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James River Capital: Approaches to Better Leadership

Founded in 1986 and initially going by the name KP Futures Management Corp, James River Capital has its headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. The firm previously served as a variant arm of Kidder, Peabody, and Co., later developing into a separate investment company in 1995. This change came as a result of two officials of the department, Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt securing the firm from Kidder, at the time Paine Webber purchased Kidder.


The firm as currently constituted lists as an investment consultant with the SEC, as well as a Commodity Trading Consultant and CFTC Commodity Pool Operator. By July, 2018, the firm had in the region of $570 million under administration. Paul H Saunders is the current chairman and Chief Executive of the new firm, while Kevin M Brandt is the President, with the firm serving a customer base around the United States.


The firm views leadership as a branch of both science and art, skill is required to develop and manage a team effectively. Adjustments to leadership approach can result in rewards on the time and effort spent. According to research, three alterations result arise from better leadership approaches. The first approach indicates supporting the team rather than leading it, with companies like Facebook having managed to shift the mentality of their organizations using this method. This change, in turn, has altered the leadership interaction with the team as well as roles approach. In exercising slight modifications significant impacts are realized, sometimes the small changes are equated to just wordings.


Research has shown a significant 85% of employees withhold responses to their superiors as a way to avoid retrospective action. Limited communication works against creativity, originality, cooperation, and involvement between the firm and its employees. The research resulted in google coining the term “psychological safety” referring to what management teams should strive to achieve. Any operation should aim to ensure there is a free flow of information to ward off problems, difficulties, and to provide for improvements. The research recommends encouragement and accommodation of growth, while at the same time appraising progress. It also emphasizes the provision of a feedback mechanism in meetings.


There is a need to remove hindrances of team member growth. Observations of this handicap are in meeting settings, where it is essential to have a list of attendees and note their contributions. A proactive stance can then be taken to engage the members that make little to no contributions with an aim of getting their input on matters. However, discussions have to flow naturally without seeming to be pushing for their comments. Primary to this approach is the creation of an comfortable and enabling environment where everyone feels appreciated and valued by the organization. Learn more:


James River Capital’s Three Tactics That Will Up Your Leadership Skills

Business experts say that leadership is a virtue, which requires regular development and improvement. Such consistent changes give you the confidence and authority you need to manage a successful team. The sentiments have also been backed up by evidence from numerous research papers from management experts.


Have you been looking for sure ways to develop your leadership style? If yes, the following are three tips that would help you advance your leadership ability.


The tips were suggested by experts from James River Capital Corporation, a financial advisory that collaborates with a team of financial experts to provide valuable insights into management strategies. Since its inception, the company has specialized in Investment management, commodity trading, and financial advisory. James River capital was founded by Paul Saunders, a financial expert based in the US. Learn more:


  1. Lead by setting an example


While most managers think that their work is to issue commands to their employees, savvy ones lead by setting an example. They behave the way they want their employees to act.

The strategy eliminates their employees’ inferiority perception. In addition to removing the inferiority perception, the leadership style increases employee morale. Facebook has been using this leadership style to manage its workforce.


  1. Create an atmosphere that lets your employees express their concerns


Reliable business studies show that over 85% of workers hold back critical information, which could improve an organization’s productivity. Most of these employees choose to keep the ideas since they don’t relate well with their managers, or they fear that some views may land them into trouble.


If you wish to reap from your employee’s ideas, James River Capital experts propose that you need to create an atmosphere that fosters open and transparent communication. The tactic will give your employees the psychological safety they need to share their challenges and escalations.


Besides fostering an open door policy, you should learn to listen, and react reasonably to your employees’ views. The strategy would help you acquire essential ideas that would lead to creativity and decisive engagements.


  1. Meet your employees


James River Capital’s leadership experts say that holding regular meetings is another exceptional way to advance your leadership game. The strategy unites your team members, and it gives them an opportunity to air out and find collective solutions to their shared concerns.


You should make sure that each member of your team gets an equal chance to express their views. You may want to look for intelligent ways to encourage quiet members to voice their opinions without making them uneasy.


Apart from giving your employees an opportunity to air their grievances, you can use the meetings to align your organization’s vision. You would want to share your teams’ achievements, its failures, as well as practical solutions to the failures.

Belamant’s Rise In The Information Systems Field

When he was 14 years old, Serge Belamant’s family relocated to South Africa. He joined Highlands North High School and took part in athletics and became good at it. Progressing, he joined the Witwatersrand University to pursue engineering. However, he later dropped engineering and pursued computer science. Upon enrolling into the computer science class, the school required Belamanto to redo some of the subjects he had earlier done and passed, and this made Belamant drop out of school. Matrix, and engineering firm, later employed him and let his work on its small and medium-sized IBM machines. He went on and developed apps useful for dam levels analysis and optimisation.

During this time, he worked with several organisations like Control Data to gain the necessary skills in the information systems field. Serge Belamant later went to Washington D.C. where he studied linear and non-linear programming and later helped the military operate the COBRA system. However, with the rise of sanctions against the military, Belamant joined SASWITCH and became head of the IT division. During his tenure with the firm, it became the second largest ATM switch firm in the world. He left the company in 1989 and founded NET1 whose foundation was on the Funds Transfer System.

In its initial years, NET1 unsuccessfully tried selling its UEPS system to several firms. Visa later partnered with the firm and developed COPAS using FTS and UEPS frameworks. NET1, later on, worked to improve grant payments.

Serge Belamant has issued patent applications for the protection of some of his work. He has received approval for some of the patents while others are awaiting approval. Some of the patents include Financial Transactions with a Varying Pin and Verification of a Transactor’s Identity.

The Financial Transactions with a Varying Pin is one of the patents applied for by Belamant. The system produces pins for transactions conducted by ATMs. The system also creates points of sale for accurate identification of biometric information. The system uses financial transaction processing networks to facilitate financial processing methods and transactions.

The other patent Serge Belamant applied for is the Verification of a Transactor’s Identity. The framework is a system that oversees financial affairs between a transactor and transactee. It verifies financial accounts and institutions for the transactor. The system has an identifier input property that requires the user to key in their identifier details as they work on the system.

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James River Capital Provides Tips for Improving your Leadership Style

James River Capital is well-known for providing investment advisory, investment management, and commodity trading advisory services among others. The firm also posts informative articles on its official website to helps readers or its clients achieve financial freedom, become more successful and better themselves.

Learn more:


According to one of James River’s recent posts, being an excellent leader requires joint effort and a great deal of time. However, research studies have revealed three effective changes that you can boost your leadership style as follows:


  • Support instead of Lead


Facebook managers are known for practicing this technique. Instead of leading their teams, they support them. As a leader, this shift in strategy can change your perspective and how you interact with your employees or even team members.


  • Welcome and Encourage Growth


In most cases, employees are afraid of getting into trouble when they feel like approaching their employers with an issue. For this reason, most of them choose to withhold what they wanted to say. This situation limits the possibility of engagement, partnership and innovation with your workers. Luckily, researchers discovered the “psychological safety” concept, which requires leaders to concentrate on creating.


To create this psychological safety, you need to encourage and welcome growth and concerns through expressing your appreciation when it occurs. Furthermore, ensure that all your workers get a chance to talk during team gatherings.


  • Everybody’s Opinion is Vital


To ensure that all team members get an opportunity to air out their opinion, you need first to list down all the expected attendees. Then, make sure that you place a tick next to the name of each person who speaks. Doing so not only assists you in identifying the quiet employees but also engaging them so that everyone can be heard.


About James River Capital


Situated in Richmond, Virginia, James River Capital Corp. operates as an SEC-registered investment advisor as well as CFTC-registered commodity trading advisor. The firm was established back in 1986 under the name KP Futures Management Corp., which was Kidder, Peabody & Co., Inc.’s alternative investment department, at the time. In 1995, James River took up the title of an independent investment company after two of KP Futures Management Corp.’s senior officers including Kevin Brandt and Paul Saunders purchased the business from Kidder. This acquisition was concurrent with Paine Webber’s purchase of Kidder.


Currently, Kevin Brandt and Paul Saunders spearhead James River’s operations in the capacity of co-founder/president and CEO/chairman respectively. As of early July 2018, the firm had more than 570 million dollars under management. What’s more, the US-based investment advisory services provider is a recipient of an array of industry accolades such as the HFM Awards 2014-US Hedge Fund Performance Awards, Investors Choice Awards 2015, and InvestHedge Awards 2014.


Luminesce Jeunesse Skincare Line

Jeunesse Global was created in 2009 after Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray discovered the simultaneous potential of direct selling and stem cell research. After creating several successful businesses, the couple thought they would leave the business world behind. However, Randy needed some work done on his knees and that is when they discovered the potential of stem cell research. One day, while Wendy was waiting for Randy to complete his treatment, Wendy saw a serum for sale that used the same formula to help the skin look younger. When she spoke with Dr. Nathan Newman about the formula, he revealed the huge potential of the product. After tweaking the product to absorb better in the skin, they created Jeunesse Global.

Since its inception in 2009, Jeunesse Global has grown to become one of the largest direct selling companies in the world. It is a billion-dollar profit company that has thousands of distributors in hundreds of countries around the world. Both founders wanted to create a company that would have a positive impact on the world by helping people both make money and feel younger. Randy was dedicated to helping the distributors discover their earning potential by providing them with the direct selling skills they needed to succeed. Wendy was focused on helping the customers live a longer life that they could enjoy while feeling confident in their own skin.

The key to Jeunesse is the Y.E.S. System or the Youth Enhancement System. The company has nine intertwined product lines that work well on their own but even better when used together. They have supplements to help the body and mind stay sharp and young. They also have skincare lines to help their customers keep their youthful appearance.

One of the major successes for the company is the innovative skincare line Luminesce. Luminesce uses stem cell research in the formula to help rejuvenate the skin cells and repairing damage. The specially formulated ingredient of APT-200 uses adipose stem cells combined with vitamins and minerals to help encourage cell growth. Dr. Nathan Newman helped formulate the line when he was treating his own patients for skin injuries and burns. He understood how stem cells helped regenerate other cells and included it in the formula.

Unroll Me Services Protects Your Technology


Unroll Me is a free program designed to make the life of business professionals a little bit easier. This company is a Rakuten company that has served the needs of thousands of people in a few short years that it’s been around. Using this service is one of the many easy ways to take better control of your technology.

Smartphone Use

If you use a smartphone (and, really, who doesn’t) make sure to protect it with a screen protector and a phone case. Smartphones are not inexpensive and one drop could cost you hundreds of dollars if the phone isn’t protected with these affordable gadgets. Unroll Me is a service that can help you with this task if you are unsure how or if you don’t have the time.

Update the Software on Your Device

Keep the software on your PC and your phone updated. If the software is outdated it leaves your system more susceptible to danger, which includes viruses and identity theft. Neither of these issues is experiences that you want to have. Another service that you will find available with Unroll Me.

Apps be Gone

How many unused apps are on your phone? Don’t feel ashamed if there are quite a few of them on your device taking up space because many people are guilty of the same. Get back the space and improve our protection by deleting these third-party access, which deletes their ability to access your personal information. Unroll Me is a free service that will make sure those apps aren’t sticking around. Refer to This Article for additional information.

Use a VPN

A VPN is not one of the Unroll Me services but is easily accessible from numerous other providers. Using a VPN keeps the information you access online private so it never gets in the wrong hands.


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Cutting Down The Junk: Unroll Me


Unroll Me is a company that was founded in 2011 founded by Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald. The premise of the service is a simple one. The service allows users to cut down on the number of junk emails that people receive during each day. By using what is known as the “Roll-up” feature on the site, users can put all of the junk emails that they receive in one convenient place and preferably out of their inboxes. In an age where junk emails can overload an inbox, Unroll Me can help solve many problems.

According to an article in the New York Times, one of the best things to do when signing up for a company like Unroll Me is to read the privacy policy. By taking the time to do this, users can know exactly what a company will do with the data they are given. Another thing a person can do is if they do not use the Unroll Me app is to delete it on your phone or computer. This way storage space is saved and used only for things that are necessary.

One of the ways that Unroll Me works is by trying their best to comply with existing laws. In the European Union, the company had to close user accounts due to a new law called the General Data Protection Regulation. The regulation prevented the company from providing services to users. Now the company solely works in the United States. Go Here for related Information.

Unroll Me allows users to be versatile with their accounts. Users can change settings to their accounts at any time and withdraw from the service altogether if they so choose. This is what makes the company cutting-edge even though it is a small company in nature.

Unroll Me has been in business for seven years and makes sure that policies are clear and understandable for users. Even though the company is owned by Slice Technologies, the mission of the company is still the same. It wants to make the lives of email users easier by cutting down on unnecessary emails that people don’t want.


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Aloha Construction Co. Shares Steps of Dealing with Smoke and Fire Damage

House fires can occur at any time, and the last thing you want is to spend a “lifetime” on renovations. Aloha Construction is a trusted company to take you home from ruined to new, and below are some insights from Aloha’s team on how to handle damage by fire and smoke.

Secure the Premise

The first step is to secure your home to fend off potential burglars and vandals. That keeps you away from incurring further problems.

Secondly, call your local fire department to seek help in ensuring all the doors, windows and apertures are locked. Additionally, if there are damages on the wall, Aloha Construction has fire remediation tools to secure your home from fire occurrences.

Ensure Safety at Home

After fire damage, it is critical to ensure it is safe before occupancy. Therefore, call a qualified expert to have the home inspected. Some damages may not be visible to the uninitiated eyes. Nonetheless, do not attempt to switch on the electricity if the home doesn’t pass the inspection.

Rid the Home of Odor

After the home is declared fit for stay, the next step is to rid it of the odor.

Aloha Company recommends that you place a fan at the entrance of your focus room with all the windows shut. The fresh air from the fan blows into the room, removing bad smell. Additionally, wash the curtains, beddings, and towels to rid them of the reek of smoke.

Carpets are culprits when it comes to harboring pungent smoky odor. They also require deep cleaning. Aloha Construction’s cleaning experts can remove stubborn stains and odor, leaving your carpet as good as new.

Clean the Smoke Damage

After a fire, professional cleaning services seem to be the best option. Aloha Constructions offers free inspection services. The company provides a quote, perform repairs and assist you in claiming your insurance.

Aloha Construction Co. Wins the BBB Torch Award

Every year, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) offers it coveted Torch Awards to handpicked companies that demonstrate high ethical values and social responsibilities. The selected firms are scrupulously screened by a panel of judges. Aloha Construction from Illinois, Chicago was a proud recipient of the award in 2017 for its high industry ethics. Most notably, the company was chosen for being a regular contributor to the Illinois community.

Stream Cares Philanthropy by Dallas based company, Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a company featured on Patch and is a Dallas-based company who provides generous contributions and fundraiser for charity. The company created the Stream Cares Foundation in order to use its prosperous energy sales to fund the financial burdens of its employees, during disastrous events like Hurricane Harvey.

Corporate charity is one of Stream Energy’s compounding core values. The foundation, Stream Cares was created to help streamline the companies charities across the state of Texas.

Other charity organizations that Stream Energy has constructed a partnership with include: Habitat for Humanity, and the Red-Cross. The companies employee’s also contribute to the companies corporate philanthropist values. Stream Energy offers both residential and corporate accounts and services, in which Stream Energy associates earn commission on, in which they can choose to support causes based on their individual generosity.

In particularly, the companies employee’s centralize their attention on the city of Dallas’s homelessness population in companionship with Hope Co. Foundation. allowing Stream to deliver supplies and money to be used by Hope Co. Foundation for children’s homeless benefit.

Stream, a direct-selling company also raises money to benefit the victims of the 2016 tornado victims who were devastated by the loss of their homes and businesses in North Texas.

Stream Cares Foundation in collaboration with Operation Once in a Lifetime contributed moral and fiscal support to Dallas-area veterans.

Through these actions, the company is trying to raise Texas through the ranks, as being known for the least generous state, as they continue to assist those who are less well-off.

The utility company advertises Electricity is more than just a luxury, it is a must.  Stream is a privately held company that was founded in 2004 and employs a range of 201-500 employees. Stream Energy advertises its specialties in gas, electricity, wireless, protective, and home services.

Stream Energy- The 21st Century Philanthropic Company

The Stream Energy a company based in Dallas that has a robust involvement in various philanthropy projects. The organization has recently been noted for its philanthropic efforts and dedication to Houston area after the Hurricane Harvey that poured a heavy rain of over 56 inches devastating the whole city.

The Stream Energy proudly used it’s financial earning that it received from the successful sales of its energy products and services to fund for quick rescue and recovery efforts hence easing its client’s financial burdens. According to the Stream Energy management, taking part in philanthropy activities is directly connected to the DNA of the company, and all their employees play an active role. To put a significant mark in their charitable activities, the Stream Energy launched the Steam Cares as their vehicle to good events.

The Stream Cares mandate is overseeing their company recent, past and future community efforts both locally and nationally. Releasing the company philanthropy arm will help the company to embrace the 21st-century new phenomenon of charitable events that offers dual advantages to both the community and the business. Stream Care believes giving back to its community helps it earn long-term and loyal clients and its deserved respect in the competitive business world.

The company has years of philanthropic and ethical relationship with different humanitarian companies like the Red Cross and the Habitats for the Humanity where both its high and lower management levels of employees play a more prominent part in local giving. Its mandate to the homeless people in Dallas has seen the Stream company partner up with the Hope Supply Co with the core agenda of providing them with meals and other necessity.

The recent activity was covering entrance fees and meal for over 1,000 homeless children of North Texas giving them hope of life at their once a year Splash for the Hope. The events gather kids to enjoy at the local waterpark hence extending a lifetime experience of fun, joy, and laughter. Stream Energy was actively involved in 2016 effort to rescue the victims of the Texas tornado raising money to support the residents who lost their homes and businesses.