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Google Launches the International Space Station Feature on its Google Maps App

Google Street View has gone a step further in making space exploration from the comfort of our smartphones a reality, thanks to the introduction of the International Space Station feature to the Google Maps platform To those of us who will never get the opportunity to set foot in space, this is our best shot at finding out what the International Space Station and the orbit entails.
Astronauts in conjunction with Google technocrats created a list of 15 different panoramic views captured in a 360-degree platform. Some of the photography that has been included in the Google Maps app is a set of pop-up text descriptions which elaborate and explain to you what you are viewing. The inclusion of the pop-up texts marks the first time that such annotations have been used on the Google Maps platform.
The new set of imageries lets you walk through the 15 different modules via directional prompts. Also, at the time of gathering the required imagery for the app, the Space X’s Dragon Vehicles were parked on the ISS. What this means is that, once you embark on your exploration, you will get the opportunity to see just how the vehicles deliver cargo to the station.
The presence of the 360-degree view lets you see the entire station from different angles based on your preferences. Sadly, Google Maps controls have been known to disappoint especially when a huge chunk of directional information is needed, and the ISS platform is no different. On a lighter note, the launch is still new, and challenges haven’t been recorded or reported yet.
Just like the standard Street View option, the ISS launch only requires you to click through the imagery and explore the station at your will. Consider the launch a new way to learn more about space and orbit, the same way you explore different streets and directions. What is required of you to explore the International Space Station is to update your Google Maps app.