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Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is an American based tech company whose main concern is maintaining relationships by providing technology solutions for public safety and connecting families and friends to their loved ones in correctional facilities. Securus is the largest inmate communications provider and is based in Dallas, Texas. It was founded in 1986 and so far has regional offices in Atlanta, Georgia, Carrollton, Texas and Allen, Texas.

Securus serves about 3,400 correction, law enforcement and public safety agencies and over 1.2 million
inmates across North America. It connects inmates to the outside world through their inmate calling and video visitation options. This mode of communication is through smartphones, android and apple, tablets and PCs. In 2006, Securus announced that, in just three years, they had invested over six million US dollars
in patents, technology and acquisitions. They also provide emergency response, public information investigation and biometric analysis, among others, to aid in making our world a better and safer place to be.

Securus, on a weekly basis, provides a new product aimed at helping to enforce the law and to prevent
crimes. Persons from all over the United States who work in the prisons system had a lot of positive feedback with regards to the impact that the services provided by Securus has on their job.

One of the facilities that they have found very helpful is the monitoring of calls. They have obtained information such as usage and selling of drugs in our correctional facilities, threats made and possible access to cell phones inside the facilities, and with this information, many arrests have been made. Staff have been able to conduct
investigations effectively when threats to security in the facilities are captured by the investigative tool.

Users are impressed by what Securus has to offer and how jail security has improved because of it. They are
hopeful that Securus’ vision will continue to assist them in carrying out their duties.

Talk Fusion Receives Rare Industry Award

What does it take to cement yourself as a leader within your industry? Well, you can certainly make this happen by doing your job better than anyone else out there. That is exactly what Talk Fusion and their CEO, Bob Reina, has been doing for the better part of the last decade. Talk Fusion is a one stop shop for video communication and video marketing needs and they’ve recently had as good of a 2016 as anyone else in the industry.


Talk Fusion was recognized for their hard work by receiving the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award from the group at Technology Marketing Corporation. Technology Marketing Corporation likes to make sure that leaders within the industry are given the proper spotlight shone on them for their hard work. TMC likes to give this award to products that push the envelope in such a way as to actually change the conversation in video communication, voice communication, and data solutions. Talk Fusion was awarded this prestigious industry honor for their work on the Video Chat application.


The Video Chat app has become a stalwart part of the Talk Fusion entrepreneurial suite. The application was developed for both iOS as well as Android technology and you can get it from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store respectively. This application allows users to connect with video messaging across different platforms in real time. The Video Chat application incorporates cutting edge technology and it features an intuitive UI that allows customers to jump in and immediately start connecting with co-workers, family and friends, and clients for their business.


Of course any discussion of Talk Fusion needs to go back to their CEO Bob Reina. Reina has always been an outspoken advocate for the hard work that his company does and in particular the work that his employees accomplish. Reina states unequivocally, “This is just the beginning. Our talented IT team has big plans for the future….” Reina continues to applaud the hard work of Talk Fusion workers in over 140 countries around the globe, proving that his company has truly gone global. Learn more about Talk Fusion