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Why Might Fortress Church is Considered As An Outstanding Church

The most outstanding churches have a unique architectural design and an intense history. Minnesota is full churches with amazing scenery and architectural designs whether they are small and quaint or large and stunning. Among the most stunning churches that will impress anyone include the following:

Cathedral of St. Paul, St. Paul

This is not only the third largest church in United States and is possibly the most elegant one in Minnesota. It is the grand cathedral found on top of summit hill which overlooks St. Paul downtown. It got its model from French churches in Paris and features Renaissance of French and classical themes. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

St. Mary Basilica

St. Mary Basilica was first Catholic Basilica to be built in the United States. It covers a whole block in the city along Hennepin Avenue west of downtown Minneapolis. It displays Baroque and Beaux-Arts architecture. Each summer there is a music festival held for fundraising and charities called the Basilica Block Party.

The High and Mighty Fortress Church

The High and Mighty Fortress Church is among the few churches that have built a culture of updating its sermons to include the challenges that face the modern society. The church focuses on thanking and praising God for his love, care, great gifts and including Him in all aspects of life. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the Worship Services at Mighty Fortress?

Worship at the Mighty Fortress Church is a key element of encouraging believers to focus on God and what He has done through their lives and so every individual is free to express their gratitude to God.

Does the Mighty Fortress Discriminate?

Absolutely No! The mighty Fortress accepts people of all races and cultures.

Brief Bio on Bishop Williams

Bishop Williams has been ministering in this church for more than 30 years serving in different capacities in the Body of Christ. He believes that treasures of wisdom and knowledge found in the Word of God are answers to the world’s unending problems. He has one wife, Sabrina Williams, and blessed with three children.


Bob Reina: He Has It Figured Out

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Communication is something that, believe it or not, many people are struggling with in life. It wouldn’t seem that way to the average person out there with social media, but sometimes it causes faceless names and people hiding behind their computer. Bob Reina wants people to feel comfortable being themselves and he wants them to feel comfortable expressing that through Talk Fusion to friends and family. He also wants people to use it to start up their own business and bring original ideas into the world.


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Bob Reina wants everyone to be their very best. When they are at their best, they are shining and the world needs more positive things to shine.