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Dr Mark Mofid and His Positive Impact on Surgeries.

Dr Mark Mofid is a renowned doctor who deals with plastic surgeries, and he is located in San Diego. The word gluteal augmentation is rarely heard but whenever it is talked about most of the individuals who know what it means associate it with malpractice or a particular type of medical accident.

The plastic surgery industry has had a lot of negative view from people, but Dr Mark Mofid has worked hard to ensure that people get a better understanding of the industry and he is slowly bringing back the glory after his numerous advancements. Dr Mark Mofid has been able to receive training from the best Universities which include Harvard and Johns Hopkins.

He is regarded as an innovator who has excellent knowledge, and he knows whatever he is talking of. Dr Mark Mofid takes into consideration the need for practising safe procedures on his patients, and this has earned him a lot of trust and respect from people. In his profession, it is a regular occurrence for a patient to ask for larger implants, but instead of capitalising on that and asking for more money, Dr Mark Mofid ensures that whatever he does is a safe practice which will not harm a patient.

Dr Mark Mofid has become a pioneer in the industry, and he continually engages himself in research so that he finds more appropriate ways to handle procedures and still ensure that it is a safe method of doing surgery. Dr Mofid uses science and innovation in his research where he carefully examines every detail of the study and his deep understanding of body parts such as the skin and muscles assist him in decision making.

Dr Mofid has been researching on how he can produce implants which are safer compared to the previously used implants and they fit the body perfectly. Some implants were associated with incompatibility and others would sag, but Dr Mofid came up with ideas to develop other implants which would be better. After numerous hours of research, he managed to create implants which would fit the body better, and they also had a low profile which made them not to get easily noticeable. This impacted the industry positively and brought the need for further developments.

MB2 Dental Solutions Welcome Their New CFO

MB2 Dental Solutions is a privately held company based out of Carrolton, Texas. It was established by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva who also fills the role of chief executive officer. It is a dental management and practice development firm that partners with the dental practice owners who choose to become affiliated with them. They now provide their services to over 90 independently owned and operated dental practices across seven states.

The management team at MB2 Dental Solutions was pleased to welcome a new chief financial officer recently, Jackson Hildebrand. In a statement Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva said that his company is unique in the industry because it allows their affiliates to invest in one another both financially and professionally. They needed to bring into the management team someone who had a very strong finance background while also having knowledge of the challenges that independent practitioners face in the dental industry. Jackson Hildebrand had the necessary background and the management team believes he will help bring even more success to MB2 Dental Solutions.

Jackson Hildebrand had been employed at a private equity firm for the past several years. He said that he had been looking to get more involved in the day to day operations of a portfolio company like MB2 Dental Solutions. He said he was impressed by the culture he found at MB2 Dental Solutions headquarters and how he found it to be both fun and tight-knit.

He had been working at TPG Capital as their finance director before joining MB2 Dental Solutions. In that role he had headed bother their financial and accounting departments. He earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting at Texas A&M University. His professional career started at KPMG where he was involved in auditing governmental departments.

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Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna makes it look easy to combine his degree in medicine with his business savviness, but what many do not know is that his current business venture OVME is not his first trip around the block of working to make his dreams come true. McKenna actually just started with a dream of following in his father’s footsteps and wanted to become a general family physician; however, during his years in medical school at Tulane University, he saw the world of medicine start to change. Dr. Mark McKenna realized before even completing his medical degree, that his father’s income was actually declining due to factors beyond his control. It was at that point that McKenna started to acquire real estate property even while still in med school to be able to later supplement his income as a doctor.

Dr. Mark McKenna was able to not only work as a physician in his father’s office, but he also built a successful real estate company within a few years of graduating Tulane University. He later sold this real estate venture for a profit and opened a venture that was built around the idea of state of the art aesthetic offices. These offices were called ShapeMed and were very successful. McKenna was able to sell ShapeMed for a total of 4.4 million dollars to a chain of gyms. That money has given him the financial backing for his current business venture called, OVME.

OVME is similar to ShapeMed in that offices will also be created for customers to seek out aesthetic treatments at; however, unlike his last venture, this time McKenna is tying in a technological app that people can access from their smartphones. This app will give individuals the opportunity to connect with practitioners in the area that will actually complete their aesthetic services, such as laser treatments and such, in the privacy of one’s own home. Dr. Mark McKenna has yet again realized just what it is that people in today’s society want and that is to enhance their appearance without everyone knowing in and his newest venture OVME and the accompanying app that he is developing, will give people the privacy that they desire.


Dr. Mark McKenna is a reputable doctor who is specialized in surgery and medicine. He is a doctor who is dedicated to serving the community in order to improve the medical care. His skills and growth are attributed to his knowledge, skills as well as a conducive environment. Having a father who was a doctor, he gained skilled through the chance to practice with him. He did various investments which opened the channel for him to broaden other interests in investment.

The motive changed and Dr. Mark McKenna remained to focus on medicine in most cases after the environmental destructions by a hurricane. He relocated to a place where he continued with the medical practice. He managed to do most of his practice on aesthetic. Therefore, he acquired more medical skills which paved the way for him to serve the community better.

Moreover, he succeeded to start his own medical company as a channel to serve the people. The idea came from visualizing the gap to fill and outlining the goals he expects to achieve. As a result, OVME Company came to birth. The company aims to provide efficient medical services which are in line with the modern technology.

Dr. Mark McKenna purposed to use this venture to reach more people and ensure they get adequate services as a healthy people bring out a growing society. Therefore, he has created a large company which is built in a modern way. It has private treatment rooms which are luxurious. It provides good privacy as there are offices which allow doctors to consult on a private way together with individual patients. These facilities facilitate better treatment environment.

In addition, Dr. Mark McKenna has equipped the venture with modern technological equipment. The machines available are used to give medical care using methods that would ensure there are little or no risks created. For this reason, people have faith in the services provided as they come out well attended and with nothing to worry about afterwards. The opening of the company has created a channel for Dr Mark to reach out to many people and make use of his desire to serve the people.

Dr. Mark McKenna IS Taking Business And Health To The Next Level

Dr. Mark McKenna is a board-certified medical doctor residing in Atlanta today. Although Mark is a doctor, he is much more focused on the business side of things. Over the years, Mark has created many successful businesses, starting back when he was in medical school. Dr. Mark McKenna was eager to join the medical practice due to the level of complexity and the challenge it brought him, plus his father was a medical practitioner too. Because of this, Mark knew the kind of money he could make from being a doctor, but he wanted much more than that. This is why he started a real estate company in his hometown of New Orleans while he was working in his father’s practice.

Unfortunately for Dr. Mark McKenna, hurricane Katrina struck in 2005 and devasted his company, causing him to lose millions of dollars overnight. This was a big blow, and many businessmen would have given up at the point, but not Dr. Mark McKenna. He stayed in New Orleans and worked to rebuild homes and sell them for a profit. He did this for a while before moving on to Atlanta with his wife and daughter. In Atlanta, he started up the company ShapeMed, a medical-aesthetic company that worked with clients to live healthy lifestyles. This company did great for years and even joined up with Life Time Fitness. After a couple major corporations acquired the company, Mark moved on to start up his latest idea in business, OVME.

OVME currently has a brick and mortar location in Atlanta and Nashville, supplying customers throughout the surrounding areas with various medical products and services that they would normally get at a doctors office. This company targets a specific niche and doesn’t have the much competition on a global scale, though there are local company’s that provide similar services. OVME, pronounced “of me”, focuses on bringing customers the highest quality medical treatments straight to their house. Customers can search for any products they desire through OVME’s own app, which also provides support for real doctors to answers any customer questions.

Life Line Screening Can Help People Feel Connected to Their Health

While Life Line Screening is not able to provide the treatment options that people need to get better, the company helps them add years to their lives by giving them a heads up about what is going on and what is going to happen with their health in the future. The company is dedicated to making sure they can provide solutions to problems that people may have with their health. It has helped them treat their patients the best way possible and give them what they need to feel better about different things.

Depending on what someone finds out about their health through the screening, Life Line Screening gives them the solutions they need to feel better. They cannot treat any diseases and they cannot show people what they can do to treat their own diseases, but they can give them the options they need to connect with providers who will be able to help them with their diseases or with preventative measures that will give them the ability to feel better about their health. For Life Line Screening, this is a valuable part of the process and something everyone needs to make sure they are working on in different situations.

Even though there have been some issues that people have had with their health in the past that Life Line Screening simply has no answers for, their testing is able to detect a variety of different things. The testing gives them a chance to learn about what is happening with their health and what will make their health better if they stick to different situations. It will also give them the ability to feel like they are in control of their health even though they may not know what is going to work for them in the long run.

As long as Life Line Screening is doing the screening process, they are confident they can help people have a higher quality of life. Learning about the health issues they have is the first step in making sure they can get control of their health and use everything they need to start feeling better. It is what has made things easier for people and what has given them the ability to feel like they can make their own lives better. Life Line Screening does what they can to help people realize their true potential in the healthcare industry and in the medical field.

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Taking Care Of Your Teeth Has Never Been Easier At MB2 Dental

Why continue to suffer with dental complications because of the myth of traditional dentistry. Do you suffer from bad breathe? Do you work up close with people in an executive position? If so, having good hygiene can help you be confident and effectively communicate with your colleagues. You can maintain or preserve your smile without the thought of traditional dentistry says, Dr. Chris Villanueva of the superior MB2 Dental care. Their experts are prepared to assist you with your oral care needs, no matter how big or small. Great teeth can give you the peace of mind you need to have an active social life.

Do you suffer from slightly bad breathe? Did you work a corporate position where you work up close with your colleagues? An expert technician will give you several alternatives which includes checking for gum disease, scraping your tongue, or suggesting the benefits of not smoking. This is the only smile you’ll ever receive in this lifetime. Why sacrifice your smile to anything less than a professional. Their patients receive personalized care to resolve their unique dental issues. You’ll never be another insurance carrier or a number at MB2 Dental.

MB2 Dental Services

– jaw realignment
– emergency services
– expert technicians
– specialist referral
– braces traditional/Invisalign
– spa dental
– alternative sedation
– most insurance accepted
– teeth whitening
– crowded/space realignment
– oral cancer screenings
– tongue scraping
– oral x-rays
– and more…

They never encourage their patients to neglect getting dental care because of an inability to pay because their in-house financing programs can help. Patients who need routine and emergency dental services with limited resources can make bi-weekly or monthly payments for treatment. Get the care you need for your or your family and pay over time.

Traditional dentistry has a lot of people thinking about the considerable amount of rime it takes to recover or the injections for tooth extraction and other dental therapy, but today, technologically advances in dentistry means you can get back to work or school earlier, says Dr. Villanueva.

You’re invited to bring your family to a popular family dentist who caters to cowards of all ages. Bring your preschooler for a tour to ease any anxiety over a first-time visit to the dentist. They offer great expert dental care at the hands of certified and highly trained technicians at MB2 Dental.

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Dr. Mark Holterman the Pediatric Professional

There are people that do nothing with their lives, then there are people that do everything to save other people’s lives. Dr. Mark Holterman is one of the select few that have dedicated their lives to saving others and specializes in saving children. Dr. Holterman is a pediatric surgeon and full-time professor of medicine in Illinois. He graduated University of Virginia’s school of medicine in 1988, and he has been practicing medicine ever since. Dr. Holterman is also the CEO and Chief Medical Officer at Mariam Global Health where he works on regenerative medicine.


Dr. Mark Holterman belongs to the American Diabetes Association where he has been helping to decrease Type 2 diabetes in children and young adults. He has been doing this with a new program called Camp PowerUp. This camp educates the youth about healthy eating habits and the importance of regular physical activity. The ADA has teamed up with the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles to make this camp a reality. Dr. Mark Holterman’s unquenchable thirst to find cures for chronic conditions and helping America’s youth is unwavering.


He’s not just concerned with America’s youth though. He dedicates his time to International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam as well. Dr. Mark Holterman is trying to make a difference in the lives of children around the world (OSFHealthcare). IPSAC-VN helps get medical professionals and volunteers to Vietnam where they provide medical treatment and supplies for the youth of Vietnam. There is also a scholarship that allows local Vietnamese medical professionals to come to the United States and learn more about medicine over a two month period. Dr. Holterman is helping to make sure IPSAC-VN and its scholarship stick around to help the youth of Vietnam.


Dr. Mark Holterman is a textbook example of what all medical professionals should strive to be. Donating their spare time to helping patients around the world, not just the ones that show up in their emergency room. Dr. Mark Holterman is a shining example of just how much impact one person can have on the planet. Making it a safer and healthier place for all.

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