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Stream Cares Philanthropy by Dallas based company, Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a company featured on Patch and is a Dallas-based company who provides generous contributions and fundraiser for charity. The company created the Stream Cares Foundation in order to use its prosperous energy sales to fund the financial burdens of its employees, during disastrous events like Hurricane Harvey.

Corporate charity is one of Stream Energy’s compounding core values. The foundation, Stream Cares was created to help streamline the companies charities across the state of Texas.

Other charity organizations that Stream Energy has constructed a partnership with include: Habitat for Humanity, and the Red-Cross. The companies employee’s also contribute to the companies corporate philanthropist values. Stream Energy offers both residential and corporate accounts and services, in which Stream Energy associates earn commission on, in which they can choose to support causes based on their individual generosity.

In particularly, the companies employee’s centralize their attention on the city of Dallas’s homelessness population in companionship with Hope Co. Foundation. allowing Stream to deliver supplies and money to be used by Hope Co. Foundation for children’s homeless benefit.

Stream, a direct-selling company also raises money to benefit the victims of the 2016 tornado victims who were devastated by the loss of their homes and businesses in North Texas.

Stream Cares Foundation in collaboration with Operation Once in a Lifetime contributed moral and fiscal support to Dallas-area veterans.

Through these actions, the company is trying to raise Texas through the ranks, as being known for the least generous state, as they continue to assist those who are less well-off.

The utility company advertises Electricity is more than just a luxury, it is a must.  Stream is a privately held company that was founded in 2004 and employs a range of 201-500 employees. Stream Energy advertises its specialties in gas, electricity, wireless, protective, and home services.

Stream Energy Cares About The Community They Service

Stream Energy partnered with Hope Supply Company in Dallas to help combat the homeless crisis that occurred after hurricane Harvey. Hope Supply Company services the Dallas area and provides diapers, clothing and school supplies to Dallas area homeless children. Stream Energy used money that it earned to help fund housing for the displaced and homeless residents who became victims to the flooding that occurred during hurricane Harvey. Over fifty six inches of rain poured down on Dallas and its suburbs. This immense amount of rainfall created hazardous flooding. The flooding alone was bad but when coupled with storm surges and over flowing water ways, the entire Dallas region was in a state of emergency. Disaster recovery was vital in saving lives.

Stream Energy is a direct sales energy company. They wanted to give back to the community and created a philanthropic program that would give back when needed. This program was called “Stream Cares”. In addition to teaming up with Hope Supply Company; Stream Energy has also partnered with The American Red Cross and Habitat For Humanity. One of the benefits of engaging in a philanthropic corporate mindset is the popularity that can be gained within a community. People are more inclined to do business with companies that show care and concern for the residents within their community.

Direct sales representatives meet with potential clients to drum up business for Stream Energy. These sales representatives a variety of services that Stream specializes in. The available services range from discounted rates in telecommunications, clean energy, mobile phone plans and even virtual doctors. Stream representatives market to both residential and commercial business clients. The money raised from the hard work of these direct sales representatives has gone directly into helping the victims of the flooding caused by hurricane Harvey. Stream Energy will continue to raise money to find charitable causes in the Dallas Texas area and surrounding communities.,-TX-jobs.html

The Cambria Estate Winery: A Traditional Vineyard of Success

Julia JacksonJust like everything else in life, a wine companies come and go. These fly-by-night companies can be found in every industry as well as in every field of work. Convenience is the name of the game in today’s society, but today’s society lacks traditional values. Fortunately, when it comes to producing wine, Cambria Estate Winery has remained true to its core values as it goes by the method of quality rather than quantity. Cambria Estate Winery is owned by Barbare Banke, but her immediate family members hold prominent positions within the company’s stake. Julia Jackson, daughter of Barbara Banke, is a wine connoisseur, and she provides multiple services for the estate.Julia just so happens to be the daughter of the late Jess Jackson. Jess was a vinification expert in a sense as he was the founder of Jackson Family Wines. As you can see, everything is tied in together and that is how traditional values operate. Jess Jackson instilled hard work, prayer and ethics into each of his children.Julia Jackson

Their professional attitude and respect for the craft can be witnessed to this very day. Julia didn’t start out as interested in the business as her siblings did. She participated in modeling, and she went to school at Stanford University as well as Scripps College. After a degree or two, Julia spent time in France and this is when she found her passion for the industry. Julia followed in her mother’s footprints and opened her own nonprofit organization. Seeds of Empowerment is self explanatory as it celebrates the acceleration of women in the workplace. Julia also has her own vineyard as it falls under Cambria Estates. Tepusquet Vineyard Syrah is one of the company’s richest, deep-purple berry wines. All in all, traditional values are still intact here thanks to the essence of Jess Jackson.

Market America Miami Conference is a Game Changer

Market America is one the retail businesses in America that have an inspiring story. Started more than 20 years ago by former top Amway distributor JR Ridinger and his wife, the company has become a successful international enterprise. It has made 300 millionaires worldwide with an employment base of over 650 employees. The company aims at empowering entrepreneurs who are willing to use the platforms of the enterprise. The company usually holds an annual conference to help the various stakeholders and interested parties to learn more about the business operations. The annual seminar is mostly held in Miami and commonly known as Market America Miami conference.


Market America Miami conference mostly takes place on a weekend, and attendees get the chance to learn the fundamental of the business procedures. Most these basics include learning how to convert your spending into earning with the Shopping Annuity. Most of the attendants come from different countries where the company has branches. This year Market America Miami conference was held at the American Airlines Arena in Miami which took three days. Those who had the privilege to attend were awarded instant access to the company’s regional conventions, seminars, and trade shows.


The company is planning to have another Market America Miami conference in the year 2018. The event will still be held at the American Airlines Arena in Miami from 1st February to 3rd February. The organization will have speakers give personal testimonies on the positive impact of the business. Market America Miami conference is a unique event to those who understand and believe in the simple model of the Market America.

How Livio Bisterzo Is Offering Consumers A Healthier Snacking Option

It was in April 2015 that Livio Bisterzo founded Green Park Brands, Inc. in Los Angeles, California. He is the company’s Chief Executive Officer and oversees the company’s day to day operations and strategic vision. His company has brands of snacks that are healthy and nutritious. They are made of chickpeas which have many healthy vitamins and minerals as well as being a good source of fiber. The snacks, called HIPPEAS, are now sold across the Untied States.

Livio Bisterzo is originally from Italy. He attended the University of the Arts London and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business and Management in Fashion. He has launched a few companies during his professional career. In 2006 he founded Alvaro Group which did business in London, New York City, and Chicago. He also established Little Miracle Drinks in 2011 which sold healthy beverages. Green Park Brands works similarly in that it provides a healthy alternative. Additionally, Green Park Brands is dedicated to making a positive difference in communities including promoting behavioral and overall cultural changes.

Green Park Holdings and Livio Bisterzo are all about offering consumers a “Better for You” brand of snack that doesn’t have all of the calories, saturated fat, sodium, and added sugar that most brands supply. The HIPPEAS, which are organic, come in six tantalizing flavors. Some of the flavors include Sriracha Sunshine, Maple Haze, and Happenin’ Hickory. They’re designed to give people a craveable snack which is also healthy.

Livio Bisterzo has partnered with the nonprofit organization Farm Africa. Farm Africa is dedicated to ending hunger and bringing economic benefits to those who live in rural Eastern Africa. Every time a HIPPEAS snack package is sold a portion of the revenue goes towards supporting chickpea farmers in that region of Africa. This helps to lift them out of poverty which carries over to offering their families a better future and their broader community.

When emigrating to the United States, Livio Bisterzo also brought along his wife and three children. They live in the Greater Los Angeles area where they enjoy a number of hobbies and interests.

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Jason Halpern Helmed JMH Development Leads The Way in Setting up Major Real Estate Projects Across the US

Never the kind to rest on its laurels Jason Halpern has led his company JMH Development from one mega real estate project to another across the US. A case in point is the restoration of the historic Motel Ankara with the addition of a new eight-story tower. Rechristened the Aloft South Beach this is 235 room hotel and quite a landmark on Miami Beach.

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

Apart from Miami Beach Halpern has seen his company come up with equally memorable and iconic projects in places like Manhattan and Brooklyn. If JMH is today widely recognized as a full-service real development company with unrivaled expertise in both residential and commercial real estate, it is due in large part to the vision and foresight of Halpern.

Aloft Property: Jason’s Dream

He has ensured that the JMH team became extremely adept at every stage of the development process including due diligence, designing, construction, branding, and marketing. It is not, therefore, surprising to see the company grow the way it has under Halpern’s supervision. Perhaps it runs in his family, as he is the third generation of a family that has run a company for more than 50 years. As a matter of fact, the Halpern family has the building of hundreds of residential apartments in Westchester County, New York, and New York City as well as the construction of millions of square feet of Class A of commercial space in Westchester County to its credit.

Jason Halpern: with Production

However, it is in his passion for building in historic districts that Halpern has carved a unique niche for JMH Development. He takes great care in showing utmost respect to the communities who reside in these districts, and this has earned him and his organization a well-deserved stellar reputation as principled builders with a stake in the community.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

This is further brought out by the fact that Halpern commits a significant portion of his own personal time and resources toward charitable community endeavors. In particular, his involvement in the Joel A Halpern Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center is quite marked regarding the investments that have been made there. What’s more his passion for philanthropy extends to JMH, where a large number of such initiatives have been introduced.

Jason’s Family

It is Halpern’s firm belief that real estate can be not just a growth agent of economic change, but also that of doing good for the society at large. In the coming years one can not only expect him to make his company take up more and more path-breaking real estate projects, both in residential and commercial segments, but also continue to stay invested in charity and philanthropy. Halpern sure is a one of a kind businessman and philanthropist.

The Verdict is in About Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.

Success rarely occurs by chance and never has this statement been more accurate than the story about the success of Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. The company was started in 1991 as a small title and loan processing company. Today it is one of the largest and fastest growing wholesale document processing company in the world.


Many of the top retail lending and mortgage companies rely on and use Nationwide for their primary documents that are used in their closing and mortgage transactions. These are some of the largest mortgage transaction companies in the world.


The importance of the service that is provided by Nationwide is evident if you have ever been involved in a property closing yourself. You know then that certain documents have to be a part of the process. The lien on the property will have to have been released, and the title will have to be cleared to be passed on to the new owner. There are other documents that need to be a part of a transaction, but the principle is clear. If there is an inaccuracy or a lost document, the closing will have to be postponed, or worse yet, a buyer may change his or her mind.


The criteria for companies like Nationwide that customers use for determining who the want to business with are the speed of delivery and the accuracy of the documents. Nationwide has a rate of successful compliance of 99.89% and a failure rate of only .78%. These figures mean that Nationwide is accurate and on time just about 100% of the time.


A big part of the ongoing success of the company revolves around the proper training and monitoring of the employees who work the process. New employees have an intensive three-week training period, and then when they reach their work stations, supervisors continue to shadow them until they are totally immersed in their jobs. The mortgage business has lots of details along the way of the delivery processes, and there are best practices at each step of the way.


Danny Byrnes, Vice President of Sales, says that the 25 years that Nationwide has been in business has given them plenty of opportunities to fine-tune the operations. The auditing of the processes has been done by just about everybody including Nationwide. Also, the investment has been made in people and technology which makes the auditing and processing a matter of course now, as all that experience has been automated to a fine degree.


The Career of Marketing Executive Lori Senecal

One of the leading marketing executives in the United States is Lori Senecal. She is currently the chief executive officer of a company known as Global, This company specializes in providing marketing services and branding to a number of companies. Along with being the CEO of Global, Lori was also the Global Executive Chairman of a company known as KBS. Senecal was responsible for developing the overall marketing strategy for the company as well as putting together its overall vision. She would be responsible for finding ways to improve the branding image of her company as well as that of the company clients. When overseeing the marketing strategy, Lori would also look for the best ways to appeal to the company’s many customers as well. Another major responsibility that Lori had was to help establish a number of key connections with partner agencies.

With her experience in the marketing industry, Lori has frequently solidified her status as one of the top executives in the industry. She has helped her company Global grow into one of the leading marketing firms in the world. As well as helping her firm grow, Senecal has also exhibited top leadership along with improving client relationships. Her leadership skills have enabled her to inspire her subordinates as well as devise strategies that effectively allow the firm to reach its goals on a regular basis. With her ability to build client relationships, Lori has consistently gotten a number of customers to trust her company and remain loyal.

As part of her philosophy, Lori Senecal believes that in order to establish a competitive advantage, you must emphasize innovation and invention. With innovation, a company can come up with new ideas to help improve products and services. They can also be in position to come up with new ones that make things easier and more efficient for consumers. Along with innovation, invention will also help businesses thrive because this allows them to create new things on a regular basis. During her career, Lori assisted a number of companies establish their branding image through invention and innovation. She has enabled many companies such as start ups, content creators and technology companies develop a well known brand based on their ability to create new products and services.

During a recent interview by the New York TImes, Lori talked about her keys to success. One of the things she emphasizes is living a balanced lifestyle. She eats healthy and exercise regularly in order to keep herself in good shape. This also allows her to reduce stress and be more mentally prepared to deal with the challenges she faces in life. Along with living a balanced lifestyle, Lori has stated that her success in marketing stems from her ability to understand and empathize with consumers. This has allowed her to find out what consumers are looking for an assure them that their needs will always be met with the products and services available.

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Adam Goldenberg a mind be hide fashion

Adam Goldenberg and Mr. Ressler are JustFab co-founders and co-CEOs. They built their company into one of the most successful fashion and leading brand industry. Due to that, they put their combination of passion and fun on it, which lead the company takes itself more seriously. Nevertheless, Goldenberg gains a lot of experiences after becoming the youngest COO of a publicly traded company before leaving to start his business.

Mr. Adam Goldenberg is the co-founder of Intelligent Beauty, Inc. in 2006 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. After been on the field of online advertising, he and his partner Ressler decided to start an enterprise. Intelligent Beauty operates businesses in the personal matter, beauty and fashion slot. This firm believes in best and better way to initiate and develop businesses in the market location today, by minimizing technology with responsible of using to brand company.

JustFab after creating a platform for selling its product. It gives a lot of people access to the fashion because they want to valve what they love. The customers appreciate the mind behind this branding industry.

JustFab is now a leading fashion e-commerce firm site. Moreover, its fashion lifestyles have branded to offer its clients and register members an engaging shopping experience ever. Its members have access to content and fashion tips at their website. They also offer shipment of the buying product.

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JustFab becomes TechStyle Fashion Group
TechStyle’s data-driven fashion

The change of name from JustFab Inc. to TechStyle Fashion Group, it aims is to embrace and reflect the company background in technology according to its brands. The companies have tended to offer their new customers with huge discounts. It based on the unsustainable in the extended days on offers. According to Adam Goldenberg, his new firm has captured the essence of what JustFab to become Fashion street.

However, the Techstyle company has the significant commitment to assist other small enterprises in raising capital while developing their brand it goes upon Fabletics. Since the inception of success into the fashion business, Fabletics now based on becoming e-commerce firm and balances their goals.

Adam Goldenberg has known for identifying right available areas on the business market. Adam started when he was just at the age of 16, with gaming network which was most popular mid-1990s. It was his first successful journey started.

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A Golden Opportunity: How Adam Goldenberg Created a Business That Was Just Fabulous

Adam Goldenberg is many things. Some call him a technology and business genius. Others call him a prodigy. All of these things might be true, but one might also call him a teacher. By studying his approach to his various businesses, especially JustFab, one can learn many things about how to start and run a business – and many myths, as well. One myth about running a business is that you have to know all about the products you’re selling before you dive right in. But before Adam Goldenberg and his partner, Don Ressler, started JustFab, Adam says he “didn’t know a peep toe from a Mary Jane”. But he did know an inventive business idea when he saw one, and he knew what to do with it.

The Creation of JustFab

Adam Goldenberg and his business partner had a lot in common. They’d both created and sold successful businesses before most people could drive a car. They’d landed at the same company. And, perhaps most pertinent to their most recent endeavor, they both had a knack for knowing a good business idea when one crossed their minds. Fortunately for fashion lovers everywhere, the idea that crossed Adam Goldenberg’s mind was an affordable way to sell fashion without a brick and mortar storefront. It had to be accessible, affordable, online, and go beyond purchasing an item. His idea was to create a subscription service that delivered amazing style choices to its customers, but also taught them how to change up and improve their wardrobe. He brought Don Ressler into the team, and together they created a fantastic, revolutionary business model that has been incredibly successful.

What Is JustFab?

JustFab is a subscription-based service that allows customers to choose their own style profile on YouTube. Based on your answers to a set of questions and preferences, you get a hand-picked selection of bags, shoes, and accessories to your door every single month for just $39.95. What’s more, their service includes an online branch that essentially acts as a concierge stylist service on, helping you choose the outfits and combinations that are right for your fashion sense. You’ll also receive a helpful booklet that shows you unique ways to combine the contents of the box for unlimited fashion-forward possibilities.

The Future of JustFab

The genius behind JustFab all but ensures its long-term success. However, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are smart enough to know that a flexible business model is important, especially in a world like fashion where things change rapidly. Given that, it’s safe to assume JustFab will not only last, but continue to provide customers with ever-changing options and style help.