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Boraie Development: A Leader in Real Estate Development In New Jersey

New Jersey, one of the densely populated regions in the U.S. is at the brink of a real estate market crisis. Records by Zillow, a real estate tracking agent, show that New Jersey is among the U.S. states with the highest rates and shares of residential mortgages that are delinquent and in foreclosure. This is the reason why New Jersey’s real estate markets are trailing the country. However, the dropping rates of foreclosure and delinquency are a sign of the improved policies and efforts by the authorities such as high rates of employment and formation of households. It is expected that in future, such positive trends will continue as the industry starts to change its focus in resolving shortages and tackling the developing numbers of markets and the affordability crisis.

Mixed Sentiments Regarding the Housing Industry in New Jersey

In a report by Philly Purge, Lawrence Yun, a chief economist at the “National Association of Realtors”, says that the housing shortages are set to intensify and might result in a housing emergency unless the widening gap between the supply and demand of housing is addressed. Considering the shortage of homes for sales and auctions, and the quick pace of selling newly constructed homes, things in New Jersey are likely to get worse. Experts predict that the drop could intensify in the near future.

Despite all this negative reports, New Jersey might just as well defy the odds. Zillow projects that house prices are likely to rise and households can expect better selling conditions in future. The sentiments revolving around house shortages have caused many people to withhold vacant houses from the market. The house owners expect house prices to increase.

A majority of the towns in New Jersey are bracing themselves for revolutionary developments and an increase in apartment buildings. Prices in these towns have gone up in the last couple of months. The most obvious trend amongst these towns is the easy access to transit. These towns are within a few minutes to the transit station, which is an incredible attraction and draw for many prospective home buyers. Economists predict that the real estate markets are set to change because the high interest rates expectations and low house prices will contribute to an increase in the construction of homes. The creation of jobs will further increase the demand for housing. Visit Bloomberg to know more.

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development is dedicated to satisfying the needs of the urban real estate market. The firm works with the most talented and reputable institutions, architects and contracts in an effort to meet the demands and expectations of the housing consumers. With a track record of more than twenty years in real estate development, Omar Boraie Development is among the most sought after real estate firms in New Jersey.

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Susan McGalla Advises and Motivates Women in Marketing Profession

Susan McGalla has been able to help a lot of people realize their full potential. She is a business leader, entrepreneur and a speaker that has motivated a lot of women.

In her role as a creative director with the Pittsburgh Steelers she has been responsible for revamping the clothing line. This is something that she knows a lot about because she has worked in the marketing arena for clothing companies in the past. Susan McGalla has also managed to gain a lot of ground as a business leader that knows a lot about building a better business franchises.

Many women have been inspired by the success that Susan McGalla has had as a corporate leader, and more people are tuning in to hear what she is saying when she speaks. Women are definitely going to benefit from the knowledge that she has, and Susan has no hesitation about sharing what she has learned in the business world. She has become a great resource for a woman that are serious about climbing the corporate ladder.

Susan McGalla knows how the business world works, and she has put her stamp on branding so she definitely can impart valuable wisdom to those that need advice. Susan has become a champion of the people when it comes to pursuing a career and given advice her profession. Many women may have never considered climbing to the top as a CEO, but Susan was prepared to take on this roll more than once.

Her experience as someone that set in a CEO is invaluable to women that are looking for a better position. Investors really had a great amount of respect for the work that she did. People are impressed by her resume, and they are even more engaged when they find out about how much she was taking on in terms of work and personal life. Susan became a mother during the time of her reign as a CEO and she continued to provide strong leadership when she was in the corporate world. She would eventually branch out into business branding on her own.