Chaim Herzog. In the early 1990’s Taub decided to join the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Daniel Taub is presently an expert within the area of International Law. Taub has extensive knowledge about issues concerning terrorism as well as laws concerning war. Taub served as legal adviser to Israel’s Missions for a period of time. In addition, Daniel Taub had the opportunity to represent Israel with various multilateral issues.

Taub has always expressed his personal feelings on the importance of peace among nations. Therefore, Taub became involved with attempting to negotiate peace agreements in countries that have experienced war and unrest such as Northern Ireland and Palestine.

Daniel Taub probably received the most attention when it was made known that he planned to negotiate the entry of Israel’s Red Cross Society. In addition, he also became involved with the Red Cross movement.

The year 2011 marked a turning point in the life of Daniel Taub. In 2011, Taub was appointed Ambassador to the Court of St. James. Taub did face some opposition however he was generally praised for his decision to accept the position as Ambassador. Taub held the position as Ambassador for a period of four years.

Taub has publicly stated several times that he is honored to serve as Ambassador in the country where he was born and raised. Even the Queen of England has spoken favorably about Daniel Taub on several occasions. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Daniel Taub always had an interest in technology and computers. In late 2011, Taub introduced “Bizcamp” which is a start up company that works closely with Google. Taub also received the “Grassroot Diplomat Reward” for creating and introducing “Bizcamp”. Bizcamp turned out to be an ultimate success.

Daniel Taub is an active public speaker. Taub frequently holds public speaking engagements. In addition, Taub also began teaching Hebrew as well as Bible studies at the famous Westminster Abby.

At present, Daniel Taub continues to work closely with the Jewish community. He provides great emotional and financial support to many start up companies and young businessmen hoping to one day start their own technology based company. It can be said that Daniel Taub has certainly made a difference in so many ways.