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Venezuela Comes Up With Plan To Battle Food Crisis

Venezuela’s government announced a new plan to tackle its food crisis. Recently, the government said it imported basic foodstuffs and soon it will distribute it via communal councils. Eventually the foodstuffs will make its way into family homes.
Rodolfo Marco Torres, the country’s food minister, said the food would be supplied in this manner.

Thanks to a fall in oil prices, the country has taken a huge hit and it is currently dealing with a food and medicine shortage David Osio told the media.

Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela’s president, has said food production companies have been hoarding food based on speculation. He said supermarkets were doing the same thing.

Osio said the Venezuelan government purchased more than 100,000 tons of basic goods, which includes beans, rice, maize and sugar. He said a network of Local Supply and Production Committees will fight the economic war that the country is waging with opposition groups and the business elite.

The Venezuelan government said food will be distribute house by house to families who have registered for the system.