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Flavio Maluf: A Company Executive with a Deep Insight on Global Events

Flavio Maluf’s longevity at the helm of the family-owned company Eucatex Group gives him unrivalled industry knowledge and a deep grasp of local and global events and how they shape the market. With close to three decades working at the company serving in various positions, Mr. Maluf’s opinions and insights on a wide range of issues therefore stems from deeply rooted industry knowledge born out of extensive experience.

According Flavio Maluf, the recent political undercurrents that saw Britain leave the European Union present a mixed bag of new and lost opportunities not only for Britain but also its potential partners. On one end, leaving the EU will free Britain economically, socially and politically. This is critical in landing major bilateral agreements with nations with terms that they deem fit. However, Mr. Maluf holds that the move will alienate Britain especially with the stringent immigration laws being proposed. More investors are likely to seek for opportunities elsewhere while the move also shrinks Britain’s market. Visit to learn more.

Management Track Record

Flavio Maluf joined Eucatex in 1987 and has risen through the company’s ranks to become its chief executive officer following his appointment in 2005. He is also the chairman of the company’s board of directors in addition to his executive roles in various subsidiaries of the company. This includes serving as the vice chief executive officer at Eucatex Trading e Engenharia. He also doubles up as the chief executive officer at EucatexQuímica e Mineral. His tenure at the helm of the company has been marked by significant expansion of the company’s operations and several restructuring initiatives aimed at streamlining the company’s operations.

His expansionistic approach has seen the company open new operations in various cities around Brazil beyond Sao Paulo where it was founded. The company has opened new factories in various cities such Botucatu and Salto. His aggressive approach has also led to the restructuring of the company’s operations with the establishment of company-owned forests to supply the much-needed raw materials. Additionally, he has spearheaded Eucatex Group’s philanthropic efforts. In his efforts to give back to the community, Flavio Maluf oversaw the handing of several materials including plates and doors to Hospital and MaternidadeÍdio Carli. Visit:



Felipe Montoro Jens – Helping Government and Business Entities Tackle Waste

Felipe Motoro Jens is a well-known name in Brazil and other places around the world. He has years of experience in the financial sector working on projects, for both people and corporations, that enables him to get things done. His strong suit is infrastructure and finding solutions for state governments and corporations to eliminate financial and material waste. He helps his clients to become more financially responsible.

He complements his experience with the strong education he gained at the Fundacao Vargas/Brazil, and the American Graduate School of International Management in the United States. This exposure serves him well as it helped him develope diverse financial and business activities in different countries. He has also formed numerous, diverse, business ties as a result. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

Additional sectors that Felipe Montoro Jens influences include oil, gas, energy, ethanol, sugar, and real estate. A past corporate/management position held includes CEO of Odebrecht Properties. His company took on the responsibility of building public/private partnerships along with public concessions. The company’s focus centered on building sports arenas, schools, public administration centers, hospitals, and other infrastructure projects.

In 2015, Jens relocated to Portugal to help raise capital for Asian and European markets. Felipe Montoro Jens clearly shows that he is adept at finance and business. He is a dynamic and committed individual that also believes in programs that educate the young.

Education, along with a mission, matters greatly in life. Felipe Montoro Jens can serve as a role model to anyone looking to make an impact for any worthy cause. He has vision and a strong commitment to make a difference. More info can be found by visiting:


Felipe Montoro Strengthening The Partnership Between The Public And Private Sectors

The government of Brazil recently announced that it would partner with the private sector by investing R $ 44 billion to fund about 57 projects in 22 sectors of the economy. Felipe Montoro, a business philanthropist, believes that the partnership between the public and private sector (PPP) will improve the economy of Brazil after progressively coming out of an economic recession. The Brazilian government created a Program of Partnerships and Investments (PPI) with the aim of creating a favorable environment for conducting businesses between the private sector and the public sector which would foster the relationship between the two industries. The PPI will fund projects such as the construction of roads, airports and see to it that privatization of public enterprises is implemented. However, most of these projects will be achieved late this year. Read more at for more info.

Some of the major roads to be constructed include BR 364 and BR 153 which will cover more than 800 kilometres. BR 364 runs from Porto Velho (RO) to Comodoro (MT) while BR 153 connects Alianca (TO) and Annapolis (GO). Also, port terminals such as Vila do Conde (PA), Vitoria (ES), Belem (PA) and Paranagua (PR) are set to be auctioned. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, The Mint which prints the Brazilian currency will be to the private sector together with other companies such as Casemg, Dock of Espirito and Ceasaminas. Moreira, the minister of the Secretary-General of the Presidency, revealed that the Mint would be sold to the private sector because of the need for a more sophisticated technology to run it.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Born in Brazil, Felipe Montoro Jens is an academic scholar who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from FundaoGetlio Vargas and a master’s degree in International Management. He is the CEO of Energizer Captacao in South America and serves as a board member at Foz do Brazil and San Antonio Energia. Felipe is also the Chairperson of Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal board. He is an expert in finance and investments and believes in investing in young talents. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, the recent partnership between the public and private sectors will create jobs for thousands of unemployed youths.


Dr. Mark McKenna IS Taking Business And Health To The Next Level

Dr. Mark McKenna is a board-certified medical doctor residing in Atlanta today. Although Mark is a doctor, he is much more focused on the business side of things. Over the years, Mark has created many successful businesses, starting back when he was in medical school. Dr. Mark McKenna was eager to join the medical practice due to the level of complexity and the challenge it brought him, plus his father was a medical practitioner too. Because of this, Mark knew the kind of money he could make from being a doctor, but he wanted much more than that. This is why he started a real estate company in his hometown of New Orleans while he was working in his father’s practice.

Unfortunately for Dr. Mark McKenna, hurricane Katrina struck in 2005 and devasted his company, causing him to lose millions of dollars overnight. This was a big blow, and many businessmen would have given up at the point, but not Dr. Mark McKenna. He stayed in New Orleans and worked to rebuild homes and sell them for a profit. He did this for a while before moving on to Atlanta with his wife and daughter. In Atlanta, he started up the company ShapeMed, a medical-aesthetic company that worked with clients to live healthy lifestyles. This company did great for years and even joined up with Life Time Fitness. After a couple major corporations acquired the company, Mark moved on to start up his latest idea in business, OVME.

OVME currently has a brick and mortar location in Atlanta and Nashville, supplying customers throughout the surrounding areas with various medical products and services that they would normally get at a doctors office. This company targets a specific niche and doesn’t have the much competition on a global scale, though there are local company’s that provide similar services. OVME, pronounced “of me”, focuses on bringing customers the highest quality medical treatments straight to their house. Customers can search for any products they desire through OVME’s own app, which also provides support for real doctors to answers any customer questions.

Some Quick Predictions From Shervin Pishevar

Those who are not already following Shervin Pishevar on Twitter should reconsider. There is a lot to learn about and benefit from following this revolutionary man. He made a name for himself by being an early investor in AirBnb. From there, he has taken his predictive mind to social media. He frequently shares his thoughts and ideas about what will happen in any number of situations around the world.

Twitter followers were pleasantly surprised when Shervin Pishevar made a reappearance on the social network after a long absence. He didn’t bother with pleasantries or anything, he just jumped right into the meat of what he wanted to say. His first tweet of what would become a fifty tweet tirade was about the stock market.

Shervin Pishevar firmly believes that the stock market is bound to crash in the not so distant future. He says that while things have been smooth sailing higher and higher as of late that we should not expect this to continue. He believes that a market correction of at least twenty percent is in the works.

There were other things that we would learn about what Shervin Pishevar thinks is about to happen in the world during his tweet storm as well. For example, he does not believe that the Bitcoin craze is warranted. He says that he feels that the coins will fall all the way down to a range of between two-thousand and five-thousand dollars per coin before they catch their footing again and begin to rebound.

The American Dream has been exported to the whole world says Pishevar. No longer are the greatest start-ups and most innovative ideas necessarily going to come from the United States. He believes that there is a lot of opportunity in foreign markets that is just waiting to be tapped.

These along with other ideas were what Shervin Pishevar was promoting as he worked his way through his tweet storm. People listened patiently to what he had to say and had their own takeaways along the way. However, by and large people respect Shervin Pishevar and are interested in the advice that he has to provide to them. That is what makes him such a dynamic character worthy of attention.

Drew Madden Proves Healthcare Is A Worthwhile Investment


Healthcare in the United States is big business. The industry itself is worth an estimated $3 trillion, Pharmacy giant CVS is making moves to purchase Aetna health insurance company and Amazon has acquired pharmacy licenses in 12 states with more states on their radar.

With America spending nearly $10,000 per person on healthcare, and an overwhelming demand for medical innovations, it makes senses that investors would be jumping at the chance to get involved in the health tech industry. Except, up until very recently, the healthcare industry was avoided by the majority of investors and entrepreneurs.

Strict regulations, politics and misinformation have deterred potential shareholders from taking a risk on healthcare in the past. Recently, Initiatives have been launched to make the healthcare market more accessible to investors. Entrepreneurs who were previously fearful of entering an unexplored space have started to take the plunge. The recent moves by Amazon and CVS show that consumerization of healthcare could not only save lives but also result in unprecedented profits.

If anyone understands the true potential of the healthcare market, it’s Drew Madden. Drew Madden is an entrepreneur whose main focus is on the IT sector of healthcare. When Madden was president of Nordic Consulting Partners, a healthcare consulting firm, he grew the company from 10 employees to more than 700 employees. Drew Madden also managed to acquire over 100 new client partnerships. Nordic Consulting Partners made $1,000,000 annually at the start of Madden’s tenure, his passion and leadership skills increased that number to a staggering $130,000,000 in annual revenue. Nordic Consulting Partners was also awarded several KLAS awards for their impact on the quality of patient care through information technology.

Drew Madden’s strategy for success involves assembling a highly skilled team, creating a company that stands out in a crowd and appealing to potential partners who will promote growth.

Drew Madden attended University of Iowa College of Engineering where he obtained a B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering with a focus on Medical Systems. Before joining Nordic Consulting Partners, Drew was employed by Ingenix and the Center Corporation.


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Greg Secker’s Philanthropic Gifts

Greg Secker began his career at Thomas Cook Financial where he learned about the financial trade. He then went on to work in the foreign exchange business in virtual work. That happened during the early days of Virtual Trading Desk. It was the first Forex trading system online. It allows users to get their real-time quotes for the forex trading system.

This helped his career to progress very quickly and he soon became the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation. after that he progressed to become Vice President at a famous Fortune 500 company in the United States. It was there that he gained the knowledge of some of the best financial trading geniuses of the time.

This knowledge was used for his own investing and was so successful that he was able to quit his job. His fortune and his financial trading strategies which he learned while working on the trading floor led to him creating his own company called “Learning to Trade.”

He has taught over 200,000 students how to trade and make incredible gains in the Forex market. The last 13 years have been filled with workshops and seminars all over the globe. He specializes in teaching how to create replacement income for trading.

He has won awards over the years for this contribution to the financial investment world. One of those awards was received from the London Excellence Awards in 2010. He also received an award from Sunday times that same year. His company has also won educator awards over the years.

As an entrepreneur he has also worked in the philanthropist market helping many people that want to follow in his footsteps. This has allowed him numerous opportunities to speak worldwide on his craft. Those contributions have been helpful to those that run non-profit organizations fund themselves over the years.

Considering that he is one of the top donors to housing rehabilitation programs after Typhoon Ondoy, he is a well-respected part of that community of philanthropists. He created a foundation called the Greg Secker foundation. The future is unknown, but it’s sure to imagine that he will be making the world a better place.

Troy McQuagge Honored By Son and Awards for his Accomplishments in USHEALTH Group

When Troy McQuagge graduated from Central Florida in 1983 with a bachelor’s degree in legal studies, he did not know that a successful career was waiting for him. After completing his degree, Troy decided to venture into the insurance industry and try his niche. Thirty years later, Troy is still in the industry, and he is now considered to be one of the veterans. Several platforms have acknowledged him because of his accomplishments.

Troy McQuagge started his career by working at an institution known as Allstate Insurance. The company gave him the experience he needed to become successful. In the year 1997, the businessman was appointed to become the president of an insurance agency known as UICI. While holding this position, Troy set the record by increasing the sales and profits in the organization. However, the insurance company was acquired by wealthy private equity investors in the year 2006. Under the new ownership, McQuagge was appointed to head the sales and marketing department.

While working on the sales and marketing section, Troy worked hard, proving to the investors that he was capable of handling the big organization. The company grew significantly because of his contributions. He was able to move from one management to the other until he joined the great USHEALTH Group. Under his leadership, the insurance company has made over one billion dollars in sales.

After joining the USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge Son was given the position of president and chief executive officer. At first, he worked for the institution’s sales subsidiary, known as USHEALTH Advisors LCC. His excellent performance impressed many. In the year 2014, the company promoted him to become the president of the group, vowing to bring the change the consumers were looking for. His primary mission is to ensure that everyone in the United States has access to affordable medical covers. The products and sales in the company are affordable to the middle-class citizens.

Last year, Troy McQuagge was named the best CEO of the year by the respectable Gold Awards. The title is extremely competitive, and it is only given to individuals who show excellence in their companies. Getting the title has never been easy for the nominees.

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Rick Smith and Securus Make the Prison Industry Technological

For years, there was no change in the prison industry. People did the same thing over and over but were not always pleased with the results. This was somewhat of a problem for the people who were running the industry, but they didn’t know what they could do about it. They didn’t have the resources to handle all the things they needed to do on their own. In fact, they really didn’t have any ideas of what would make the community better for themselves and for other people who were in the same situations. They needed someone who came from a different area to help them get the right answers and to make their prisons better. It was a way for them to make things easier and something that would allow them the chance to try different things so they could make the prison easier to run.

The answer came from Securus. The company was originally a prison communication company, but it was so much more than that when Rick Smith first took over. He wanted to demonstrate to the community how they could be able to enjoy the options he had available for them so he took advantage of that in every way possible. He also made sure he was doing the right thing for the company so that it could grow and be more than just a basic communications company. For Rick Smith to do this, he had to make sure he was getting into all the right prisons. He started out with the ones he had worked with in the past.

For Rick Smith to do this, he came up with an idea for an integrated system. It was easy to use and most prison administrators would be able to use it when they were working on different things. He also knew things would continue to get better if he was offering innovative solutions to all the people who he served in the different prison environments. It helped him improve the business and grow it to the point where it is at now.

Since the prison industry has grown and changed from the time when Rick Smith first started, it continues to be something people can take advantage of. Rick Smith plans on making it even better in the future. Technology is a huge part of his business so he wants to keep adding new technological options to the things he has already done. Rick Smith knows doing this will give him a chance to make things better and offer the best opportunities for prison administrators. Supporting them is his number one goal to help make the industry better than what it used to be in the past.

Paul Mampilly Thrives in Financial Advisory

Paul Mampilly has grown to make some groundbreaking advances in the financial sector. This successful man has salvaged many businesses from the financial crisis by providing expert advice on how to acquire and manage finances for the smooth running of the businesses.

His financial advisory skills are due to his association with some of the best higher learning institutions in the world. Paul Mampilly is an alumnus of the Montclair State University, New Jersey where he studied a finance degree. Besides, he is also known for his Master’s in specific business disciplines that he got from Fordham University, New York, and his Website.

Having gained a wealth of experience in his field of specialization, Paul Mampilly has managed to provide entrepreneurs with good decision-making approaches concerning the finances of their businesses. This has been through forums and workshops alongside the publication of business articles that have equally been of help.

Revealing my 3 million dollar ideas. #TWSFL

— Paul Mampilly(@Paul_M_Guru) September 21, 2017

In his articles, Paul Mampilly has majorly focused the attention of his readers on ways of maximizing their profits and indulging in investments. Having this approach gives every entrepreneur an opportunity to successfully run their firms without any financial constraints. Even upon retirement, they get to live on the savings that they made during their working days. Having a retirement benefit plan is essential for any employee regardless of their fields of specialization, and more information click here.

Majorly, investors have sought his counsel regarding their local and international investments. Paul Mampilly has assisted many of them with business plans that have come to term upon implementation. By now the leading in stock exchange markets around the world are investors of the United States of America origin, and

Having been born in India during the times when the Indian economy was not delivering at its best, he has always wanted to correct some of the wrongs in the economy. One thing for sure is that Paul Mampilly lives each day knowing that everything he dreamed of and worked hard for is constantly bearing fruits gives him the urge to forge ahead. Paul Mampilly’s articles are gaining popularity and his clients keep thriving at their business activities. This man chose the right path for his lifelong dreams and there’s no single doubt about that.

Interestingly, Paul Mampilly has made notable advances in the stock exchange markets through his actual participation and indirect influence through the readers of his business articles. With all these, Paul Mampilly has managed to set records that no financial advisor have ever met hence earning him a series of awards and appreciation from various organizations, and Paul’s lacrosse camp.