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David Giertz: Making Retirement Exciting, not Daunting

Retirement is an exciting and yet daunting chapter of life for many people. These days, it seems as though you have to start saving for retirement as soon as you are born. Luckily for everyone, finance gurus like David Giertz exist. David Giertz is a financial advisor who has some great advice to offer those worried about being financially set for retirement.

David Giertz has over thirty years of experience working in finance, and is currently the Vice President of financial distribution and sales at Nationwide Life Insurance. He maintains active registration to do business in several states, and has been involved in some recent research related to finances and retirement. In a Wall Street Journal interview, he shed some light on one particular aspect of preparing for retirement. Throughout the interview he stresses the importance of one thing, social security.

Social security benefits have become a big part of a lot of people’s post-retirement income. For this reason, Giertz advises people against withdrawing their benefits too soon. According to Giertz, in order for a person to get the most out of their benefits, they must wait until full retirement age to withdraw from them. He says that research shows that people who withdraw to early are missing out on tens of thousands of dollars over time. This is especially bad for the people whose social security benefits make up almost half of their total post-retirement income.

More and more research is being done on financial planning for retirement, and Giertz would advise that people only work with financial advisors who talk to them about these things. Ignoring this subject matter might lead to detrimental situations for some. There are many factors that can affect not only people’s social security benefits, but affect how comfortable their retirement is over all. With the help of brilliant people like David Giertz, those factors do not have to be as daunting or scary as they might otherwise be.

Felipe Montoro Jens: PPP in Rio

Rio de Janeiro wants to develop the city’s network of education. They plan to do this through PPPs or Public-Private Partnerships. This will grow the non-pedagogical, maintenance, and structure of the area. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, by 2020 there should be 40,000 new structures in pre-schools and 20,000 new structures in day-care centers in Rio de Janeiro.

The expansion of child education through a PPP in Rio de Janeiro is based off a model in Brazil. The model in Brazil was the very first PPP for schools there. Felipe Montoro Jens suggests the model was celebrated in Belo Horizonte on July 2012. Marcelo Crivella, Rio de Janeiro mayor, made a clear statement on the 40,000 new areas in pre-schools and the 20,000 new areas in day-care buildings. The PPP is to be responsible for administrative and construction of the Infant Education Units. The City Hall will hold responsibility for the school lunches and pedagogical parts.

The PPP will be created through the IFC or International Finance Corporation. They will give expansion program suggestions, implementation suggestions, and consulting programs. The International Finance Corporation was employed for 2.3 million dollars. Felipe Montoro Jens says that this is the biggest developmental private sector that focuses on countries going through development.

Public-Private Partnerships are based on agreements of administrative concessions. This agreement is signed amongst public administration entities. Felipe Montoro Jens explains it as a measure of alternative government to acknowledge scarcity of public service resources. Felipe Montoro Jens has several years of experience in financial strategy and finance. He specializes in infrastructure including finding solutions for corporations and state governments. He shows them how they can become financially responsible and eliminating waste to become more profitable.

Jason Hope; Inspiring Hope in the Anti-aging Research

Many people have developed an interest in the research on anti-aging. One of them is Jason Hope, a successful entrepreneur, investor, futurist, and philanthropist. His interest in anti-aging research has added another aspect to his futuristic tag. Just like his second name, Jason hopes that scientists will get a solution that will slow the rate of aging. In particular, the Arizona native supports research on combating diseases such as lung disease, Alzheimer’s, and heart diseases affect the different functions of the body. With time, the diseases lead to a complete shut-down of the body. According to Jason Hoppe, conventional medicine focuses on treatment rather than finding the real cause and prevention of such diseases.

In light of this, Jason provides financial and ethical support to the SENS Research Foundation. The foundation has in the recent years been active in anti-aging studies. According to Jason, SENS has adopted a unique approach that focuses on finding a cure for diseases that increase the rate of aging. It explains why he is one of the most significant contributors to SENS’ activities. The foundation’s network consists of esteemed researchers, private individuals, and philanthropists.

Jason donated $500,000 to the SENS Research Foundation. He appreciates the commitment of the California-based foundation in development and access to rejuvenation biotechnologies which deal with age-related diseases. Aubrey de Grey, CSO of SENS said that the donation would fund studies on the pharmacological breaking of unwanted molecular bonds and restoration of elasticity to the body.

Indeed, donations from philanthropists like Jason will help in coming up with solutions to various medical issues. He gave another donation of $1 million for further research. The funds will enable the foundation set up a laboratory in Cambridge. The remainder will be used in starting a new research program. Although Jason is a businessman, his contributions to SENS are purely for philanthropic purposes.

Jason Hope has supported other organizations such as Arizona Science Center, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter, and Family Health International among others. He has also supported a host of start-ups through grants.

Jason Hope is a holder of a degree in Finance from Arizona State University. He also holds an MBA from Arizona State University’s, W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason has a deep interest in technology and has many mobile technology innovations to his name. He views the anti-aging research as part of the technological advancement.

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Strategies to Safeguard Your Early Retirement with David Luther Giertz

A discussion on retirement has always attracted mixed reactions and feelings among people. To some it may seem like the ultimate chance to start a life full of freedom and great returns. To others however, retirement is marked with confusion especially when one has nothing planned separate from the daily employment routine.

Nevertheless, it may not be very easy to have all this figured-out especially when you have no exposure on what you should or should not do. As it is said however, ignorance is no defense! You can engage experts in the field like David Giertz to guide you through what you need to do.

David Giertz is an expert in financial advisory with over three decades of experience in the field. He is the president of Nationwide Investments Services Corporation. This is a world renowned organization that offers high quality financial advice, with an aim of ensuring your future financial position is well taken care of. For instance, it is possible to plan for the inevitable outcomes like retirement, early enough during your strong productive years.

Setting aside some income for savings

David Giertz says that savings may not be an easy thing to do especially with so many needs than the available resources. This also requires a high level of discipline and a clear set goal. However, you may not have enough to last you the entire retirement period. Therefore, it is important to think of other economic opportunities in which you can supplement your savings.

Engage in a viable investment plan

Another great way to plan for your retirement is by coming up with a great idea to invest in. You do not have to invent the wheel! You can just engage in something that you are good at. This will mean that you will do it more naturally hence more effectively. In the long run, this may grow into a venture that can see you through the retirement period.