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Great Achievements of Talk Fusion

Recently, Talk Fusion Video Chat was recognized by Technology Marketing Corporation as the best 2016 Communications Solutions Products. This is the second prestigious award Talk Fusion Video Chat has received this year. Communications Solutions Products Award of the Year acknowledges video communication firms that have brought about great innovations by bringing data, video communication products and voice to the market place basing on the previous year. Those who participate in these competitions represent the best in designing of services and products for clients in the present market.

Nobody is more excited and proud than Bob Reina who is the founder and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion. He is delighted that his firm has managed to win another big award for its amazing product. According to Mr. Reina, Talk Fusion IT team has established big plans for customers in the future and is dedicated to providing cutting edge solutions to all clients.

Revolutionary Cross-Communication Platform

Talk Fusion Video Chat is powered by WebRTC technology and allows all its users to keep in touch with anyone, at any place and on any device whether a desktop, tablet or a smartphone. This video chat app can be found on Google play for those using android devices and iTunes for clients using iPhones. This second award clearly shows the high momentum that Talk Fusion has maintained since March 2016 when this video chat app full version was officially launched.Ryan Page, Chief Technical Officer of Talk Fusion feels that this award is a clear confirmation of bigger goals to come. According to him, this achievement is a testimony of innovative and efficient works of the Talk Fusion team.

About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is the home of first all-in-one solutions for video marketing around the globe. This firm is highly committed and dedicated to assist enterprises increase profits and sales as well as develop mechanisms to curb competition and maintain good customer relations. Talk Fusion offers innovative and dynamic ways of making marketing more memorable, persuasive and engaging by use of video. This firm was founded in 2007 and has grown tremendously in its line of operations thus recording impressive returns.


Skout Purchased By MeetMe

Skout is the mobile app that connects friends with pictures, and it has become the latest acquisition by MeetMe. MeetMe has added Skout to their arsenal because of the immense popularity of the app, but Skout does much more than allow users to look at pictures. This article explains how Skout brings more friend-making power to the MeetMe family.

#1: Skout Allows Many Levels Of Friend-Making

Skout allows users to upload their own pictures to their profiles, and the profiles are moderated to eliminate inappropriate photographs. The Skout team works carefully to ensure every user has a nice experience on the app, and the users only go so far as flirting. The application provides a place where friends may meet each other using nothing but a friendly snapshot.

#2: Skout Is A Boon For Businesses

MeetMe has done well to acquire Skout because there is a place for businesses within Skout. The majority of customers are users who wish to make a few friends, but there are quite a few customers who own businesses. Their businesses are featured on their Skout accounts, and someone searching for friends may run across a business with an image that is enticing.

#3: Meeting People From Around The World

Skout is a global app that invites in friends and businesses from all parts of the globe. The friends and businesses often come together on Skout because travelers need services when they land in parts unknown. They will have people to connect with when they travel, and they will have new businesses/friends to see once they land.

#4: Skout Has Its Own Niche

Skout has created its own niche by allowing users to connect with photographs, and the photographs may portray the personality of the user. There are quite a few people who will meet people they instantly connect with because of the pictures they see. There are many forms of connection that provide people with assurance they are speaking with someone real. Skout brings MeetMe a genuine place for connection that helps everyone participate when they are seeking new online connections.

The connections created on Skout are a boon for MeetMe, and the company has provided a platform for users to connect with anyone who wishes to see them. Flirting may take place on the app, but it is a place where everyone may come together with help from a mobile phone application.

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Skout Is A Very Popular Network For Many Reasons

The Nation, a website which is also a newspaper/magazine, has published a short list of suggested applications for those who have smartphones. The applications on the list are great for anyone who likes to use their phone to stream videos, especially if they are on the go. Those who like to edit or create videos can also find information about an application that does this. The Skout network has also been listed as a suggested application, especially since it’s a humongous dating network with socializing capabilities. Those that are interested in checking out the list as well as why these applications made the list can go to The Nation website.

Skout has everything that any social media network fan could ever need, but Skout is also a network that’s meant for dating as well. If someone wants to go onto a social media network to look for friends, a business partner, or just someone from a different country, then they can easily be accommodated on the Skout network. Instead of just looking for friendship on the Skout network, it’s easy enough to look for a date, especially if the person wants to date locally or even internationally. With all the possibilities that Skout has available, it’s no wonder why it’s such a popular network.

Currently, over 220 million users have joined the Skout network as members, and every single month, another million users will join the network based on statistics. Why are so many people joining Skout? The reason why Skout has become so incredibly popular is because of the fact that their users have a diverse way to use Skout. No person is required to date when they are on Skout, and no person is required to make friends when they are on Skout either, it’s completely up to the Skout user what they’ll do on the network, and many users love this.

A person can easily go on to the Skout network one day and decide that they want to start a group so people can get together and exercise every week. These users may find friends on the Skout network and start talking about exercising, which can be any type of exercise, especially jogging, and then the group may commence from there. The persons may gather on Skout on a weekly basis to talk about future meetings and gathering places, and this is not something that happens once in a while on Skout but what happens very often.

Those who are not into creating groups or even making friends on Skout still have a lot that they can gain from the network.  Skout has a search engine that can be used to help a person look for someone that they might like, and what’s even better is the fact that Skout has location services via a GPS. Those looking for love locally can find love on Skout.