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The Young People are the Worst Cooks- a Study

Cooking is a daily activity for every household, some people do it themselves while others hire professional cooks to do it for them. Some individuals prefer to order in ready meals from popular food vendors. It’s important to learn how to cook, you get to know what exactly is in your meal, you will be able to avoid unnecessary expenses from ordering food from vendors. The food from the vendors is relatively expensive as compared to the meals you can make, the cost of the ready meals usually includes charges such as transport and the labor. When you learn how to cook you will also be able to eat healthier meals as you will be able to choose what to include in your ingredients.
According to a research conducted by, the young people are not good cooks, most of them are used to ordering in meals from their favorite food vendors, they prefer buying meals to avoid cooking. Others subscribe to regular food delivery service, the arrangement is usually between a customer and a food vendor where the customer specifies the preferred meals and time for the delivery. Most of the food delivery services are prepaid by the customer. Some will cook food and put it in their refrigerators so that it can last for some more time and therefore avoid cooking.–according-to-millennials
According to this research by, a significant number of young people have used a home delivery service or a meal subscription service. The trend could one of the reason for the increased number of food vendors with home delivery and meal subscription services in the United States over the years. Many entrepreneurs are keen to take advantage of this emerging trend. The research finds that a significant number of young people cannot be able to prepare simple meals such as roasted chicken, making barbecue ribs or cooking fish.
A good cook must be able to identify various tools used in cooking and their uses, according to this research by, most young people cannot easily identify simple cooking tools such as a butter knife, a garlic or a salad spinner. There is a need for the young people to learn how to cook, they should make an effort of knowing how to make simple meals as opposed to ordering in or subscribing to home deliveries from food vendors. By doing so, they will be able to save some coins which they can use for other needs.