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George Soros Funds Open Society Foundations

The NY Times recently talked about a brilliant billionaire-philanthropist; George Soros. For decades, Mr. George Soros made his fortune in hedge fund managing. As he grew older, he became more vested in philanthropic endeavors. Now, he transfers more money to a single foundation than any other private donor.

The reason no one’s known about his donating history until now is that no records were released until recently. For the past several years, he’s quietly donated hundreds of millions of dollar every year. His organization, Open Society, is the second-biggest philanthropic organization in the country. It’s put him in a great position of power.

Unlike other billionaires who’d used that power for their own self-interests, Soros uses to spread democracy and advocate for human rights all over the world. Open Society operates in over 100 counties, but its main focus is currently the United States. Not surprisingly, the U.S. is going through some tough times right now.

Although Open Society is mostly a human rights organization, it’s helped millions address hundreds of different issues. In 2014, Open Society funded treatment centers, projects to protect art and culture, and several organizations dedicated to protecting people from the national wave of hate caused by the results of the 2016 election.

Obviously, George Soros is a nice old man just trying to make the world a better place. Sometimes his efforts are recognized by like-minded people, like Hillary Clinton. Other times, his efforts are noticed by horrible people who only want to destroy him. Sadly, those people have a voice, and they’ve been using that voice to discredit, degrade, and destroy George Soros as a man and as a philanthropist. Mr. Soros often refers to those people as the dark forces that awoke after the election. Honestly, that’s a perfect description of them.

Now, honestly, George Soros’s actions are totally dependent upon someone’s perspective. Some people see Soros as a nice man; others see him as a threat to their beliefs and culture. Regardless, attacking him like the right-wing conspiracy theorists have is inappropriate and unacceptable. Sadly, that’s the kind of world that exists today.

Of course, other sources, like JPost, have him sometimes saying things that can be considered a bit too exaggerated. In the early 2000s, he said he’d give up his wealth if it meant stopping George W. Bush from becoming president again.

How George Soros improves the World through his Charity Work

George Soros is a wealthy businessman who has been listed as the third most philanthropic person on earth. He has accumulated billions of dollars by investing in the financial sector for more than four decades. George Soros currently own a multi-billion dollar hedge fund company that is known as Soros Fund Management. The billionaire comes from a humble Hungarian family and has strived to establish himself. He left his motherland for the United Kingdom in the 1940s to pursue finance studies at the London School of Economics. George had to raise his school fees by taking a job at a railway station and nightclub.

Soros kicked off his career as a finance expert in New York after graduating from London. He got an opportunity to act as a hedge fund manager in different companies across the city. In the 1970s, the billionaire founded Soros Fund Management, which was later renamed the Quantum Fund. Soros has ventured into currency speculation, and in 1992, he earned $1.5 billion from the Bank of England. The Quantum Fund is worth over $30 billion.

Communities across the United States and the rest of the world recognize George Soros for his philanthropy. The liberal billionaire is the chairperson of the Open Societies Foundation, an organization that he founded in 1979. To date, Soros has dedicated more than $12 billion to charity. He advocates for good leadership across the world and has been funding political activities. George Soros facilitated campaigns against the George Bush’s re-election in 2004 by offering a total of $24 million to 500 different groups. He supported President Obama during the 2012 election by donating $1 million to Priorities USA, a PAC that was campaigning for him. In 2013, Ready for Clinton appointed Soros to act as a co-chairperson of its finance committee. He was among Hillary Clintons’ major sponsors during the 2016 presidential election. Priorities USA was supporting Clinton, and he offered it a total of about $9.5 million.

By February 2017, Forbes estimated the retired finance expert’s net worth to be about $24 billion and ranked him 19th on the list of the wealthiest people on earth. The Quantum Fund earns Soros billions of dollars annually. At the Open Societies Foundation, the billionaire supports education, community development, social services, health, and a couple of international causes. The donations that his organization gives are meant to benefit the less privileged people across the world. Born and bred in Hungary, Soros understands the effects of discrimination since he experienced the Nazi Occupation first hand. He currently strives to protect the rights of minority groups such as the Roma in Europe. George Soros also empowered black South Africans during the apartheid rule by funding their education.