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Dr Mark Mofid and His Positive Impact on Surgeries.

Dr Mark Mofid is a renowned doctor who deals with plastic surgeries, and he is located in San Diego. The word gluteal augmentation is rarely heard but whenever it is talked about most of the individuals who know what it means associate it with malpractice or a particular type of medical accident.

The plastic surgery industry has had a lot of negative view from people, but Dr Mark Mofid has worked hard to ensure that people get a better understanding of the industry and he is slowly bringing back the glory after his numerous advancements. Dr Mark Mofid has been able to receive training from the best Universities which include Harvard and Johns Hopkins.

He is regarded as an innovator who has excellent knowledge, and he knows whatever he is talking of. Dr Mark Mofid takes into consideration the need for practising safe procedures on his patients, and this has earned him a lot of trust and respect from people. In his profession, it is a regular occurrence for a patient to ask for larger implants, but instead of capitalising on that and asking for more money, Dr Mark Mofid ensures that whatever he does is a safe practice which will not harm a patient.

Dr Mark Mofid has become a pioneer in the industry, and he continually engages himself in research so that he finds more appropriate ways to handle procedures and still ensure that it is a safe method of doing surgery. Dr Mofid uses science and innovation in his research where he carefully examines every detail of the study and his deep understanding of body parts such as the skin and muscles assist him in decision making.

Dr Mofid has been researching on how he can produce implants which are safer compared to the previously used implants and they fit the body perfectly. Some implants were associated with incompatibility and others would sag, but Dr Mofid came up with ideas to develop other implants which would be better. After numerous hours of research, he managed to create implants which would fit the body better, and they also had a low profile which made them not to get easily noticeable. This impacted the industry positively and brought the need for further developments.

How to Get Jacked

Many men are looking to obtain M for this upcoming summer. However, there are many misconceptions about how to build muscle obtain a muscular physique. A lot of men fall into the health magazine trap, taking countless supplements and eating weird diets only to look in the mirror and not see any progress. The good news is that building muscle is quite simple. The steps that I’m going to show you are quite easy to implement into any lifestyle. Let’s get started!

1. Diet
In order for your body to build muscle, it has to be in a caloric surplus. In other words, you have to be taking in more calories than your body can burn. To find out how many calories to take in, go to an online calorie calculator and find your maintenance calories. Then, add 300-500 calories per day to that calculation. For example, if my body needs 3500 calories per day to maintain its current body weight, I should then consume 3800-4000 calories per day. Track your results by weighing yourself every morning and by averaging those seven weights at the end of the week. A good goal is to gain one pound per week especially for newbies. If you’re not gaining weight, bump up the calories. Also, make sure you are hitting your macronutrients like protein, carbs, and fats.

2. Workout
Your workout should primarily consist of compound movements such as deadlifts, shoulder press, bench press, and squats for these exercises incorporate the most muscle groups which will lead to better results. Also, perform these exercises in the 8-12 rep range as this will maximize hypertrophy and optimize muscle growth. I usually do a 4 day split with legs, chest, back, and shoulders being my main muscle groups for those days.

3. Sleep
Sleep is very important because its the one thing your body needs to actually build muscle. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, your body can’t rebuild itself and you won’t see much progress. To keep it simple, try to sleep 7-8 hours per night and maintain a consistent sleep schedule.

Job Opportunities For Medical Professionals At Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

This is good news to all medical professionals, especially those who want to concentrate on the different modalities of cancer treatment. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is inviting applications from doctors and related healthcare workers, even management talents outside of medicine, to serve in one of their hospital facilities in the United States. CTCA has many positions waiting for those who qualify for the job. Its headquarters is located at Boca, Raton, Florida.

CTCA, a for-profit, national network of five hospitals is focused on the treatment of patients suffering from all types of cancers. It was established in 1988 by Richard J. Stephenson after cancer took his mother’s life. He didn’t like the cancer treatment options available at that time so he founded CTCA to be a hospital that offers additional modes of cancer treatments aside from the conventional modalities. The first CTCA hospital that opened is in Zion, Illinois, at Midwestern Regional Medical Center. From 2005 to 2012, four more CTCA hospitals opened. Today, CTCA is offering what they call integrative cancer treatment options. They are creating a combination of various types of cancer treatments based on the needs of a particular patient. It is not the one-cure-for-all approach of most methods of cancer treatments. CTCA offers medical services for cancer patients that include comprehensive medical services, state-of-the-art technologies, assessment of genomic tumors, and evidence-based supportive therapies designed to alleviate the side-effects of cancer treatments. All of these services are delivered by CTCA’s medical professionals in one roof.

Since CTCA combines conventional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery, etc., with integrative therapies to manage side effects, its five hospitals are always on the lookout for medical professionals who will fill up the many positions that each of the hospitals will need. Job opportunities at CTCA include positions for physicians, medical personnel for clinical and patient support, management staff who will be responsible for the professional and management needs of the hospital, and administrative staff to handle the administration and hospitality services of CTCA. On a regular basis, CTCA also welcomes applications from students and recent graduates to undertake their internships at its facilities. Many medical professionals have started their careers at CTCA.

CTCA considers their employees as part of their family and they are referred to as stakeholders because of the stake they have in the capability of the hospital to fight cancer each day. The hospital values the effort of each stakeholder and rewards them for their efforts by way of its incentive program called Stakeholder-to-Stakeholder. CTCA takes good care of its stakeholders, the way it takes good care of hundreds of cancer patients. It provides each stakeholder all the support they need to ensure their success within the organization and in their chosen profession.

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Sussex Healthcare, A Leader In Therapy

Sussex medical care is an exceptional center. It’s just about the finest center the healthcare business has to offer you. Their services to people with learning disabilities are well recorded. There doesn’t exist a center which could top it. Records have demonstrated that reviews and a number of evaluations have afforded top scores from every one of their staff. Really, they have been next to none. The care they offer depends upon the patient; folks have reached the forefront of health in their doctor’s care.

The pros are highly recommended and are generally certified for the maximum degree of care attainable. The team is expertly skilled in most areas of healthcare, specially the areas between disabled patients as well as the older patients. They offer you a vast selection of chances for people with great needs. Their faculty programs are the spring board for all prominent livelihood. Internships and full-time jobs are only a few cases of chances they give.

College students have engaged in therapeutic healing for patients in Sussex medical care. It could be rigorous. Staff is advised to work on a round the clock basis to guarantee optimum maintenance. The continuing staffing ends up creating the ideal maintenance environment; there will be help available when patients want it. Sussex Health Care prides itself with this particular level of care.

Every healthcare program is catered into your own individual patient. Services have been given for patients with a number of disabilities and give them caution they wouldn’t find somewhere else. By reading graphs, performing assessments, and referring patients to specialists, they have been allowing specific tools and plans to prevail. The patients receiving the most technical attention are tremendously thankful. For patients with deep heights of ailments, you can find technical therapy monitors they are going to soon be adhering to. Numerous physicians will probably be advised to look after the individual. Bathrooms with monitors, spring beds, and other necessities are all given to patients for their relaxation and comfort. The chambers may be customized nevertheless; the patient’s wants will be met; therefore, they really are feeling directly at home. Many patients maintain images of loved ones within their dresser drawers and near their beds. Additionally, there are blossoming flowers, televisions, and other comforts. If an individual needs assistance, or experiences a health emergency, calling for assistance is as easy as pressing a button.

These treatments are low impact and higher benefit. Patients have been treated to time with coaches and time in heated pools. These are the luxury treatments that set Sussex apart from competition.

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How to Make Fitness Programs Work With a Type A Personality


The way we approach diets and workout programs has everything to do with our personalities. Some types of characters are more prone to believing in dieting in the sense of intense restrictions while others view diets as an overall eating plan focusing on quality rather than quantity.


Type A personalities, for example, are characterized by their punctuality. They are committed and organized and do not lack a competitive mindset, but they like to follow the rules. These qualities also lead them to grow frustrated with ineffective fitness programs as they are used to doing things with efficiency.


Mot fitness and weight loss programs cater predominantly to general rules and methods in order to satisfy as large of an audience as possible. The good news is that there is a way to make things work if you are a Type A personality or you would like to harness the mindset of Type A and make those programs work for you as well.


First things first, approach matters. The way you think about the program and your approach do it will have a lot to do with its success and if you are going to be able to make it work for you. All r nothing is a typical mindset for a Type A personality, and they believe that you either give it your all or nothing at all. As with anything else in life, that mindset has its advantages but there also some disadvantages to it as well. While you will be super dedicated to the program and abide strictly by its regulations, you might start feeling rather restricted and miss out on things that you want to do such as have cake at a birthday party, for example. Also, high restrictions predispose people to go overboard next time they let their hair down, and that will set you back by a mile in the long run.


So, what can you do about that? Build some flexibility into those rule and weigh the pros and cons realistically. Think about your end goal and not just about the now. Better have a small slice of cake at that birthday party instead of gorging up on half a cake after the program is over. The first will ease you urges and prevent you from losing your progress and the second will throw half your efforts out the window. The program is more of an outline to go from instead of the law of your life while you are doing it. Allowing yourself to make such decisions will also build up confidence and show you that you know how to achieve the end goal and what is best for you both short term and long term.


Another disadvantage f such a mindset is that it can lead to a major state of burnout. If you find yourself wanting to tweak a few moves of the program/workout or if you are starting to get sick, you should take a break or at least adjust the exercise to suit your situation.


Being intensely committed to something is good as long as that commitment does not become blind dedication and make you feel burnt out. Tweaking the schedule of a program is far more beneficial for you instead of a burnout because it can be challenging to overcome.


If you are following a weight loss program, then you will most probably have to do intense workouts at least once or twice a week, and milder workouts during the rest of the week. For a Type A personality such kinds of workout sessions are non-negotiable, and they will force themselves to go for it even if they are feeling sore.


The truth is that in doing so your cause yourself more harm than you do good. Yes, you will probably feel satisfied that you did what the program told you to do, but in the process, you will have brought your body to such an exhaustion that you actually set back your progress. Pushing your body when it is already sore is too taxing for it, and it will need even more time to recover. That can lead to extreme muscle ache and even tissue damage.


Weight loss and muscle strength are both things that need to be achieved through balance for the effects to be long-lasting. When you exert your body, the weight loss exercises become a lot less efficient. The muscles and the joints feel strained, and that will make your next workout even less useful. Opt for a mild yoga session to help your muscles and joints relax, or do fewer reps.


Being able to listen to your body and work in harmony with it is far more essential and beneficial to you than abiding by strict rules. Be flexible and make your choices align with what your body feels

What’s more, finding a meal plan that’s ideal for losing weight, staying in shape, but also covering all of your nutritional bases is vital.  That’s why so many people turn to Nutrisystem for men.  It makes it easier, and you almost don’t even have to think about dieting, you just do.  Definitely something to think about, if you’re interested in trying a new type of diet.

How the Osteo Relief Institute Can Help You Avoid Surgery Due to Arthritis Pain

Arthritis can be a scary thing. There is a lot of information that many people don’t know about arthritis. For instance, it isn’t just one single disease but is a term that encompasses multiple diseases, over 100 types of arthritis to be specific, that consist of joint pain or joint diseases. The country’s top arthritis relief clinics like Osteo Relief Institute are trained to deal specifically with patients that are in pain because of arthritis.


In fact, arthritis is the number one cause of disability for people in the United States and it affects more women than men. Of all the types of arthritis, osteoarthritis is, unfortunately, the most common and it is a degenerative disease that affects joints. The affect it has can vary from a mild annoyance that is slightly painful to a completely debilitating pain.

This happens because of the break down of cartilage that comes with age. When this happens the bone is literally rubbing against other bone, causing the person an extreme amount of pain. There currently is no treatment for arthritis, but there is a lot of ways you can manage it when it occurs as well as try to prevent it in your younger years.


When you commit to a mobile activity remember to not outdo yourself ( You shouldn’t have to “push through” pain but should attempt to do activities that are within your exercise level that doesn’t cause pain. Also, try to avoid activities that involve doing the same motion over and over again, which can be a trigger for osteoarthritis.


The Osteo Relief Institute was established to help patients deal with arthritis pain, specifically osteoarthritis. Their team specializes in osteoarthritis and has worked with thousands of patients who have arthritis.


The Osteo Relief Institute helps their patients to learn ways to manage the pain that arthritis can cause. While many doctors often push for surgery, The Osteo Relief Institute believes that surgery is the last option.


In addition to pain management, the Osteo Relief Institute also has a wide variety of preventative measures they teach to their patients. This can help osteoarthritis from progressing and causing more pain. This is very important for patients who are able to maintain a relatively active lifestyle and avoid surgery.

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Dr. Mark Holterman the Pediatric Professional

There are people that do nothing with their lives, then there are people that do everything to save other people’s lives. Dr. Mark Holterman is one of the select few that have dedicated their lives to saving others and specializes in saving children. Dr. Holterman is a pediatric surgeon and full-time professor of medicine in Illinois. He graduated University of Virginia’s school of medicine in 1988, and he has been practicing medicine ever since. Dr. Holterman is also the CEO and Chief Medical Officer at Mariam Global Health where he works on regenerative medicine.


Dr. Mark Holterman belongs to the American Diabetes Association where he has been helping to decrease Type 2 diabetes in children and young adults. He has been doing this with a new program called Camp PowerUp. This camp educates the youth about healthy eating habits and the importance of regular physical activity. The ADA has teamed up with the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles to make this camp a reality. Dr. Mark Holterman’s unquenchable thirst to find cures for chronic conditions and helping America’s youth is unwavering.


He’s not just concerned with America’s youth though. He dedicates his time to International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam as well. Dr. Mark Holterman is trying to make a difference in the lives of children around the world (OSFHealthcare). IPSAC-VN helps get medical professionals and volunteers to Vietnam where they provide medical treatment and supplies for the youth of Vietnam. There is also a scholarship that allows local Vietnamese medical professionals to come to the United States and learn more about medicine over a two month period. Dr. Holterman is helping to make sure IPSAC-VN and its scholarship stick around to help the youth of Vietnam.


Dr. Mark Holterman is a textbook example of what all medical professionals should strive to be. Donating their spare time to helping patients around the world, not just the ones that show up in their emergency room. Dr. Mark Holterman is a shining example of just how much impact one person can have on the planet. Making it a safer and healthier place for all.

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