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Jeunesse Global hits the big time with NV foundation and bronzer

No one could have predicted that Jeunesse Global, one of the most important global distributors of health and beauty products today, would grow from a garage-based startup to the juggernaut that it is now. The company was founded in 2009 by industry superstars Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The couple had attempted to retire a few months before. But they quickly found themselves growing bored and restless with the slow-paced life of retirement. The excitement and challenge of the entrepreneurial world began calling them back.

Ray and Lewis had both spent their entire careers in the health, beauty and direct-marketing industries. The couple had been responsible for the creation of many of those industries’ top companies. Ray had gained a reputation as one of the most skilled salesmen in North America while Lewis was the business brains behind many of the couple’s operations.

Upon founding Jeunesse, Lewis quickly got to work in looking for market opportunities that were not being well addressed by the biggest players in the health and beauty industry. One result was Jeunesse Global’s foundation and bronzer known as NV.

The idea behind NV was to create a product that would achieve many goals in one while also being highly usable for busy professional women or active mothers without a great deal of free time. Acting as both a foundation and a bronzer, NV can be used with or without makeup. Unlike many other foundations, however, NV is able to imbue the skin with a vibrant and youthful glow. This is a result of the product containing the secret molecule known only as APT-200, which was developed by organic chemists working directly on behalf of Jeunesse Global.

In addition to giving skin a healthy, young sheen, APT-200 also packs a serious anti-aging punch, making NV a potent tool in the fight against existing wrinkles and the appearance of new ones. NV is also one of the only foundations on the market that can additionally act as a mild skin lightener. This is a highly popular feature in the company’s East Asian markets, having ensured that NV sales there are going through the roof.

Lime Crime Launches New Line of Lip Glosses and InStyle Staff Goes Crazy For It

Lime Crime’s latest product is finally here! According to InStyle Magazine, the product is so popular it has the ability to break the internet, or at least a few sites that sell Lime Crime products. The new product is unlike any that we’ve ever seen before.

The product is called Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers and it has already the line of lush lip glosses have already spurred a crazy among fans. Lime Crime fans are known to be especially passionate about the line of beauty products and the launch of this new line is no different. The lip glosses definitely live up to the major hype that the previews have started.

As always, Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers are unlike anything that the cosmetic market has seen to date. The lip glosses are richly colored and chalk full of sparkles. The sparkles are iridescent in nature and have a gorgeous shimmer that gives the look of a three dimensional hologram. Unlike many glitter glosses we’ve seen before, this line of glosses not a simple mask of glitter. They are a true liquid luxe mask of glitter gloss.

A recent article published by InStyle featured an adorable expose on the new line. The real staff members of InStyle Magazine tried on the various glosses and then showcased the photos of them wearing the various shades. LimeCrime has always been passionate about showing real people wearing the company’s products. In fact, the company was the first company to showcase lip color on a real human lip, rather than simply showcasing it on a swatch with a white background.

The staff members had rave reviews about Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers. One thing that the majority of the reviews had in common was the fact that most of the ladies said that they typically would not choose a glitter gloss as part of their regular beauty routines. However, they all loved the product. The women spoke about the multiple compliments they received and gave a nod to the cooling factor that the Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers have upon application. Overall, the trial was a huge success for LimeCrime’s latest product.

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