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The Reasons behind MB2 Dental’s Success

MB2 Dental Solutions provides array of services to streamline dental office management through its high quality care. The company has grown over the years and currently serves over 70 independently owned dental offices in different cities including Louisiana, New Mexico, Alaska, and Texas. The success at MB2 Dental is associated with its professional culture and leadership as well as its mission to satisfy the needs of clients.

An appealing culture

Since its launching, MB2 Dental fashioned its workers to work collaboratively in order to achieve the goal of meeting customer demands. The team has always focused on providing perspectives on how practice development and dental operations should work. Another interesting culture at MB2 Dental is the consideration of autonomy, fun, personal growth, and support among the employees. As a result, all employees at MB2 Dental commit themselves to helping the organization operate. The progressive success witnessed at MB2 Dental is attributed to the technology which provides speed-to-market in all dimensions.

Its visionary leadership

MB2 Dental has an exemplary team that is led by competent executives and board members. The current CEO, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, is a visionary leader who is recognized for his zeal for improving client experience in dental practice. His is an associate dentist who acknowledges the need for dentists to support one another. Under his leadership, Dr. Chris Steven has created a unique business culture accompanied with progressive trends and standards. The leader encourages all employees to live as per the culture, and always follow their dreams.

Opportunity for partnerships

MB2 Dental recognizes the need to work together with other organizations to improve the dentistry sector. In 2007, the company partnered with Sentinel Capital Partners, starting with an affiliation of 85 practices that offered cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, dentistry services and oral surgery. MB2 Dental believes that “Patients Come Before Profits,” and as such have considered partnership to be one of its key principles.

About MB2 Dental

MB2 Dental Solutions serves as a partner to various dentists and practice owners across the United States. The company offers affiliate offices diverse services that aid in the running of dentistry practice efficiently, thus, improving the experience of patients. MB2 Dental affiliate offices ensure 100% clinical autonomy and help in maintaining all facets of practice. The company was founded on the idea that doctors who work collaboratively are able to accomplish a lot as dentists. This culture has enhanced the experience of the employees at MB2 Dental.

Taking Care Of Your Teeth Has Never Been Easier At MB2 Dental

Why continue to suffer with dental complications because of the myth of traditional dentistry. Do you suffer from bad breathe? Do you work up close with people in an executive position? If so, having good hygiene can help you be confident and effectively communicate with your colleagues. You can maintain or preserve your smile without the thought of traditional dentistry says, Dr. Chris Villanueva of the superior MB2 Dental care. Their experts are prepared to assist you with your oral care needs, no matter how big or small. Great teeth can give you the peace of mind you need to have an active social life.

Do you suffer from slightly bad breathe? Did you work a corporate position where you work up close with your colleagues? An expert technician will give you several alternatives which includes checking for gum disease, scraping your tongue, or suggesting the benefits of not smoking. This is the only smile you’ll ever receive in this lifetime. Why sacrifice your smile to anything less than a professional. Their patients receive personalized care to resolve their unique dental issues. You’ll never be another insurance carrier or a number at MB2 Dental.

MB2 Dental Services

– jaw realignment
– emergency services
– expert technicians
– specialist referral
– braces traditional/Invisalign
– spa dental
– alternative sedation
– most insurance accepted
– teeth whitening
– crowded/space realignment
– oral cancer screenings
– tongue scraping
– oral x-rays
– and more…

They never encourage their patients to neglect getting dental care because of an inability to pay because their in-house financing programs can help. Patients who need routine and emergency dental services with limited resources can make bi-weekly or monthly payments for treatment. Get the care you need for your or your family and pay over time.

Traditional dentistry has a lot of people thinking about the considerable amount of rime it takes to recover or the injections for tooth extraction and other dental therapy, but today, technologically advances in dentistry means you can get back to work or school earlier, says Dr. Villanueva.

You’re invited to bring your family to a popular family dentist who caters to cowards of all ages. Bring your preschooler for a tour to ease any anxiety over a first-time visit to the dentist. They offer great expert dental care at the hands of certified and highly trained technicians at MB2 Dental.

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