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How George Soros improves the World through his Charity Work

George Soros is a wealthy businessman who has been listed as the third most philanthropic person on earth. He has accumulated billions of dollars by investing in the financial sector for more than four decades. George Soros currently own a multi-billion dollar hedge fund company that is known as Soros Fund Management. The billionaire comes from a humble Hungarian family and has strived to establish himself. He left his motherland for the United Kingdom in the 1940s to pursue finance studies at the London School of Economics. George had to raise his school fees by taking a job at a railway station and nightclub.

Soros kicked off his career as a finance expert in New York after graduating from London. He got an opportunity to act as a hedge fund manager in different companies across the city. In the 1970s, the billionaire founded Soros Fund Management, which was later renamed the Quantum Fund. Soros has ventured into currency speculation, and in 1992, he earned $1.5 billion from the Bank of England. The Quantum Fund is worth over $30 billion.

Communities across the United States and the rest of the world recognize George Soros for his philanthropy. The liberal billionaire is the chairperson of the Open Societies Foundation, an organization that he founded in 1979. To date, Soros has dedicated more than $12 billion to charity. He advocates for good leadership across the world and has been funding political activities. George Soros facilitated campaigns against the George Bush’s re-election in 2004 by offering a total of $24 million to 500 different groups. He supported President Obama during the 2012 election by donating $1 million to Priorities USA, a PAC that was campaigning for him. In 2013, Ready for Clinton appointed Soros to act as a co-chairperson of its finance committee. He was among Hillary Clintons’ major sponsors during the 2016 presidential election. Priorities USA was supporting Clinton, and he offered it a total of about $9.5 million.

By February 2017, Forbes estimated the retired finance expert’s net worth to be about $24 billion and ranked him 19th on the list of the wealthiest people on earth. The Quantum Fund earns Soros billions of dollars annually. At the Open Societies Foundation, the billionaire supports education, community development, social services, health, and a couple of international causes. The donations that his organization gives are meant to benefit the less privileged people across the world. Born and bred in Hungary, Soros understands the effects of discrimination since he experienced the Nazi Occupation first hand. He currently strives to protect the rights of minority groups such as the Roma in Europe. George Soros also empowered black South Africans during the apartheid rule by funding their education.


LaunchPad Helps Entrepreneurs Through Glen Wakeman

Entrepreneurs would agree that having a mentor makes it easy to succeed. perhaps, having a business mentor increases one’s winning chances in business. Also, having the right tools for business come in handy. In this scenario, Glen Wakeman can be looked up to. He is a mentor and a dedicated instructor. Glen started his journey from Chicago University. He learned finance. He was a dedicated student that put more work in understanding how to manage finances. Glen graduated to start working in a firm that taught him a lot in business. He learned so much in terms of being a leader. He was not only dedicated but also positive about understanding the in-depth ropes of business.

glen wakeman picsss

Career Growth


Glen Wakeman first worked at GE Capital. It was at this firm that he experienced the real working conditions and terms of an employee. He grasped knowledge and transformed the knowledge into experience. Glen was appointed for a leadership position. He worked as a head cheerleader, the chief executive officer. Glen led his team to greatness. He was always committed to giving them the best. Glen then worked for Doral Bank as a chairman. He was in charge of making critical decisions pertaining to the firm. He focused on building a business. Glen has been growing through a long career path. He can be defined as a dedicated individual that has put more work into building his career path.





Glen Wakeman established Nova Four ( At GE, he received public acknowledgment as the greatest leader. As he grew his career, Glen earned a name as a mentor. He would teach his colleagues and junior staff on how to go about challenges concerning business. He was convinced that they needed help. Glen offered the help by engaging them in business. Wakeman is known for revolutionizing business. He is on the forefront of turning things around and is determined to execute strategies that can build businesses. In his company, he controls the development of ideas. LaunchPad offers strategies that can help business people to grow. It is through these strategies and platforms, that most of Glen’s clients have grown businesses.

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How Omar Yunes’ Sound Business Strategies Makes him the Best Franchisee

The annual Best Franchisee in the World (BFW), 2015 edition held its event in December in Florence, Italy where they announced Omar Yunes as it the overall winner. He managed to make it to the 8 final contestants after several weeks of sheer hard work. Immediately after his announcement as the winner, he took to the podium to thank his ever supportive and industrious 400-member team for staying focused and true to their mission. Thanking the organizers of the event for recognizing their efforts, he attested that such avenues continually build the spirit of teamwork and diligence in the industry and read full article.


FBW: pacesetting in the Global Business Landscape

True to their commitment, FBW exhibits a keen interest in motivating various franchises in the ever competitive food industry. With their efforts geared towards recognizing these entities, they measure the growth of a company’s network, brand and its overall revenue. It is on the basis of the above factors that Omar Yunes emerged the victor, hence becoming a testament to long years of dedication to growth through building a unique brand for the company and contact him.


Omar Yunes’ Leadership Roles

After Omar Yunes’ debut in the food industry at the age 21, it became crystal-clear that it was just a stepping stone to a greater future that laid idle ahead of him. Starting from a single Japanese restaurant, in Mexico City, with less than 10 employees on his side. His dedication, diligence, and shrewdness built his fortunes as he expanded to over 10 units of the franchise in less than a decade, and also took his tally of employees to slightly above 400. As he always confides to any upcoming entrepreneur in the food industry, it took him a lot of efforts in building a team of reliable and reputable persons. Through them, he saw a possibility of forging the future of the company together and better still enacting the vision of the company. In this realization, the company’s clientele base took an upward trajectory with a consequent increase in financial prospects. Omar Yunes’ commitment to enacting sound business policies have also changed the fortunes for the employees’ welfare that has led to their productivity in all their service delivery endeavors and learn more about Omar Yunes.

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The Cambria Estate Winery: A Traditional Vineyard of Success

Julia JacksonJust like everything else in life, a wine companies come and go. These fly-by-night companies can be found in every industry as well as in every field of work. Convenience is the name of the game in today’s society, but today’s society lacks traditional values. Fortunately, when it comes to producing wine, Cambria Estate Winery has remained true to its core values as it goes by the method of quality rather than quantity. Cambria Estate Winery is owned by Barbare Banke, but her immediate family members hold prominent positions within the company’s stake. Julia Jackson, daughter of Barbara Banke, is a wine connoisseur, and she provides multiple services for the estate.Julia just so happens to be the daughter of the late Jess Jackson. Jess was a vinification expert in a sense as he was the founder of Jackson Family Wines. As you can see, everything is tied in together and that is how traditional values operate. Jess Jackson instilled hard work, prayer and ethics into each of his children.Julia Jackson

Their professional attitude and respect for the craft can be witnessed to this very day. Julia didn’t start out as interested in the business as her siblings did. She participated in modeling, and she went to school at Stanford University as well as Scripps College. After a degree or two, Julia spent time in France and this is when she found her passion for the industry. Julia followed in her mother’s footprints and opened her own nonprofit organization. Seeds of Empowerment is self explanatory as it celebrates the acceleration of women in the workplace. Julia also has her own vineyard as it falls under Cambria Estates. Tepusquet Vineyard Syrah is one of the company’s richest, deep-purple berry wines. All in all, traditional values are still intact here thanks to the essence of Jess Jackson.

Desiree Perez Is One Of The Executives Who Broke Records In 2016

For the first-time streaming led the sales in the United States music business in 2016. This accounted for the double-digit growth that has not been seen for two decades. Music sales increased 11.4 percent with the highest annual increase since 1998 for a total of $7.65 billion. The top executives of the Billboard’s Digital Power Players are responsible for these record-breaking numbers. They were selected for their roles in the industry sectors including record labels, streaming services, social media platforms, and music publishers. These individuals are redefining the music business for the future.

Desiree Perez was one of the power players with numerous recent wins. Sprint paid $200 million for 33 percent of Tidal in January sending the streaming service to over 45 million customers of Sprint. An exclusive stream to Sprint and Tidal customers on June 30th placed their album in the number one position in the Billboard 200. Tickets to an upcoming tour for Jay-Z are being offered exclusively through Tidal due to their new deal with Live Nation for $200 million. Desiree Perez has assured Tidal’s footing by bringing Sony Music’s previous Senior Executive Richard Sanders in as the company’s new CEO and learn more about Desiree Perez.

Desiree Perez has been a vital part of the entertainment industry for a long time. She is married to Juan Perez who leads Roc Nation Sports and her reputation for accounting and negotiations is outstanding. Her history is filled with stories regarding her management abilities including the well-known deal she made with Samsung for Rihanna and Desiree Perez’s lacrosse camp.

As a business owner Desiree Perez has finalized deals that have brought the highest profits and best artists to Tidal. She is a large part of the reason so many people continue to sign up with Tidal. She is an incredible force behind the scenes as she carries out deal after impressive deal. Her instincts and mindset are exactly what Tidal needs and more information click here.

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How Jason Halpern has Established Landmark Buildings

Jason Halpern is a professional in the development of real estate properties. His family has generations of experts in the sector, and they are based in New York. They have been in the real estate construction business for over 50 years. Halpern’s family owns a development firm that has built and controls over one hundred residential and commercial buildings that are located in different areas of the Westchester County and New York City. The company also established top-notch housing that offers millions of square feet spaced, which they rented out to individuals who needed business space.

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

Mr. Halpern gained his first real estate development experience by working at the Halpern Development, which was created by his father. He then established the JMH development that has focused on constructing excellent real estate property in the top tourist and residential cities. They include Miami, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. The firm buys land and builds remarkable buildings. Jason is passionate about his real estate development undertakings, and he inspires the staff of his enterprise to be innovative. JMH Development has been partnering with various companies in the sector to purchase landmark buildings and reconstructing them into top-notch residential units that are leased to people. The firm has also been devoted to offering job opportunities in various cities where it runs real estate projects.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

JMH Development has constructed several buildings that are well recognized. They include the luxurious Aloft South Beach hotel, which was formed by transforming the historical Motel Ankara. The company joined efforts with other development firms such as Madden Real Estate Adventures, ADD, Inc., and Plaza Construction to complete the project. The Miami Beach hotel has 235 rooms, and it is adjacent to Lake Pancoast and Collins Canal. Jason’s company also created a residential building at the 184 Kent Avenue by transforming an old warehouse. The Brooklyn-based property has about 340 luxurious rental units. Another notable work of the real estate development firm is the reconstruction of the Townhouses of Cobble Hill into nine high-class townhouses that are located in Brooklyn.

DanieldelaVega, AvivSiso, Laura Garcia, LouisBuckworth, ThomasJuulHansen and JasonHalpern

Jason is also a committed to supporting people in the United States and other parts of the world. He is usually involved in several activities in his company, but he still finds time to help the community in various ways. He has been offering financial contributions to assist the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center in running its activities. The medical facility is recognized as a Level 1 Trauma Center since it has adequate machinery and professionals to handle emergency heart problems. It offers services such as neurosurgery, open heart surgery, orthopedic surgery, controlling internal bleeding, and fixing fractures. JMH is also a charitable company. It has established projects that are devoted to offering clean water in Nepal and Egypt.

Equities First Holdings-With Growth Comes Expansion

Equities First Holdings is pleased to announce that an increase in international growth has warranted an expansion and relocation of their offices in Melbourne, Australia. The new office will be located at 287 Collins Street on the second level. The move is due to rapid growth and will facilitate the existing staff as well as provide room for further expansion as business grows.The two other locations in Australia will remain open in Sydney and Perth to the best accommodate business in those geographic regions. With over a 50 percent increase in workforce, the expansion could not come at a better time. Expansion has already taken place at Equities First Holdings, Indianapolis location in the United States.

Equities First Holdings holds operations on four continents. North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, with projected future expansion into other countries as well.Equities First Holdings is an investment holdings company that distributes capital into a company in return for equities or stock in a company. This can be an advantage to the company because of the low interests terms on the loan.

The money given to the company can be used to expand, finance new product development and launch new products, basically any venue that would be used to increase the companies net worth.A non-recourse stock based loan by Equities First is perfect for companies looking for additional capital to expand their new or already existing business. It is more attractive than a conventional bank loan because the loans are provided with a better interest rate.

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Tony Petrello; The Man Behind the Success of Nabors

Tony Petrello; The Man Behind the Success of Nabors

Anthony Petrello is the current chairman and CEO of Nabors Industries. The Bermuda-based company is one of the largest providers of offshore drilling rigs. It is also the top natural gas and geothermal drilling contractor in the world. Its major operating market is the US. It also offers drilling services in other parts of the world that produce significant oil and gas. Anthony plays a huge role in sustaining growth and profitability of the company. Anthony Petrello is also known as Tony. He started Anthony Petrello career in Baker & Mackenzie law firm immediately after completing his education at Harvard Law School. He worked at the law firm from 1979 to 1991. Tony had risen to the position of managing partner by the time he left the company.

Mr. Petrello joined Nabors as its chief operating officer in 1991. He did not last long in this position. He was appointed the president in 1992. He became the deputy chairman of the company after ten years in the position. He served in this position until June 2012 when he took over the role of chairperson. He was the CEO of Nabors Industries before this. Tony’s other senior roles outside Nabors include director of Texas Children’s Hospital, Hilcorp Energy Company, and Steward & Stevenson. He strongly advocates for an increase in clinical programs and research on children affairs at Texas.

Mr. Petrello’s cumulative compensation in 2015 amounted to $27,512,939 owing to various high-level roles that he holds in different organizations. This includes a bonus of $7,727,000 and a salary of $1,580,077. The remainder was stock and other compensations. He is one of the best-paid CEOs in the US. AP and Equilar ranked the top 50 paid CEOs in 2013.

Mr. Petrello made it to the top. He did not defend the title in 2014 due to the withdrawal of compensation plans by the company shareholders. The company’s share price went up by 180% since his elevation as the head of Nabors. The shareholders failed to back the generous bonus scheme for the executive even with this impressive growth.

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