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Long-Distance Couple Take the Same Photo All Over the World

Long-distance relationships are never easy. But they’re especially difficult when the two people involved are married, and they are living in different countries.

Such is case for Rob and Joli Switzer. He lives and works in the United States, and she does the same in the Philippines. The only opportunity for them to get together has been on their vacations. Being avid travelers, they meet all over the world, and they celebrate their time together by taking the same photograph wherever they go.

They call the pose a “dipkiss”: a combination of a dip and a kiss.

Their great adventure together started back in 2010, when the two met at a travelers’ meetup in the Philippines. There they became friends and they kept in touch over the Internet before meeting once again in person 3 years later. This is when their long-distance relationship officially took off.

From then on, they saved their money and every few months they found ways to meet in different parts of the world. Whenever they did, instead of taking the usual photographs couples take, they decided to come up with something new and different.

“[W]e thought about creating our own cute romantic pose just for kicks,” they said, and the dipkiss was born.

Among the places they’ve dipkissed are the Philippines, San Francisco, New York City, Milan, Lisbon, Utah, North Carolina, Barcelona, and Moscow. It was in the Russian capital — after two years of dipkissing — that Rob proposed, and they were married last June.

At first, they only shared their photographs with family and friends, but now they share them with their 5,000 Instagram followers and people from all over the world. They say that they’re surprised by how much attention they’ve gotten from their dipkissing, but they are also inspired by all the stories others have shared about their own long-distance relationships.