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The Future of Care: Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. He graduated from Florida State University with a degree in marketing. The degree would come in handy as he figured out later in life that he wanted to be a part of the health-care industry. He has gone on to found or co-found companies like. BMC Diagnostics, Pipeline Rx, and TMS Health Services. TMS Health Services is his crowning achievement because he can help as many people as he can. In an interview with Ideamensch, Ara Chackerian talks about how HMS Health Services came to be, his typical day, and what excites him about the future. For more details visit

Ara says that the idea for HMS Health Solutions took a long time to come to fruition but it was worth waiting for. He first took part in building radiation centers for people in Northern California. He then saw that there were not as many psychological outpatient care centers as there should so he did some research and found a willing partner in Richard Bermudas. THey found in there research that the current model for outpatient psychiatric care was not working so they decided to make their own. The goal was to have a facility that put the patient first and enabled the doctor and the patient to work together in order to achieve the desired outcome for both of them. TYhey have built more facilities and are expanding their reach in the San Francisco are over the last two years. Check out

Ara Chackerian says that his days are never typical. Ara says he is really bad about writing things down and planning details on a calendar. He is a more whimsical type of person who likes to see what the day has in store and deal with it as it comes. He likes things that involve strategy and coaching others. That is his typical day.

What excited Ara about the future is the digital trend in healthcare. It will make things much easier for patients and doctors. He is watching it very closely. Ara Chackerian is a man who wants to give as much as he receives.

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Life Line Screening Can Help People Feel Connected to Their Health

While Life Line Screening is not able to provide the treatment options that people need to get better, the company helps them add years to their lives by giving them a heads up about what is going on and what is going to happen with their health in the future. The company is dedicated to making sure they can provide solutions to problems that people may have with their health. It has helped them treat their patients the best way possible and give them what they need to feel better about different things.

Depending on what someone finds out about their health through the screening, Life Line Screening gives them the solutions they need to feel better. They cannot treat any diseases and they cannot show people what they can do to treat their own diseases, but they can give them the options they need to connect with providers who will be able to help them with their diseases or with preventative measures that will give them the ability to feel better about their health. For Life Line Screening, this is a valuable part of the process and something everyone needs to make sure they are working on in different situations.

Even though there have been some issues that people have had with their health in the past that Life Line Screening simply has no answers for, their testing is able to detect a variety of different things. The testing gives them a chance to learn about what is happening with their health and what will make their health better if they stick to different situations. It will also give them the ability to feel like they are in control of their health even though they may not know what is going to work for them in the long run.

As long as Life Line Screening is doing the screening process, they are confident they can help people have a higher quality of life. Learning about the health issues they have is the first step in making sure they can get control of their health and use everything they need to start feeling better. It is what has made things easier for people and what has given them the ability to feel like they can make their own lives better. Life Line Screening does what they can to help people realize their true potential in the healthcare industry and in the medical field.

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Life Line Helps Individuals Diagnose Health Threats Before They Become Serious Conditions

Many people die every year from diseases that could have been prevented. Various types of testing are able to detect diseases so treatment can begin earlier. A proactive role in health management has a lot of benefits including the identification and prevention of a disease before it even has a chance to develop. Preventive health screenings detect risk factors in your health which can prevent or slow certain conditions. The screenings are based on each individual having specific risk factors. The importance of any given test is based on your risk factors. This is why Life Line Screenings identify your age, family history, medical history, and overall health profile.

The tests most often used in the comprehensive screening program designed for prevention include ultrasound screenings, finger-stick blood screenings, and a limited electrocardiograph. The tools used by Lifeline Screening are powerful yet simple and accurately asses any health risks in your future andare capable of detecting conditions and diseases before they reach the point of becoming serious. This gives you the ability to stop certain conditions before they begin.

Life Line screening is a company focused on the prevention of disease and wellness. Their base is located in Austin, Texas and they were founded in 1993. Their health screening services are community based, privately operated and available for all United States adults.

Timothy Phillips and Colin Scully created the company and it has seen expansion all over the United States and the United Kingdom. Their health screenings are now available to well over 500,000 people. Their more recent services include testing for cholesterol, diabetes, and inflammation.

The services for preventative health screenings became available in the United Kingdom in 2008 and continue to expand. Atrial fibrillation screenings have been added to their services. Life Line’s goal is to help people remain healthy, be made aware of any potential health threats, and obtain the necessary medical services before these threats become serious conditions.