Boraie Development LLC has Helped a City Achieve Greatness

It is not very often that we look at businesses and think they have compassionate souls. However, thanks to the president of Boraie Development LLC, Omar Boraie, Boraie Development LLC is full of compassion and tenderness. They have bought into their patriarchs’ vision, and that vision, not only changed the company, but it saved the city of New Brunswick and New Jersey is grateful.

It was the vision of Omar Boraie and Boraie Development LLC to resurrect this fallen city. Boraie Development LLC, according to their site,, used $150 million over a period of 30 years to invest in the appropriate areas so that the city could grow. These four areas of life were families, current businesses, new businesses, and residential for professionals. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms.

By focusing on families, Boraie Development LLC ensured that the city would always have a stream of generations who could make it thrive. Recently, according to a wonderful article by the “New Jersey Stage”, Boraie Development LLC has made a deal with the State Theater to provide a summer of free movies to the community. The movies were seven in all, most of them Disney. They included modern hits like Frozen and Despicable Me and Monster University, along with classics such as, E.T., Babe, and Aladdin. Over 7,500 people came to enjoy these movie nights with their families.

This wonderful even has now grown into an annual tradition. The free movie nights in the summer has expanded from just families and now attracts church youth groups, summer camps, 4H clubs, and even nursing homes.

The type of business that Boraie Development LLC is running is that of social entrepreneurship. This is a business philosophy that says businesses, along with making money, should be positively impacting their communities in some way. This not only makes the area a better place to live, but also shows a softer side of the company which makes customers more willing to do business with them. For more details check out Fundacity.

Boraie Development LLC certainly has done many wonderful things for the good city of New Brunswick, Jew Jersey. In fact, a recent article published from has listed Boraie Development LLC and its president, Omar Boraie, as the main reason New Brunswick thrives today.

We need more businesses like Boraie Development LLC and presidents like Omar Boraie. The majority of us view corporations like heartless machines. However Boraie Development LLC shows us a kinder side.

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