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The Dedication And Skill Imran Haque Uses To Operate His Practice Have Made Him Incredibly Popular As A Physician

Imran Haque is an internist with a career built on respect. His home is in Asheboro, North Carolina and his services are available at Horizon Internal Medicine. His medical expertise is notable and during his fifteen-year career he has treated many illnesses requiring his expertise. Dr. Imran Haque attended a highly prestigious university in Santo Domingo and received his medical degree with honors. He believes every single patient is entitled to high quality medical services.

Imran Haque provides exceptional treatment for his patients with in-office ultrasound and laboratory services. He has established himself as one of North Carolina’s choice physicians. Imran Haque customizes the care he provides his patients and has earned their trust through excellent communication. His background and skill in internal medicine is commendable and he is both licensed and board-certified. He treats his patients with exceptional care and concerns himself with their recovery.

The services offered by Imran Haque are extensive. He is involved with the diagnosis and treatment of pneumonia, epilepsy, diabetes, and glaucoma and offers cosmetic and wellness treatments. Imran Haque provides 360 resurfacing to rejuvenate the skin and is specialized and highly qualified in this treatment. Imran Haque helps his patients manage their weight and live healthier and more active lifestyles. His passion for health has enabled him to become a specialist in diabetes and his patient’s health is always his number one priority. His unique understanding of his patients allows him to provide the best possible care and earn their respect.

Imran Haque additionally offers his patients laser hair removal. He can remove undesired hair and slow down the regrowth. He has performed this procedure so many times he achieves success easily. Imran Haque is rare because his patients trust, health, and welfare are so important to him. He is a combination of professionalism and compassion in a highly qualified internist. He makes his office easily accessible because he cares about the comfort and safety of his patients. His medical examinations and checkups allow him to diagnose and treat an illness with accuracy. These are the reasons Imran Haque has become incredibly popular with the residents of North Carolina.

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