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Food Photography Classes To Boost Career Options For Culinary Students

Seven years after its founding, Instagram is now claiming 800 million users very month. That Instagram, and social media in general has transformed every aspect of photography as we knew is no secret.

In culinary arts, photography is as important an art as the fork and knife. Taking advantage of the digital media, the Culinary Institute of America plans to introduce a courses in food photography in a bid to sharpen the skills of their students in telling food stories.

Among the lessons the students will enjoy is how to work with digital cameras, lighting and editing. The course is being developed for by Phil Masfield who works as a photographer for the school and food stylist Kersti Bowser, an alumna of the institute. Commenting on this exciting development Bowser said that the food photography lessons will help in “evoking the feeling that it’s going to be luscious.”

Instagram is a key focus for the institute and Ms. Bowser further added that they will be working to bring on board photos that not only maintain and communicate the food flavor but also ones will have “food keep its integrity.”

The institute is doing more than taking the food photography art to a higher level. From the glass walled kitchen at the institute, Jason Potanovich, an assistant professor and the executive chef is able to monitor the reactions of diners as they partake off various meals.From experience Mr. Potanovich says that a meal that is more photogenic has higher chances of remaining on the menu.

Apart from preparing students to perfect an important part of their careers, the school also aims at expanding career options for the students. In an increasingly competitive yet slowly growing market, students are being empowered with an option through which they can still earn a living. This will go a long way in enhancing their resume and expanding their possibilities in life.