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Reputation Management Firm Boosts Their Own Image

Status Labs, a crisis and reputation management firm, recently found themselves in their own disaster. Undeservedly, their previous CEO performed very poorly and caused great harm to the companies reputation. His actions hurt a very honest and reputable company. Status Labs, at that point, did what they know how to do best. They worked to restore their name to the rightful honor it deserves.

The first action they did was remove the individual who had caused so much pain from his position. The employees of the company unanimously agreed that the executive should face a public resignation in order to show the world that Status Labs was now rid of him.

Immediately after, they started to build their reputation the best way they could; through changing their relation with the public to better match what they represented.

Status Labs took a new group photo, this time without the executive. They released this photo and an open letter written and signed by all the employees at the firm. This was done to put real human faces on the company. The public may have hated the name because of what the executive had done, but they knew nothing of the employees who worked there. The anger from the public was genuinely misdirected. They should have been angry at the individual, not the company.

Next, the company looked at itself in relation to the community around them. They realized that they rarely interacted with the different facets of social life in the area. As a result, they began working more and more with people who lived in the area that they worked. This served to further personify Status Labs. In addition, team morale that had been lost in the scandal had now been boosted to unknown heights.

Status Labs, the public relations firm, had found themselves in a crisis of their own. After the dangerous actions of the executive made in his own personal lives, the firm found themselves vilified by the Austin community. After working to restore their image to what it had been. Rightfully, the company image is now restored back. Follow Status Labs on Instagram @statuslabs to learn more about the company and their services.