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Reviewing The Role Played by Photography in Christopher Nolan’s Latest Movie Titled Dunkirk

Photography and video shoot undeniably serve as the foundation for any film, irrespective of its location or theme. Such a valuable sentiment couldn’t have been made any clearer than in Christopher Nolan’s latest film titled Dunkirk. The highly anticipated film depicts a recreation of the World War 2 evacuation from air, sea and land according to an eyewitness account. Nolan’s widely known reputation as an acute director speaks volumes about the precise details and lengths covered to create this film. Based on the movie’s ancient photography, the film features an immersive and suspense packed series of events aimed at captivating audiences from various walks of life.

Right on the onset, Dunkirk immerses audiences into suspense and action-packed setting as German sharpshooters capture a group of British fighters a few yards from an embattled beachhead. Just to inform the captives of their current predicament, the French soldiers drop “We surround you” leaflets to pile more misery to their subjects. Backed against the ocean, the British troops are left hopeless despite being 26 miles away from their motherland.

As a frenzy of bullets and bombs erupts, none of the captives feel as much wrath as Tommy, an integral character in the film characterized by his fable body. Driven by instinct and occasional episodes of naivety, Tommy takes us through his ordeal as he overcomes numerous obstacles to stay alive. As the mayhem carries on, audiences get to empathize with Tommy as he struggles to ferry an injured colleague aboard a ship with the aid of a stretcher.

The week long ordeal builds up Tommy’s character along with those of his soldiers in the face of adversity. More worrying is the rising number of sinking British ships as their odds of victory dwindle by the minute. In a nutshell, the movie portrays a group of soldiers with different personalities putting aside their differences in an attempt to survive the harrowing ordeal. Nolan’s narratives hardly fail to impress and viewers should gear up for an entertaining and pulsating movie.