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Alex Pall Elaborates His Journey Towards Shaping His New Identity

Alex Pall is part of the duo that makes the Chainsmokers. The pair that has focused on electronic music recently had an interview with Mathias Rosenzweig of Interview Magazine. He wanted to know how they were getting along after the release of their awaited song “closer” featuring Halsey, the star-of-the-moment. Alex and his partner talked openly about how they planned to establish their identity and unfold with their expanding audience.According to Alex, the two met through their manager. He was DJing around New York when his desire for electronic music grew and he decided to give it a shot and immediately found a new partner.

When Rosenzweig asked about how they knew they could work together, Alex replied saying, both knew what they wanted, had the same core values and were willing to take risks towards shaping the same identity. His ally, Taggart, agreed with him as he responded to Mathias on the challenges they faced as a DJ duo making electronic music. He said that the fact that a million people were doing the same thing, one had to imitate what’s going on around until they can develop skills to make something unique.

The pair moved Rosenzweig because unlike their peers, they sang their compositions. Alex told him that they were at a point where anything they did contributed to shaping their identity. They preferred doing their songs so that each song in an album of 10 songs would have a relation with the other. He told the magazine that working with Halsey was an incredible opportunity because she was a great artist both vocally and even when performing.

Alex Pall was grateful for social media for helping them reach a wider audience, something that excited them. Andrew backed him up saying that as they grew their music evolved from targeting only the college students to reaching a below 15 and over 30 audience. They told Mathias that they were pushing so hard to have every fan catered for by changing their visuals on their shows. The two are determined to give their fans new experiences each time.

Lawrence Bender’s Role in Film and Philanthropy

Lawrence Bender is an established name in Hollywood, producing many great films of the last 3 decades. He was born in The Bronx, New York City, but he moved to New Jersey at a young age. Originally, pursuing a career in civil engineering, he went to school at the University of Maine. He found himself in the film industry instead, initially working as a grip on Tales from the Darkside. Briefly, he also considered a career in dance, but he was sidelined by an injury.

Bender’s first film production came in 1989, but he didn’t see true success until 1992 with Reservoir Dogs. This movie began a lucrative partnership between Lawrence Bender and Quentin Tarantino. The duo went on toe create A Band A Part, the production company that handled a majority of Tarantino’s directorial works.

A couple of years after Reservoir Dogs was released, Pulp Fiction, Bender’s next blockbuster was released. Tarantino and Bender teamed up again to make another American movie classic.

Pulp Fiction takes on the perspective of several characters as the movie tells its story in a non-chronological order. The primary plot consists of a gangster trying to retrieve a valuable briefcase, even hiring two hitmen to pursue it.

Other point of view characters in the film are a professional boxer and the wife of the gangster.

The film is known for its quotable lines, specifically a particular scene where Jules Winnfield, played by Samuel L. Jackson, recites a fictitious bible verse, which many today believe to actually be in the book.

The film stars John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, and Ving Rhames.

More About Lawrence Bender

Lawrence Bender is known among Hollywood as a philanthropist, often holding big parties for fundraising efforts. He has been awarded by the ACLU for his altruistic actions and given the Torch of Liberty Award. Lawrence Bender is also on the Advisory Board at the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability of the UCLA.