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Iconic Fashion Photog Bill Cunningham Left Behind Secret Memoir; Release In September

He was always known as a private man and one heck of a fashion and society photographer, but now, fans of the late Bill Cunningham will learn a lot more about him.

The famous New York Times photographer passed away in 2016 at age 87, but he left the world something special that is just coming to light now, a secret memoir. According to a report in Town & Country magazine, the book will hit store shelves in September, on time for New York Fashion Week. Cunningham had told no one that he had been writing a book, and it’s not clear exactly when he finished penning his memoir.

The book is called “Fashion Climbing” and was found among his possessions in two clean typescripts with a pack of multiple drafts. He was a successful talent with the NY Times for some 40 years and admired for his craft and specialty of street-style photography. He also left behind a huge cache of photo archives now worth $1 million.

Amazon has released a teaser to the book that you can read here.

Bill Cunningham grew up in a strict Catholic home in Boston, Mass. He made it to Ivy League’s Harvard but dropped out and moved to New York City in 1948, the fashion capital of the world. He loved women’s clothing and accessories and as a young artistic boy growing up, he mentioned in the book that he had a hard time concentrating on Sunday services in church because he was “too busy concentrating on women’s hats.”

Jacqueline Kennedy was a fan of Bill Cunningham’s fashion attitude while she was the first lady. He was the person she got in touch with to dye her red Balenciaga suit black for President John F Kennedy’s funeral.

Camera buffs are always interested in the camera models the famous photographer used. An old-school Nikon FM2 and a digital Nikon D40x were Cunningham’s favorites.