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Sheldon Lavin: The Great Personality Behind OSI Group’s Success

Although a company’s success isn’t attributable to one person, the efforts and notable difference of such a person aren’t negligible. Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and chairman of OSI group of companies. It is one of the largest food suppliers in the global market. It was founded in 1909 and has been in existence for the past century. It began as a pure butchery and has expanded today to possess over sixty-five locations as well as subsidiaries and partners all over the globe. The firm has recently taken up significant acquisitions as it continues its expansion into new territories. He has been the CEO of the group for more than four decades bringing in his industry experience. His prior position was as an executive banker. Since his entry, he has managed to expand the company’s global operations significantly. Currently, he has full voting rights after one of the original shareholders sold off his entire shares.


The growth pattern of OSI group was gradual and phenomenal. From what we can call a small and insignificant partnership in the postwar economic times between the companies, it became the sole supplier of fresh ground beef to McDonald’s. Over the years and as McDonald’s grew, the firm became the only supplier of the restaurant’s fresh supplies setting up a great business foundation in the industry. This partnership spurred the firm’s growth in the developing technological times and got a further boost with a shift in management. Sheldon Lavin taking over as the CEO during a time when their business partner was expanding operation globally as well as getting recognized as a global brand was crucial for the firm. Such a robust transformation increased the earnings of the firm and made it one of the biggest companies in the United States.

Major Acquisitions and Joint Ventures

Sheldon Lavin’s global expansion strategies led him to form joint ventures and acquire more companies to increase the company’s reach to other markets. The stretching out initiative has led the firm to establish a significant presence in Brazil, Mexico, Hungary, Poland and the Pacific Rim. The Company, led by Sheldon Lavin has increased its presence in Europe and North America. In the Asia Pacific, the firm jointly acquired K&K Foods and GenOSI. By this time, he had already acquired full control of the company. In the beginning on the 2000’s, OSI group already had an entire global network managed by its head office in its original location, Metropolis. The main management principle instituted by the CEO is the implementation of local supervisory teams that have an excellent comprehension of market. Europe has been the primary focus in the last five years in OSI’s group expansion policies.

Sheldon Lavin is also a philanthropic member of the society and has taken part in very many charities including Ronal McDonald’s House Charities among many. OSI group, via his leadership, has acquired crucial global recognition via receipt of various awards like the Globe of Honor offered by the British Safety Council. Sheldon’s amazing administrative qualities have driven OSI group to worldwide success and profitable growth.

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Talos Energy believes energy trade, between the U.S, Canada, and Mexico will not change.

Many people are wondering what will be the fate of NAFTA, with President Trump’s new tariff’s of 10% and 25% on aluminum and steel heating the debate. This is most likely being used by the president for leverage, to bring Canada and Mexico to the negotiating table. Leaders in the energy industries, worry that any changes in the agreement could effect their industries trade.Currently Mexico and Canada export oil to the U.S. In return the U.S sells fuel and natural gas to Mexico,and crude oil to Canada. A big game changer is the increase of fuel production in America, both in natural gas and oil. The United States is currently the largest producer of natural gas in the world, and the second largest producer of oil.

Mexico on the other hand has has seen a reduction of their oil and gas production, and Canada is experiencing their own problems with oil production.With these main elements in play, Mexico is looking to improve their situation by investing in advancements to their energy sector. In order to raise the substantial capital needed, Mexico is looking for investments from private companies. Talos Energy a company based out of Houston Texas, is one such company that has already invested greatly into Mexico’s energy sector. A global player in the energy sector ENI, is also investing a great deal into the Mexican arena.

Many in the energy sector have their fingers crossed, and are hopping the energy trade between the three countries will not be effected by any changes to NAFTA. A recent statement from Jackie Forrest, Senior Director of Research at ARC Energy Research say’s “I would expect ongoing free trade for energy. It’s a win-win for all parties.”Dana Peterson a Citigroup economist says “the energy sector could end up becoming a political ground.” With all things political, nothing is safe from the chopping block.

Mike Baur Shares Tip Regarding Startups with Upcoming Entrepreneurs

The journey to success is full of struggles. But at times, good-hearted people extend a helping hand. With proper guidance, upcoming entrepreneurs are bound to succeed with time. Among the entrepreneurs who have decided to lend out a helping hand are such as Mike Baur. Mike Baur offers excellent tips on entrepreneurship with company founders.


Background Data

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur based in Freiburg. As the co-founder and board member of the Swiss startup accelerator Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur is well versed with the knowledge that is useful to upcoming entrepreneurs. When it comes to entrepreneurship, Mike Baur acknowledges that every startup begins with an idea. He also states that the idea comes to you naturally depending on various factors. In short, an idea comes to you just like a form of innovation. For example, you may need to access something, but the supply chain might have crumbled, in such a case, you do identify a form of necessity whereby you may decide to bridge the demand and supply gap.

After discovering the necessity, you then formulate an idea which is then brought to life in the form of a startup. Many people always have ideas, but they are always afraid to implement them. As much as people fear the world of entrepreneurship, we must acknowledge the fact that with the current era of technology, it has become easier to reach out to people. By bringing an idea to life and launching a website, you can reach out to as many people since the internet is everywhere. As much as marketing was a nightmare some years back, the new era of technology has come in handy.


Required Qualities for the startup world

Success in the startup world is solely dependent on the following tips; believing that you can succeed, accepting that failure comes about at times, ignoring negativity, working hard and always maintaining the mentioned tips without backing down. It is also good to share ideas. By sharing ideas, you can get feedback, and you may be able to shape your idea into a perfect idea.

Also, when you launch a startup and fail, giving up is not an option. In such a case, you should get back up on your feet, analyze the causes of the failure and proceed as usual. That’s the only way to succeed as a startup. Such dedication shows that you have the entrepreneurial spirit and you cannot back down without achieving what you are meant to accomplish.



Mike Baur is an entrepreneur who offers tips regarding how a startup can be successful. The road might be murky at the start, but with the tips offered by Mike Baur, you are bound to succeed.


Stream Energy Cares About The Community They Service

Stream Energy partnered with Hope Supply Company in Dallas to help combat the homeless crisis that occurred after hurricane Harvey. Hope Supply Company services the Dallas area and provides diapers, clothing and school supplies to Dallas area homeless children. Stream Energy used money that it earned to help fund housing for the displaced and homeless residents who became victims to the flooding that occurred during hurricane Harvey. Over fifty six inches of rain poured down on Dallas and its suburbs. This immense amount of rainfall created hazardous flooding. The flooding alone was bad but when coupled with storm surges and over flowing water ways, the entire Dallas region was in a state of emergency. Disaster recovery was vital in saving lives.

Stream Energy is a direct sales energy company. They wanted to give back to the community and created a philanthropic program that would give back when needed. This program was called “Stream Cares”. In addition to teaming up with Hope Supply Company; Stream Energy has also partnered with The American Red Cross and Habitat For Humanity. One of the benefits of engaging in a philanthropic corporate mindset is the popularity that can be gained within a community. People are more inclined to do business with companies that show care and concern for the residents within their community.

Direct sales representatives meet with potential clients to drum up business for Stream Energy. These sales representatives a variety of services that Stream specializes in. The available services range from discounted rates in telecommunications, clean energy, mobile phone plans and even virtual doctors. Stream representatives market to both residential and commercial business clients. The money raised from the hard work of these direct sales representatives has gone directly into helping the victims of the flooding caused by hurricane Harvey. Stream Energy will continue to raise money to find charitable causes in the Dallas Texas area and surrounding communities.,-TX-jobs.html

Michael Burwell and His Impeccable Real-world Experience That Can Transform Willis Towers Watson

We have to understand that the world of economics, business, and financial planning involves a lot of volatility, rationality, and ergodicity. It doesn’t matter how clever you are, nor does it matter where you got your degree, master’s education or even where you went for your leadership training. Real-world experience has to be the best priority.

Knowledge and ideas are just supplements, because it’s all about generating the right kind of rationality in the context of real-world experience can a leader get the respect that he or she gets. Fortunately for Michael Burwell, he has the formal impeccable educational background, and he also has the real-world time-tested experience of leading a company that makes him fit to now lead Willis Towers Watson as its CFO.


The Man With Passion for Arduous Perseverance

Not many people can say that accounting and finance are exciting jobs. It takes a lot of mental training, candor, discipline, and creativity to be able to bore oneself in the day to day tasks of accounting, mental calculations and facing numbers. Michael Burwell appears to be exceptionally well in this kind of game, as evidenced by the fact that he worked in Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP.

for 11 years as an accounting officer, and an executive holding vice-president roles. We should also include here that the fact that Mr. Burwell has survived the game means that he knows the ins and outs of the business. And the fact that he knows this should indicate that he is where he should be and wants to be, which is right now in being the man behind Willis Towers Watson.

The CEO of Willis Towers Watson could not be more excited in the selection of Michael Burwell as the leader of its finance operations. Mr. Burwell’s experience in finance is unmatched, and his sophisticated understanding of the ins and outs of the financial problems in the world means that he can make Willis Towers Watson even stronger and fitter for bigger future success.

Being stronger doesn’t just make the company grow its profits or extend its market cut and lower its economic sanctions. It could also mean creating more jobs and generating more opportunities for prosperity for every citizen in a country. Michael Burwell’s challenge is to sustain his skills and talents to make sure that the company he runs can grow bigger and wider but not big enough that makes it prone to blow-up. See This Page to learn more.

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Drew Madden Proves Healthcare Is A Worthwhile Investment


Healthcare in the United States is big business. The industry itself is worth an estimated $3 trillion, Pharmacy giant CVS is making moves to purchase Aetna health insurance company and Amazon has acquired pharmacy licenses in 12 states with more states on their radar.

With America spending nearly $10,000 per person on healthcare, and an overwhelming demand for medical innovations, it makes senses that investors would be jumping at the chance to get involved in the health tech industry. Except, up until very recently, the healthcare industry was avoided by the majority of investors and entrepreneurs.

Strict regulations, politics and misinformation have deterred potential shareholders from taking a risk on healthcare in the past. Recently, Initiatives have been launched to make the healthcare market more accessible to investors. Entrepreneurs who were previously fearful of entering an unexplored space have started to take the plunge. The recent moves by Amazon and CVS show that consumerization of healthcare could not only save lives but also result in unprecedented profits.

If anyone understands the true potential of the healthcare market, it’s Drew Madden. Drew Madden is an entrepreneur whose main focus is on the IT sector of healthcare. When Madden was president of Nordic Consulting Partners, a healthcare consulting firm, he grew the company from 10 employees to more than 700 employees. Drew Madden also managed to acquire over 100 new client partnerships. Nordic Consulting Partners made $1,000,000 annually at the start of Madden’s tenure, his passion and leadership skills increased that number to a staggering $130,000,000 in annual revenue. Nordic Consulting Partners was also awarded several KLAS awards for their impact on the quality of patient care through information technology.

Drew Madden’s strategy for success involves assembling a highly skilled team, creating a company that stands out in a crowd and appealing to potential partners who will promote growth.

Drew Madden attended University of Iowa College of Engineering where he obtained a B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering with a focus on Medical Systems. Before joining Nordic Consulting Partners, Drew was employed by Ingenix and the Center Corporation.


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Jeunesse Global hits the big time with NV foundation and bronzer

No one could have predicted that Jeunesse Global, one of the most important global distributors of health and beauty products today, would grow from a garage-based startup to the juggernaut that it is now. The company was founded in 2009 by industry superstars Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The couple had attempted to retire a few months before. But they quickly found themselves growing bored and restless with the slow-paced life of retirement. The excitement and challenge of the entrepreneurial world began calling them back.

Ray and Lewis had both spent their entire careers in the health, beauty and direct-marketing industries. The couple had been responsible for the creation of many of those industries’ top companies. Ray had gained a reputation as one of the most skilled salesmen in North America while Lewis was the business brains behind many of the couple’s operations.

Upon founding Jeunesse, Lewis quickly got to work in looking for market opportunities that were not being well addressed by the biggest players in the health and beauty industry. One result was Jeunesse Global’s foundation and bronzer known as NV.

The idea behind NV was to create a product that would achieve many goals in one while also being highly usable for busy professional women or active mothers without a great deal of free time. Acting as both a foundation and a bronzer, NV can be used with or without makeup. Unlike many other foundations, however, NV is able to imbue the skin with a vibrant and youthful glow. This is a result of the product containing the secret molecule known only as APT-200, which was developed by organic chemists working directly on behalf of Jeunesse Global.

In addition to giving skin a healthy, young sheen, APT-200 also packs a serious anti-aging punch, making NV a potent tool in the fight against existing wrinkles and the appearance of new ones. NV is also one of the only foundations on the market that can additionally act as a mild skin lightener. This is a highly popular feature in the company’s East Asian markets, having ensured that NV sales there are going through the roof.

Who is Michael J. Burwell?

Michael J. Burwell is the new incoming C.F.O. of the company Willis Towers Watson, who replaces Roger Millay at the position. Millay retires on October 2nd, 2017. In examining the fit concerning Michael Burwell in relation to the Willis Towers Watson company it seems as though the company is excited and rather happy to have him as a part of the team. Burwell has 31 years of finance and professional service experience which he gained at PwC or Pricewaterhousecoopers, a tax audit consulting financial firm. At PwC he held positions ranging from head of global transformation and transaction services to C.E.O. and C.F.O. of the U.S. branches, giving him much experience managing at the senior leadership level.

In addition to this Burwell has 11 years of audit experience, and 12 years of transaction services advisory experience which covers pre-merger valuation. In looking at his impact on Willis Towers Watson, we can look at the words of John Haley the C.E.O. of Willis Towers Watson who commented on Burwell’s hire, saying that he personally, as well as those around him are excited to have Michael Burwell on the team, as he is a vital part in the company’s evolution. Furthermore, in addition to this, Haley commented on Michael Burwell’s knowledgeability in subjects ranging from managing and leading to driving results in a global company. His ultimate judgement was that he was confident that Burwell’s specialization in transactions, finance and transformation would aid the company well in guiding Willis Towers Watson towards its long-term growth and further development and integration efforts.

In looking at Willis Towers Watson independently from Michael J. Burwell, we can see that it is a leading global advisory, solutions, and broking company which helps clients worldwide in safely investing their money for non-risky, steady growth. Willis Towers Watson was started in 1828, and today has 40,000 employees which cover an over 140 countries in the company’s service. The company prides itself on its mission which generally seems to be to expand the power of capital to strengthen institutions and individuals through managing risks, optimizing benefits, and cultivating talent. Visit This Page for additional information.

Ultimately Burwell is coming into a culture which is very accepting of his expertise. He is a CPA and has earned his B.A. in Business Administration from Michigan State University. The company Willis Towers Watson is not a completely new page for Burwell in transitioning from his previous company PwC, but it offers more horizon for growth, as he is now the C.F.O., and due to this can make vital decisions in the growth and integration of the company on a global stage.


Tony Petrello Donations Have Changed Lives

Most of the personalities who have invested in the oil drilling department have earned the respect of people in the society. The individuals are very wealthy, and they run very successful emperors. Some of the wealthiest figures in the entire world are those that have invested in this market. Companies in the oil department are extremely successful too. The leaders of these companies are envied by many because of the kind of success they enjoy in their careers. One of the tycoons in the oil drilling department is Tony Petrello. For many years now, Tony has remained to be an influential personality in the American corporate world.

However, very few individuals outside the corporate world know how much the businessman is doing for the community. When Tony Petrello started getting popular, people recognized him as one of the most successful figures in the energy department. The businessman was taking home a great salary, and he was the wealthiest people in the world. Becoming the chief executive officer of a large oil company is not a joke. Nabors Industries has only been doing well because of the great leadership it has been receiving from Tony Petrello. Apart from being a wealthy oil investor, Tony is an individual who is respected because of what he is doing to help communities in the American society.

The businessman has funded numerous initiatives so that he can assist the people who are struggling with their children. When Tony Petrello was growing up, he was passionate about offering his help to the needy people in the community. His life, however, changed for the better when his child was born prematurely. Apart from having challenges when growing up, Tony realized that his daughter was going to need adequate medical care to live a normal life. A lot of medical research would also be needed so that the child could access the care she needed. Tony discovered that many parents were going through the same challenges, and things were tough for them. The businessman decided to help parents going through similar situations by donating money for medical research. Tony has also been supporting people facing disasters in America.

Boraie Development: A Leader in Real Estate Development In New Jersey

New Jersey, one of the densely populated regions in the U.S. is at the brink of a real estate market crisis. Records by Zillow, a real estate tracking agent, show that New Jersey is among the U.S. states with the highest rates and shares of residential mortgages that are delinquent and in foreclosure. This is the reason why New Jersey’s real estate markets are trailing the country. However, the dropping rates of foreclosure and delinquency are a sign of the improved policies and efforts by the authorities such as high rates of employment and formation of households. It is expected that in future, such positive trends will continue as the industry starts to change its focus in resolving shortages and tackling the developing numbers of markets and the affordability crisis.

Mixed Sentiments Regarding the Housing Industry in New Jersey

In a report by Philly Purge, Lawrence Yun, a chief economist at the “National Association of Realtors”, says that the housing shortages are set to intensify and might result in a housing emergency unless the widening gap between the supply and demand of housing is addressed. Considering the shortage of homes for sales and auctions, and the quick pace of selling newly constructed homes, things in New Jersey are likely to get worse. Experts predict that the drop could intensify in the near future.

Despite all this negative reports, New Jersey might just as well defy the odds. Zillow projects that house prices are likely to rise and households can expect better selling conditions in future. The sentiments revolving around house shortages have caused many people to withhold vacant houses from the market. The house owners expect house prices to increase.

A majority of the towns in New Jersey are bracing themselves for revolutionary developments and an increase in apartment buildings. Prices in these towns have gone up in the last couple of months. The most obvious trend amongst these towns is the easy access to transit. These towns are within a few minutes to the transit station, which is an incredible attraction and draw for many prospective home buyers. Economists predict that the real estate markets are set to change because the high interest rates expectations and low house prices will contribute to an increase in the construction of homes. The creation of jobs will further increase the demand for housing. Visit Bloomberg to know more.

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development is dedicated to satisfying the needs of the urban real estate market. The firm works with the most talented and reputable institutions, architects and contracts in an effort to meet the demands and expectations of the housing consumers. With a track record of more than twenty years in real estate development, Omar Boraie Development is among the most sought after real estate firms in New Jersey.

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