Casio Audi Is a Legend In Music

The Bird in the Band
Casio Audi noticed that he could sing as sweetly as a bird when he was still a child. His parents and teachers praised him for his musical skills right from an early age. The passion drove Casio to join school and church bands, and most times, he took the leading roles. However, as time progressed, his interest diverged to the instruments. He noticed that, albeit many kids could sing, they could not play instruments. To complete the band in his many teams, he took a keen interest in the drum, keyboard, and guitar. His main interest though was in the drum.

Viper Rock Band
After College, Casio founded the Viper Rock Band, albeit he was the last member to join the group of five singers. It was only with Casio’s arrival that they decided to go commercial with their music. The other members were Filipe Machando, Andre Machado, Pit Passarel, and Yves Passarel who were brothers. The band was formed in 1985 and it Casio remained an active member until 1989 when he left for business-related courses.
The Singer and Leader
Casio not only sings but also he is a leader and a motivator. Upon joining the band, he motivated the other four members to better their skills to compete effectively in rock music. He also became the group disciplinarian, ensuring that all members attended the practice sessions. Casio also followed them up to ascertain that the assignments were completed before the meetings began. The other band members thank Casio for having organized them and pushed them to success.
The Albums
The Viper band produced two very popular albums, which were played in many regions of the world. The first album was called The Killer Sword and it contained tracks such as Killera and Princes from Hell. The second album was called The Soldiers of Sunrise, and it was launched in three continents.

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