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Fabletics Supports Breast Cancer

You’ve probably heard about Fabletics, the fun Athleisure company that provides only the most fashionable athletic clothing around. They started as an online phenomenon and have now added retail stores to their empire. In recent news, they talk Kate Hudson and her expansion plans to support Breast Cancer. The a-List actress just became an ambassador for the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign and the brand is about to introduce the new line of Athleisure clothing, Fabletics.

The capsule collection was a “no brainer,” claims Kate Hudson, spokesmodel for the Fabletics company. Knowing that many people in the world have experienced Breast Cancer, whether it was themselves, a friend or family member made the decision to add a Breast Cancer Support collection to Fabletics so easy. Kate Hudson carefully chose her shade of pink, which has much depth to it, unlike other baby pink shades. She included a bralette, pants and two tops in the line and its inevitable that all athleisure lovers will fall for this set and the cause it supports on

Fabletics is an athleisure company that has really made a mark in the last three years of its existence. These are clothes exclusive to the Fabletics line and can only be found on their site or in the few retail stores they’ve opened in the past year. You will fall in love with the unique, bold patterns. Fabletics also offers a monthly service where you pay a fixed price to receive new athleisure clothes each and every month. This has been a huge success for those who are into the trend of dressing casually. Their are not many services like this, and its no surprise that Kate’s ideas have been a hit with people worldwide.

Fabletics clothing can be found on, and you can also check out the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer line in the collection. This will support a fantastic cause, and you will love the looks of the pink activewear, as they are much more unique than other Breast Cancer clothing. Kate Hudson has done it again, and continues to wow her fans with new ideas and clothing that are so versatile and trendy. Don’t waste any time- get yourself signed up for Fabletics and support a beautiful cause today! Source:

Kelly Dougher’s Athleisure Style

Writing for Bustle, Kelly Dougher shares her story about going through high school and not caring about fashion and then becoming interested in the new athleisure style. She had no interest in fashion until she went to college with her very first credit card and started working with different patterns and vintage styles that she found at the thrift stores. She then moved into a more office appropriate style on after graduation until deciding to work from home and adopting the athleisure style just as it was becoming popular.

One of the easier ways to try out the athleisure style is the one that is used for actual athletic purposes. Dougher signed up for a gym membership for the first time in 2015 on and at the same time began to grow her once nonexistent collection of athletic clothes. She usually wears leggings with a hoodie, but tighter shirts and various colors can all be used. This same style can also be used to run errands.

For a casual weekend on Fabletics, she explains how you can just throw together a pair of skinny jeans, a coat and sneakers. A turtleneck can also be added for warmth and color. For a night out, you should not be afraid to trade in your heels for sneakers to go with your dress. You can have fun and be comfortable at the same time that way.

To some, it might seem like her style is just lazy, but she puts effort into every outfit and yet it all looks effortless. Her personal style choices go with her lifestyle and that is the most important factor when choosing a style that works for you. To see pictures of Kelly’s various styles you can visit

One of the more popular places to get the same athleisure styles is Fabletics. This is an online store that specializes in selling sportswear and accessories to women. Fabletics on instagram is a subscription based store that will tailor personalized outfits for their customers once they have shared their lifestyle and favorite fashions. Customers can have their very own athleisure style.