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Why Michael Burwell Is The Investor To Beat In The U.S And Beyond


Michael Burwell recently grabbed the headlines after clinching the highly coveted Chief Financial Officer’s position at Willis Towers Watson. Widely considered to be a prominent financial investment and advisory service provider, Willis Towers Watson looks set to keep up with its highest standards in financial investment strategies and delivering exceptional results. His appointment comes in the wake of outgoing Chief Financial Officer, Roger Millay stepping down from the position based on voluntary retirement.

Michael Burwell brings on board over three decades’ worth of experience having served in a multitude of leadership positions such as Head of Transaction Services in the U.S, Chief Operating and Financial Officer of Global Transformation. Not only that, he is adept at financial auditing with over 12 years’ worth of experience as a testament to his exceptional expertise specializing in pre-merger valuation.

While addressing a congregation of journalists, Willis Towers Watson’s CEO, John Haley, hailed Michael Burwell’s appointment terming as a crucial milestone in the company’s commitment to delivering outstanding results to its diverse clientele. The ambitious Chief Financial Officer possesses insightful leadership and management skills tailored to dissecting crucial dynamics in the company’s rapid evolution. As a forward-thinking executive, he understands the influential role played by emerging markets when meeting clients’ goals and objectives which serve the company’s remarkable growth progress to meet its highly acclaimed vision.

The CEO also went an extra to hail the vital role played by the outgoing CFO, Roger Millay, for building the company into a formidable enterprise. Suffice to say, Michael Burwell looks forward to picking up from his predecessors and promoting an inclusive culture tailored toward building an exceptional legacy. The innovative and ambitious Chief Financial Officer is an alumnus of Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration apart from being a certified public accountant.


A Sneak-Peek into Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell recently held a blunt interview with Inspirery to help deduce the man behind the unprecedented business success. With an illustrious career spanning across three decades in a plethora of leading companies, there has never been a better time to understand how the CFO weaves his financial expertise with precision.


How Ideas Are Conceived

Unknown to most people, Michael Burwell credits brainstorming as an essential aspect to developing crucial ideas geared toward making life easier than before. Through this perspective, he gets to understand how different ideas coalesce to form life-changing opportunities.


How Productivity Is Achieved

Michael Burwell credits delegation as an essential component to staying productive for long. This entails prioritizing on his workload and harnessing technology to get more work completed much faster.


His Best Piece of Advice

Michael Burwell frequently advises upcoming entrepreneurs to harness the unlimited potential offered by networking and cultivating synergetic relationships to propel businesses to greater heights.

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Michael Burwell: Incorporating Innovative Strategies To Advance Organizational Goals


The strategic business decisions made by a significant number of organizations are made with different motives. However, there are some issues that are common to all organizations which makes them formulate particular decisions. Fundamental aspects such as profits, risk mitigation strategies, and business survival are essential to any business. Therefore, considerable factors must be put into considerations before implementing a particular decision. Willis Towers Watson seems to have made one of the most critical decisions about the progress of the organization by hiring Michael Burwell as the Chief Finance Officer.

Michael Burwell is one of the leading industry experts who has a clear understanding of the financial aspects of the overall business environment. He is a person who has executed some of the most complex financial strategies that have seen a company grow from strength to strength. Working as the head of transformations and transactions at Pricewaterhouse Cooper Limited is a clear indication that he is an experienced person who understands matters finance. Poaching an employee from such a company also speaks volumes about Willis Towers Watson, a global insurance advisory organization.

Michael Burwell will be expected to lead the technology incorporated in the financial department at the insurance company as he has consistently demonstrated that he is fond of using technology at any given time to increase his productivity. In a recent interview, Mike noted that he has a significant number of mobile app that he uses to make himself more productive. He shares these apps with other members of the staff so that they can be productive as well. He will be expected to live up to the expectations by ensuring that he comes up with innovative methods that will increase productivity in the company.

About Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell’s background in conducting auditing tasks for insurance-related clients will play a significant role in ensuring that he succeeds in the new industry. His ability to encourage members of the staff to formulate strategic policies and come up with innovations that will help the company move forward is something that played a critical role in his consideration in the new role.

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Michael Burwell Uses His Years Of Financial Experience To Help Wills Tower Watson


Wills Tower Watson has announced that Michael Burwell will be the new Chief Financial Officer. Michael Burwell comes with over 30 years of financial experience. Burwell graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s in business administration. He spent 11 years working on business advisory practices for PriceWaterhouse Cooper LLP. From there he was promoted to partner in transaction business in their office in Detroit. He did such a good job in Detroit he was promoted over the central Us transaction division. He was later promoted once again to Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating officer, in 2012 he became the vice chairman of Global and US transactions. In 2017, he moved his career to Wills Tower Watson.


Wills Tower Watson is a global advisory, broking, and solutions company. The company offers solutions to organizations and individuals to minimize risk, optimize benefits, and expand the power of capital. Michael Burwell is excited to join the company. He has been working on projects like AMX for the company. AMX allows them to advise clients on over 120 in assets. It debuted in Europe and is now available in select places in the United States.


Michael Burwell contributes his success in the financial world to several things. One is being a good listener and building up a network. Solid communication with your team, potential clients, and investors is important for any job. It is not enough to try to say what they want to hear, you have to actually listen to their problems, and address their issues. Another is keeping a positive attitude, even when others are criticizing you.


Michael Burwell also states that is important to utilize all the tools available to make yourself as productive as possible. Technology has played a big role in the productiveness of people and making lives easier.


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See Where Incalculable Business Experience Has Taken Michael Burwell


There is a time when a large company gets some leadership positions to fill. The impact an unfilled position would have on the company’s growth is negative. Willis Towers Watson is among the recent largest companies that have been filling in some of their leadership positions. Such companies don’t just bring in someone before they consider their qualifications among other requirements. Experience is among the top considerations Willis Towers gave much attention to when hiring Michael Burwell to join the team. Immense experience made Burwell offer unique contributions at Willis Towers as the new CEO.


Without experience, it’s hard for you to stand out as an executive leader. Most of the best-performing CEOs today are those with immense experience in what they do. Burwell has spent 30 years in the accounting and finance industry. He was in Michigan State University for his Business Administration studies and graduated in 1986. He then joined the Pricewaterhouse Coopers where he started to display his unique entrepreneurial skills. Burwell worked hard at the audit department and brought some changes the company hadn’t experienced before.


It is one thing to know about the business, and it is another thing to know how business is done. Having worked in various large companies, Michael Burwell has known how new business strategies are translated into something beneficial. He just needs to look at the financial statements of a company to know what needs to be done to translate those strategies into earnings. Most large companies bump up their bottom lines through innovative and new ways of doing things.


Burwell later joined the business transaction services after his audit stint. He understood many companies had a business cycle they had to complete. Without the skills on how they could go through large transactions and transitions, the companies would struggle with sales, acquisitions, and mergers. For this reason, Michael Burwell worked with valuations and due-diligence of companies to help them integrate after completing their mergers. No business leader would have overlooked his exceptional business leadership qualities. As a company leader, Michael Burwell believes in engaging the team in a spirited debate. He always allows the employees to make the bigger decisions on the company’s operations and management.


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Michael Burwell And The Official Declaration Of Willis Towers Watson To Make Him Its New CFO


One of the many news sources today that describe how Michael Burwell has landed the CFO and Finance Guru job for Willis Towers Watson would be the news feature from Reuters. It is there that the official announcement was made that Willis Towers Watson had selected Michael Burwell as its new Chief Financial Officer. Such announcement would also mean that Burwell would be replacing the former CFO, Roger Millay, as he is already voluntarily retired effective Oct 2 2017.


It should also be added here that Willis Towers Watson has made a wise decision for doing so. One of the most effective CFOs today that have established their shrewd, sought-after finance skills would be Michael Burwell. For starters, he’s already worked for Public Limited Company, which then has shaped his skills to be smooth and spotless. Burwell already has 31 years of finance and professional service behind him and that makes him an essential valuable worker already to lead the finance strategy of any company. His work experience has already given a stamp of quality and good service in making sure that his ideas can generate financial growth for any strong and high-scale firm.


Another insightful piece of reference for the work that Michael Burwell has done over the years can be found in the Inspirery interview that he did. It is there that Burwell reminded people the importance of networking and developing genuine relationships with people in their field. It is also highly important, according to him, that a leader should be in the moment, not being distracted and always to be in sterling shape both in body and mind. Communication with members should also play a pivotal role. Companies don’t grow when the team members won’t be able to streamline their communication process.


Brief Bio of Michael Burwell


It can be added here that other than being the new Willis Towers Watson’ CFO, Burwell also is a frequent motivational speaker and writer for the automotive industry. He is also a CPA and has received his B.A. Many of his achievements are in the field of giving many insightful financial advices to striving companies.


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Michael Burwell Is Now The CFO Of Willis Towers Watson And Is Expected To Do Great Things

Michael Burwell is the new Chief Financial Officer for Willis Towers Watson, which is a global advisory, broking and solutions company that is a leader in its industry. He is replacing Roger Millay who retired on a voluntary basis. Burwell has more than three decades of experience in the finance and professional services industry, and he has been a leader in those industries for many years, such as Pricewaterhouse Coopers. He has served different companies in different roles over the years including serving as a Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Head of Global Transformation, and Head of Transaction Services.

John Haley, the Chief Executive Officer of Willis Towers Watson, commented that the company was very excited to have Michael Burwell join its ranks. He went further to say that Burwell has a solid understanding of the all of the key things that someone in his new position would need to know. Michael Burwell commented that he was honored to be able to come aboard with Willis Towers Watson and that he has been impressed with the solid leadership in the company as well as its commitment to the clients it serves. Willis Towers Watson has more than 40,000 employees and operates in 140 countries, and Burwell has talked how he feels happy to be able to be a part of this company at this time of his life. See This Article for additional information.

Michael Burwell earned his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration while studying at Michigan State University. He is a trained CPA who has admitted that some of his best ideas originated from someone else in the companies he has worked for. He is glad that he has been able to rely on his team and appreciates that they have offered him a rare way of looking at the world. Michael Burwell has also acknowledged that good ideas come from people who work in the trenches of a company rather than from people who work outside of its day-to-day dealings. He believes that the best way to be productive is to learn how to do more with less, and he feels that technology has helped him achieve this goal time-and-time-again.


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