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Stream Energy- The 21st Century Philanthropic Company

The Stream Energy a company based in Dallas that has a robust involvement in various philanthropy projects. The organization has recently been noted for its philanthropic efforts and dedication to Houston area after the Hurricane Harvey that poured a heavy rain of over 56 inches devastating the whole city.

The Stream Energy proudly used it’s financial earning that it received from the successful sales of its energy products and services to fund for quick rescue and recovery efforts hence easing its client’s financial burdens. According to the Stream Energy management, taking part in philanthropy activities is directly connected to the DNA of the company, and all their employees play an active role. To put a significant mark in their charitable activities, the Stream Energy launched the Steam Cares as their vehicle to good events.

The Stream Cares mandate is overseeing their company recent, past and future community efforts both locally and nationally. Releasing the company philanthropy arm will help the company to embrace the 21st-century new phenomenon of charitable events that offers dual advantages to both the community and the business. Stream Care believes giving back to its community helps it earn long-term and loyal clients and its deserved respect in the competitive business world.

The company has years of philanthropic and ethical relationship with different humanitarian companies like the Red Cross and the Habitats for the Humanity where both its high and lower management levels of employees play a more prominent part in local giving. Its mandate to the homeless people in Dallas has seen the Stream company partner up with the Hope Supply Co with the core agenda of providing them with meals and other necessity.

The recent activity was covering entrance fees and meal for over 1,000 homeless children of North Texas giving them hope of life at their once a year Splash for the Hope. The events gather kids to enjoy at the local waterpark hence extending a lifetime experience of fun, joy, and laughter. Stream Energy was actively involved in 2016 effort to rescue the victims of the Texas tornado raising money to support the residents who lost their homes and businesses.

As Prices Fall, Soros Drops Energy


According to an article published by The Street, investors may be wary of putting money into, or keeping their investments in energy stocks for much longer. If the reporting is turns out to be accurate, this spells an uncertain trading future in what was often considered a safe investment by even the most successful of investors.

George Soros, famed philanthropic billionaire, had let go of several holdings in the energy sector at the end of 2015. Through the Soros Fund Management, his private investment firm Soros relinquished his holdings in NRG Energy, Chesapeake Energy and Chevron. When it comes to energy markets, few are as big and well known as these three, so why would Soros, a gifted and tested investor, simply walk away from what was likely a sizable portion of his portfolio? Could he know something other investors don’t, and should they follow his lead?

It’s no secret that oil prices have been dwindling over the last two years, performing well under estimates from practically any source worth checking. Conflict in the Middle East between several nations and ISIS have made matters worse, and it seems only Russia and Saudi Arabia have the inclination and ability to cut oil production in hopes of raising the value of their remaining stores. But this hasn’t affected much for the better.

Trouble in this market could be traced back to 2014. Since then, the price of a barrel of oil has plummeted by 73%, which no doubt helped Soros in making his decision to get rid of those stocks. And beyond these markets problems are compounded for the millions of Americans working in the energy sector, making up about 5% of the country’s overall workforce, impacting the nation’s GDP and the economy of interaction nations abroad. How this affects the overall economy could be determined in numbers provided by Goldman Sachs. According to their analyses, consumers in the US devotes a third of all its spending in energy, and a quarter of all research and development projects are dedicated to energy solutions. That’s a great deal of money taken out of circulation with the new price of crude, and if like Soros an investor has money in energy, it may be wise to move it now.

George Soros is a native of Hungary, but fled during the Nazi occupation of his country for the United States. There he had a rough start to a financial career that would eventually progress, making him one of the most successful investors in the world.

Apart from his professional career, Soros has also worked for human rights across the world. With Open Society Foundation, Soros has coordinated with human rights groups, fighting for transparency and against oppression for over forty years.