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Orange Coast College Gets New Planetarium

In a recent announcement, Orange Coast College revealed that it is getting a new planetarium on campus. This new planetarium will provide students and members of the community with a place to go to when looking to get a more comprehensive education about many topics in the field of astronomy. Thanks to a $1 million donation from one of the college’s professors, Orange Coast College will have a new facility that will provide a number of features that will help people get a better understanding of astronomy. One of these features is an exhibit that demonstrates how the Earth rotates. By attending this exhibit, members of the community will be in position to get a first hand glimpse of how Earth moves on a regular basis.


Orange Coast College is one of the many community junior colleges that one can attend in southern California. It is located in the city of Costa Mesa in Orange County. The college is one of the leading educational institutions in the area. One of the things that make this a leading educational institution is the many programs that it offers students. Those who choose to attend Orange Coast College will be able to study a number of fields that will prepare them for further study at the college level or for a career. Students can study and receive certification or an associate degree in fields such as accounting, computer science, healthcare, biology, psychology and also business administration. With these programs, a number of students will be in great position to start their career after just two years of study or move on to receive a bachelor’s degree.


As well as offering a number of fields to study, students who attend this college will also have the opportunity to learn at a pact that best suits them. With a number of online programs, students can study their major on the internet and complete coursework at any time. This provides them with the flexibility they need if they have other obligations throughout the day. Along with offering flexible degree programs, Orange Coast College provides students with a number of activities that they can do on top of their studies. They can join a number of clubs and student organizations that can allow them to network and enhance their educational experience. Orange Coast College also provides some of the most affordable options in terms of education as well.

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