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Why manufacturers are turning to cloud-based

IAM can be defined as internet and access management. This is a web service that enables one to control access to AWS resources. AWS resources are resources that Amazon web services. Amazon services offer reliable, inexpensive and scalable cloud computing services. In this particular article, we look at the reasons manufacturers are opting to use cloud computing services.

Contemporary manufacturing organizations look at cloud computing services as a tool that can enable their businesses to achieve organizational success. At a reduced cost they look forward to simplified identity management, security and increased agility across their supply chains.

OneLogin has come up with a solution to the problems facing manufactures. The first solution looks at not only saving IT time but also improves on user productivity. It does this by centralizing each employee’s apps in a single location for easy and quick access with a single secure password.

OneLogin through automated process enables streamlining user onboarding and offboarding. It is empowered with IR systems that make it easier for employees to get into and leave the company at their pleasure. The process becomes smoother, time-saving and simplified.

According to OneLogin, they cover comprehensively about employees using personal devices to access corporate data. OneLogin has acquired Adaptive authentication which is an improved breed of MFA. When employees attempt to sign in using their devices adaptive authentication uses machine learning to analyze a number of factors. The system looks into factors such as geographical location, time of the day one is accessing, network familiarity, and the login device. It tends to look for Abnormality in the factors highlighted above. The system responds dynamically by asking for additional authentication factors when unusual activity is detected.

OneLogin Web Access Management simplifies the process of legacy infrastructure. It does this by integrating with the web users to secure access to legacy applications. At the same time, while streamlining the legacy infrastructure, it connects to OneLogin cloud directory for the full set of cloud IAM features. Through OneLogin manufacturers have preferences in setting up their accounts on one cloud directory.