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The Success Journey of OSI Group

Behind every successful venture, there is a story of both the sad and happy moments it underwent to be where it is today. Being in the game for more than a century, OSI Group has more than what we can call a story. Today, the company is a leading provider of protein products around the world. Also, it is among the largest providers of employment opportunities with over 20,000 staff who work in its 65 facilities set in 17 countries.

The company has risen from a humble background to a significant corporate and distributor of food products around the globe. OSI’s history is associated with the American immigrant experience. In 1907, Otto Kolscowsky was among the German-immigrant community living in Chicago, Illinois. During that time, Chicago was an entry point for new immigrants as well as the industry’s point of origin.

In 1909, Otto created a butcher shop and a meat market in Oak Park. It is right to say that business was good for Otto because after a decade, he expanded his venture to Maywood, Chicago. Also, Otto grew his business into wholesale to broaden his market. In 1928, Otto’s venture was rebranded as Otto & Sons.

Although small, Otto & Sons was prominent and part of the American community, and this is what influenced its significant growth. OSI Group was the earliest suppliers of McDonald’s after the agreement with Ray Kroc before its opening in 1955. The deal between Kroc and the Otto sons saw the two grow their businesses as well as outreach. Today, McDonald’s is a recognized and respected brand around the world.

McDonald’s was looking for a global market, and this is what saw OSI Industries expand its services to the world while trying to satisfy McDonald’s growing demand. Kroc was looking for a consistent product to its customers, and it was Osi Industries duty to meet the demand. The introduction of cryogenic food processing (freezing food using liquid nitrogen) saw the relationship between the Otto sons and Ray Kroc. The association was enhanced by the fact that Otto & Sons could meet the high demand at a reduced cost.

In the early 70’s, Otto & Sons launched a plant in West Chicago with advanced tech for freezing hamburger patties, and it was dedicated to McDonald’s. Business with the local restaurant and markets continued as usual via the Glenmark brand. In 1975, Otto & Sons rebranded to OSI Industries as part of its transition. The company did change, not only its name but also improved its leadership. All along, members of the Kolscowsky were running the company and had reached retirement age, and this is what saw Sheldon Lavin join as a partner.

After the transition, OSI Industries continued to grow as a supplier of both McDonald’s and local markets. The move saw it expand to Utah and even other North American facilities by the early 80’s. The urge to lead the international market saw Sheldon Lavin become the company’s chairman and CEO in the 80’s. Lavin’s role in the company is significant, and he has continued to oversee the expansions to new facilities as well as new sectors such as poultry. Today, OSI is a distinguished company. In 2016, it was ranked #58 by Forbes among the largest private companies. Its sales were approximated at $6.1 billion.

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OSI Food Solutions & The Globe of Honour

For companies in the business industry, it takes a lot to be recognized by others. When we take into account the years of consistency that it takes for that to happen, when a company is recognized, it is a sign that that company has put out outstanding performances on a steady basis. Also, it shows that that company is well-established and set up for the future. Well, in that case, the company OSI Food Solutions is both well-established and set up to succeed in the future. As a matter of fact, OSI Food Solutions was not only recognized for their incredible work but, to make it clear, they were honored as a company. In other words, the amount of established presence and organization for the future can seem as double the amount. Being a company in the meat processing side of things, OSI Food Solutions has, unsurprisingly, become one of the leaders in this area. With a number of employees that reaches over the 20,000 amount, OSI Food Solutions has made it a priority to have the same level of excellence across all of its chains. Without a doubt, this is why the company has continued its rise as a company with tremendous feedback. Here is more on the company and one of their many recent recognitions and awards that they have received.

OSI Food Solutions Receives The Globe of Honour

Also taking the name OSI Group, this company has excelled in many areas of their field. With a distinguished and unique working environut, OSI Group has been able to achieve accomplishments at a much faster rate than many of its competitors. Because of this, they are constantly receiving awards such as their most recent recognition of the Globe of Honour by the British Saftey Council. Since their organization trickles to any and all areas, company safety has also been one of their most impressive qualities. Also, as we can see, this award has been nothing less than a long time coming. In addition to this, by keeping this type of work environment and impressive management of safety, there is definitely another of the same award coming in their near future. Furthermore, as a whole, OSI Food Group has been a tremendous leader and has set the example for similar companies as well. Without a doubt, the bar has been set high for other companies to try and follow in their footsteps.

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OSI Industries: Acquiring Smaller Businesses for Expansion

The OSI Industries is one of the largest and leading meat manufacturers in the United States today. They have been included in the list of the top performing companies by Forbes, and they continue to become a thriving company thanks to the rising demand for protein products. Starting as a small meat shop, the OSI Industries experienced massive changes as the McDonald’s Corporation tagged them to become one of their official business partners. When McDonald’s Corporation became known around the world, the OSI Industries followed suit. The OSI Industries today is focusing on its continued expansion, and they wanted to conquer the world by providing it with high-quality meat products and protein products.

The company’s main headquarters can be found in Illinois, but in the past decades, the company has also started setting up their global presence by building facilities in more than 15 countries. They also have more than 50 operational facilities around the world; most of them are meat processing plants that have been recognized by foreign governments as sanitary. The company has great reviews and positive reputation, and many people prefer their products than other meat and protein processing companies because of the great value for money, and they are sure that the products are safe for consumption.

The OSI Industries now has several subsidiaries, and each subsidiary is looking after a particular territory. One of the companies that they have recently acquired is Baho Foods, a Dutch meat processing company. It is a small business compared to the scale of OSI Industries, but the latter still decided to buy the company to limit its competition in the Netherlands. The leaders of the OSI Industries think that it is necessary for them to acquire smaller businesses in countries where they operate to limit the competition and to monopolize the trade. Its owners willingly sold Baho Foods because of the tempting price offer that was given by the OSI Industries.

Today, the OSI Industries keeps a strong presence in Europe. Just like how they purchased Baho Foods, the company is still looking for other small companies that they can acquire. Though it would turn the trade of meat products into a monopoly, some people say that the acquisition of OSI Industries is all right, provided that they will continue the manufacturing and processing of meat and protein products that are hygienic and of high-quality. OSI Industries promised their customers that they would keep what they have started.

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The success of Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin serves as the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group. The company is leading in the meat and food industry in production and procession of quality meat and foods. Besides, Mr. Lavin is the President of OSI International Foods Ltd. The leadership and contribution of the Sheldon Lavin have enabled the OSI Group to grow significantly to a global level where its popularity is high. It is evident that the success and achievements of OSI are as a result of Sheldon Lavin efforts towards the company.

Mr. Lavin is well conversant with accounting and finance since that is the area of his expertise that has led him to the success. Most of the workplaces that Sheldon Lavin has served comprise The Sheba Foundation as well as Northeast Bank serving as the director. Though there are so many other prominent organizations that he has served and the legacy that he has left behind is recommendable.

Moreover, since he joined the OSI Group, the company has been performing well in the industry. The fact is that there are numerous of awards that the company has received since Sheldon Lavin became the Chairman and CEO of the OSI Group. Also, Mr. Lavin has received The Global Visionary Award from India since the efforts, and great work that was done by him was recognized. The award was due to the creation of thousands of jobs to people and making the OSI Group lead in the global market. The company has as well acquired some other companies through expansion of its services to customers globally such as Baho Foods, Flagship Europe. Through the acquisition, the OSI Group has gained the largest market share in the meat and food processing industry.

Furthermore, Lavin is a philanthropist that makes a lot of contributions to charity organizations. There are so many organizations that he participates in providing charities such as the Jewish United Fund, United Negra College Fund and Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago and many others.

Conversely, Sheldon Lavin serves on the board of trustees in the Ronald McDonald House Charities where he is the Chairman and CEO. Mr. Lavin likes it most when he sees others prospering in life and through that passion he helps whoever seeks assistance from him. He has enabled a lot of people to realize and achieve their dreams in life by mentoring them and following their progress. Sheldon Lavin is a role model for many entrepreneurs out there that want to be successful in life.

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How David McDonald Leads OSI Group

David McDonald started out as an accountant at OSI Group, but he managed to emerge as so much more. He proved himself as one of their most important and prominent strategists before setting his set on a position as president of OSI. While there are plenty out there who have tried to do what he has, his strategy of acquisitions has made it abundantly clear that he has a talent for understanding how to expand a business beyond its traditional borders. Now, he’s focused on making sure OSI Group has a completely sustainable operation going on.

David McDonald believes that there is more to running a company than making sure you find some profits. You must make sure that your model is sustainable and that you have done everything to minimize the damage you do to the environment. That goal is going to require him to take OSI into a different direction with a focus on finding methods that will help the food processing industry as a whole. Realizing this goal is going to take serious effort and determination, but it’s something that will eventually need to be done. The current way of doing business is not going to work out well long term.

You don’t need to look far to realize that OSI Group has made a name for itself. It’s the most successful food processor to come out in a long time and that means something. You can’t find too many cases of family delis turning into international corporations, but this is exactly what OSI Group is. Starting in the early 20th century as a deli run by a German immigrant, OSI has turned into a corporation with holdings all over the world. That determination has allowed the company to become something that everyone can aspire to. There are no limits to what OSI can become or where it’s growth ends.

David McDonald continues to take OSI into new heights, but he is simply doing what the previous presidents have done. They have all done their best to make OSI into a better company than it was before they were placed into that position. After McDonald decides he wants to change his current position and go into retirement, there is going to be someone who wants to follow in his footsteps. The current progress he has produced is going to continue as a new generation looks to confront the latest challenges.

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David McDonald Continues to Lead OSI Group Forward

David McDonald is the President of the OSI Group that produces quality pre-prepared foods that are shipped all around the world. The OSI Group is one of the leading companies that are currently probing retailers around the world with quality food products to sell their consumer. McDonald leads the OSI Group in that endeavor. Today, the OSI Group operates more than 60 locations in a stunning 60 different countries worldwide.

David Mcdonald has continued to work to improve the OSI Group and how they do business and the way he has done that most recently is that he appointed the company a Chief Sustainability Officer as of July 1st, 2017. That individual is Nicole Johnson-Hoffmann who will report directly to McDonald in her efforts to take on responsibility for the continual development of the OSI Group expanding into the future. She will provide the leadership and direction that the company needs around the world while collaborating with the OSI customers, suppliers, and employees as well as anyone else involved with the business. It is believed that Johnson-Hoffmann will be able to help the OSI Group continue to improve their belief that they can still do better to help deliver a more quality product to their customer through better processing and communications while taking care of the environment which we live in. This attitude has bode well for the company so far and will continue to do so into the future.

David McDonald himself also continues to play a vital role in the OSI Group’s rapidly expands to operate in countries all over the world and adapts to regulations by governments and countries around the world as well, yet still always managing to provide consumers a quality product while turning a great profit. David McDonald is a graduate of Iowa State University where he graduated back in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science degree.

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More Than a Century Later, OSI Group’s Expansion Continues

OSI group is one of the largest privately owned companies in the world, valued at $6.1 billion by Forbes as of this year. The US-based company deals with food supplies, especially meat processing. Among its products are beef patties, bacon, hot dogs, pizza, fish, pork, poultry, and vegetable products. OSI Group has locations and plants in various parts of the country, with some of them located in Chicago, Geneva, Oakland, West Jordan and Riverside. The company’s international headquarters are based in Aurora, Illinois.

Other facilities of the group are in over 15 other countries around the world. The company serves both Foodservice and retail customers. One of the company’s biggest customers is China, where the company markets its products to outlets such as subway, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s Pizza.

Background of the Company

OSI began as a small family business by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant who moved into the US in 1907. Kolschowsky opened the business in 1909 and eight years later expanded the business into a wholesale outlet. During the years following its opening, the company gained the reputation for offering top-quality meat products. The company’s first major break came in 1955 when Mc Donald’s chose Kolchowsky’s meat supply to provide meat to them. McDonald’s became Otto&Sons’ leading customers, and this fostered the rapid expansion of Otto’s business. By 1973, Otto&Son’s had acquired specially developed patty-forming machines and liquid-freezing tunnels. The company installed these devices in its new high-volume meat plant in West Chicago. In 1975, the company adopted its current name OSI Industries. From then onwards, OSI Industries served as the exclusive supplier to McDonald’s. This lucrative deal led to a period of prosperity for OSI. By the year 2011, OSI Group was already generating annual revenue of $3 billion and was among the top 200 largest private companies.

Current Expansion Activities

Over the years, OSI has acquired several other food supply groups. One of the most recent acquisitions was the Tyson Foods plant on South Side. This year, OSI Group, LLC purchased Baho Food, a manufacturer of convenience foods. The acquisition of the Dutch company afforded OLC Group greater presence in Europe.

OSI continues to deliver top quality meat products to its customers. The company has been the recipient of numerous awards including awards for management health and safety risks. The company has also received recognition for its excellent environmental governance. Recent acquisitions point to a brilliant future to the large meat supplier.