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LaunchPad Helps Entrepreneurs Through Glen Wakeman

Entrepreneurs would agree that having a mentor makes it easy to succeed. perhaps, having a business mentor increases one’s winning chances in business. Also, having the right tools for business come in handy. In this scenario, Glen Wakeman can be looked up to. He is a mentor and a dedicated instructor. Glen started his journey from Chicago University. He learned finance. He was a dedicated student that put more work in understanding how to manage finances. Glen graduated to start working in a firm that taught him a lot in business. He learned so much in terms of being a leader. He was not only dedicated but also positive about understanding the in-depth ropes of business.

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Career Growth


Glen Wakeman first worked at GE Capital. It was at this firm that he experienced the real working conditions and terms of an employee. He grasped knowledge and transformed the knowledge into experience. Glen was appointed for a leadership position. He worked as a head cheerleader, the chief executive officer. Glen led his team to greatness. He was always committed to giving them the best. Glen then worked for Doral Bank as a chairman. He was in charge of making critical decisions pertaining to the firm. He focused on building a business. Glen has been growing through a long career path. He can be defined as a dedicated individual that has put more work into building his career path.





Glen Wakeman established Nova Four ( At GE, he received public acknowledgment as the greatest leader. As he grew his career, Glen earned a name as a mentor. He would teach his colleagues and junior staff on how to go about challenges concerning business. He was convinced that they needed help. Glen offered the help by engaging them in business. Wakeman is known for revolutionizing business. He is on the forefront of turning things around and is determined to execute strategies that can build businesses. In his company, he controls the development of ideas. LaunchPad offers strategies that can help business people to grow. It is through these strategies and platforms, that most of Glen’s clients have grown businesses.

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Bob Reina: He Has It Figured Out

Not too many people can say they have it figured out when it comes to how to handle things and how to approach things. One of the individuals that can say that is Bob Reina, however. This is a former police officer that is looking out for people and looking out for their best interests. He is not a selfish man and he is not a man that is only looking out for his backside. He is looking out for every single customer out there that uses Talk Fusion in various ways. It can be used for pleasure as a way to communicate with other people. That is one of the many perks it offers its customers.


Communication is something that, believe it or not, many people are struggling with in life. It wouldn’t seem that way to the average person out there with social media, but sometimes it causes faceless names and people hiding behind their computer. Bob Reina wants people to feel comfortable being themselves and he wants them to feel comfortable expressing that through Talk Fusion to friends and family. He also wants people to use it to start up their own business and bring original ideas into the world.


That is one thing that is most definitely missing from the world: original ideas. Too often, people are just copying off each other. They don’t have original ideas of their own. With Talk Fusion, they have an award-winning video tech company with video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. All of this points them in the direction of coming up with an original idea and then unleashing it onto the world. Once they do that, the world gets to see a new and fresh idea, but they also get to see there is more to life than just the average 9-5 jobs. They start to feel inspired. It is great when people are inspired as it brings out the best in them.


Bob Reina wants everyone to be their very best. When they are at their best, they are shining and the world needs more positive things to shine.


The state of Brazilian Banking by Igor Cornelsen

By the end of 2014, the Brazilian banking industry experienced anomalies that surprised the entire world. Brazil hasn’t experienced economic growth in the recent past due to the populist policies of Dilma Rousseff. Itau Unibanco (ITUB) and Banco Bradesco (BBD) are the top two banks in Brazil that saw their shares grow by one-third even as the country’s economy suffered in 2014.

Interestingly, the two banks had notable profit increases: Bradesco’s rose by 28% while that of Itau rose 36% as compared to the year 2013 as was reported on early 2015.

Igor Cornelsen’s advice for investors

According to an outlook by experienced Brazilian banker, Igor Cornelsen, these top banks managed to survive the storm because they’re used to such turbulent times and know the market extensively. The bankers lend to borrowers because they’re the most worthy of credit. Cornelsen says that by doing so, it enables the banks to develop a sense of security and streamline their costs.

This means that citizens with poor credit scores end up forgoing their business plans and cash-based spending, and that affects the macro-economy of the country and its development. The government can only achieve the overall growth by making investors feel secure when it instills market-oriented reforms coupled with fiscal austerity. Learn more about Igor Cornelson: and

Brazil is one of the most attractive markets for investors interested in investing in South America because of its many resources and the need for infrastructure development that supports its population sufficiently. Brazil is the largest nation on the continent and one of the world’s big food producers.

Igor Cornelsen feels that although most investors are not aware of the booming market of Brazil, it still remains a fascinating example for them to keep monitoring as 2015 starts. He further explains that any investor ought to study the bare-bones, the basics of every market that he or she intends to invest in before investing.

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Boraie Development LLC has Helped a City Achieve Greatness

It is not very often that we look at businesses and think they have compassionate souls. However, thanks to the president of Boraie Development LLC, Omar Boraie, Boraie Development LLC is full of compassion and tenderness. They have bought into their patriarchs’ vision, and that vision, not only changed the company, but it saved the city of New Brunswick and New Jersey is grateful.

It was the vision of Omar Boraie and Boraie Development LLC to resurrect this fallen city. Boraie Development LLC, according to their site,, used $150 million over a period of 30 years to invest in the appropriate areas so that the city could grow. These four areas of life were families, current businesses, new businesses, and residential for professionals. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms.

By focusing on families, Boraie Development LLC ensured that the city would always have a stream of generations who could make it thrive. Recently, according to a wonderful article by the “New Jersey Stage”, Boraie Development LLC has made a deal with the State Theater to provide a summer of free movies to the community. The movies were seven in all, most of them Disney. They included modern hits like Frozen and Despicable Me and Monster University, along with classics such as, E.T., Babe, and Aladdin. Over 7,500 people came to enjoy these movie nights with their families.

This wonderful even has now grown into an annual tradition. The free movie nights in the summer has expanded from just families and now attracts church youth groups, summer camps, 4H clubs, and even nursing homes.

The type of business that Boraie Development LLC is running is that of social entrepreneurship. This is a business philosophy that says businesses, along with making money, should be positively impacting their communities in some way. This not only makes the area a better place to live, but also shows a softer side of the company which makes customers more willing to do business with them. For more details check out Fundacity.

Boraie Development LLC certainly has done many wonderful things for the good city of New Brunswick, Jew Jersey. In fact, a recent article published from has listed Boraie Development LLC and its president, Omar Boraie, as the main reason New Brunswick thrives today.

We need more businesses like Boraie Development LLC and presidents like Omar Boraie. The majority of us view corporations like heartless machines. However Boraie Development LLC shows us a kinder side.

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Beneful Releases Its Grain Free Dog Food Recipe

As the Beneful pet food brand approaches its 20th birthday those in charge of the brand have been looking at how to provide improvements to the company and the products on offer. The latest aspect of the Beneful brand to see an improvement has been the growing need for a grain free recipe that places the brand in one of the fastest growing areas of the pet food industry, which has seen a dramatic level of growth in the healthy and corn free foods made available from boutique companies and major brands alike.

As is usual for the Beneful brand the quality of the food made available has remained the main priority for the researchers and executives responsible for the development of the new recipe; the Beneful grain free recipe has been developed without corn or gluten to make sure every dog is given the chance to remain as happy and healthy as possible for the future. Grain free options are increasing in popularity for pet parents who wish to provide a dog food that is both healthy and nutritionally balanced for the good of their dog.

Beneful is making sure of the quality of the grain free food being produced by developing a product that uses chicken as its main ingredient, farm raised chicken is used to make sure every aspect of the latest grain free recipe is of the highest quality level available. Enjoying a grain free diet has been made simple for pet parents and their dog with the introduction of the latest recipe from Beneful and learn more about Beneful.

Tony Petrello; The Man Behind the Success of Nabors

Tony Petrello; The Man Behind the Success of Nabors

Anthony Petrello is the current chairman and CEO of Nabors Industries. The Bermuda-based company is one of the largest providers of offshore drilling rigs. It is also the top natural gas and geothermal drilling contractor in the world. Its major operating market is the US. It also offers drilling services in other parts of the world that produce significant oil and gas. Anthony plays a huge role in sustaining growth and profitability of the company. Anthony Petrello is also known as Tony. He started Anthony Petrello career in Baker & Mackenzie law firm immediately after completing his education at Harvard Law School. He worked at the law firm from 1979 to 1991. Tony had risen to the position of managing partner by the time he left the company.

Mr. Petrello joined Nabors as its chief operating officer in 1991. He did not last long in this position. He was appointed the president in 1992. He became the deputy chairman of the company after ten years in the position. He served in this position until June 2012 when he took over the role of chairperson. He was the CEO of Nabors Industries before this. Tony’s other senior roles outside Nabors include director of Texas Children’s Hospital, Hilcorp Energy Company, and Steward & Stevenson. He strongly advocates for an increase in clinical programs and research on children affairs at Texas.

Mr. Petrello’s cumulative compensation in 2015 amounted to $27,512,939 owing to various high-level roles that he holds in different organizations. This includes a bonus of $7,727,000 and a salary of $1,580,077. The remainder was stock and other compensations. He is one of the best-paid CEOs in the US. AP and Equilar ranked the top 50 paid CEOs in 2013.

Mr. Petrello made it to the top. He did not defend the title in 2014 due to the withdrawal of compensation plans by the company shareholders. The company’s share price went up by 180% since his elevation as the head of Nabors. The shareholders failed to back the generous bonus scheme for the executive even with this impressive growth.

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