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Dog Food Joins the Movement Towards Healthier Eating

The benefits of a balanced diet and the movement towards clean eating is influencing people to avoid buying processed food products and to instead, consider aiming for things like fresh fruits, vegetables and whole foods. Now, the same consideration is extending itself to pet food as dog and cat food companies incorporate grass-fed meats and farm fresh ingredients to their recipes. Most of the pet-food industry has been moving towards healthier, grain-free options for years now, and it is continuing to boom as more and more people focus on giving not only themselves, but their beloved pet a better meal option. As the Daily Herald reports, premium dog food sales have been growing as new pet food companies have been emerging on the market offering a variety of options. Companies such as Purina’s Beneful—a high quality dog food that comes in both dry and wet options—has provided nutritious dog food for years. Prepared Meals, a line of wholesome wet food from Beneful, is made with real ingredients such as vegetables, whole grains and real meat or poultry and is packaged in a plastic container rather than a can. These pet food companies are constantly innovating new recipes and products. From a weight management, to gourmet people-like dishes, pet owners now have the choice of giving their dogs a well-balanced meal. For example, Purina’s Beneful also carries a line of healthy treats that also improves dental hygiene along with cuisine inspired entrées for dogs. As the pet-food industry moves toward all natural and healthier ingredients to accommodate healthier lifestyles, good nutrition now reaches the entire family and the market should continue to grow.