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Desiree Perez takes up the music industry with a storm.

For almost two decades now, Desiree Perez has worked closely with Jay -Z, she has been running the SC enterprises. During her time at the enterprise, the company has experienced tremendous success. She was soon appointed to organize artist’s plays. Desiree is known to be a strong negotiator and is qualified when it comes to reducing the numbers, and

Desiree Perez has been part of several tasks forces’; she took part in sealing the deal for the Rihanna Samsung deal as well as the Beyonce Formation Stadium. She runs operations at Roc Nation, and her influence has been felt; she plays a huge part in management, publishing and labeling operations, and follow her Twitter.

Desiree Perez’s work in the industry has been phenomenal, and the growth has been evident, she is bold and takes part in inspiring artists to pursue success. Been in the business for 20 years now has helped her learn the drills and sharpen her skills more, the years of experience are of no doubt a great resource to ensure she brings more success to artists, and read full article.


Desiree Perez’s work at Roc Nation;

Her legacy is being a tough representative, in January a $200 million investment with Tidal was sealed, and the business paid later after five months this was after Jay-Z released his 14th Billboard 200 No 1 album. They have also distributed almost 600, 000 album units and worked as the crown jewel of a marketing campaign.

Female executives have revealed their potential in the music industry, their work in making records, protecting their client’s rights and their power of negotiating contracts has come as a breath of fresh air, more women are taking up the task and are not afraid of the obstacles ahead.

Desiree Perez is just among the other female executives who have taken the industry with a storm; our hope now is that younger females will learn a thing or two and continue as female executives in the music industry, and learn more about Desiree Perez.

Clayton Hutson.

Educational background of Clayton Hutson.

Clay Hutson graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in theatre design and production from central Michigan. In Stephen Ross School of business from the University of Michigan, he acquired his MBA. Clay Hutson became passionate to be the production manager in the music industry. He worked from the bottom of his way up in that field.

Professional background of Clay Hutson.

Clay Hutson worked as a production manager in Minneapolis from Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. He worked for that association for over four years. He then worked with Marilyn Manson for three years in 2002. He worked with great acts like Jenifer nettles, pink, stood, and acted as the producing manager of Kanye West’s Yeezus tour. It led to the highest grossing music all time tour. His experience encouraged him to be a road production manager. Clay Hutson goal is to ensure that all the shows he produces are perfect. Due to his sharp skills, he turns away many artists due to his high demand. Clayton Hutson portrayed his sound engineer expertise for a great artist like backstreet boys, New Kids on the Block, Marilyn Manson, and Alice in chains. His career opened a chance for him to travel to all parts of the world. Being a tour and arena rigger, to production manager and motor engineer, Clayton Hutson has occupied executive positions in all the production areas available.

Clayton Hutson believes that flexibility and portability are requirements for his job. Consistency while creating stage his status of always being up to date is a crucial value. Clayton Hutson mentions that it takes an eye for detail, year of practice, and knowledge of equipment to attain such prestige.

Clay Hutson came up with the first SD11cosole during the road tour of Arron Lewis. Due to his in-depth knowledge of mixing and musical engineering, SD11 had great success. He is an expert in rigging, logistics management, production design, monitor engineering, and stage management and live shows production.

Challenges faced in live shows.

Clay Hutson owns a live event production company. The company has worked with many artists on different tours of all budgets and sizes. The production company is the top choice for great and famous artists. He states that there are challenges that arise while doing live shows. He says that when a problem occurs, he comes up with a solution that is executed within the set budget and satisfies the artist’s vision. Learn more: