Betsy DeVos Is Likely To Change the Education System Entirely

Betsy DeVos is the U.S. Secretary of Education as nominated by the President Donald Trump. Betsy has shown much interest in the field of education over the years as she feels the public school system is not beneficial. In an interview, she said that the public school system discriminates against the children from the wrong zip codes and denies them the opportunity of attaining the American dream. As a result, Betsy encourages parents to transfer their kids to Voucher and Charter schools, albeit their tuition fees are higher. She says that the latter offer kids better chances of making it in life and are more conducive.

Betsy’s interest in Voucher and Charter schools dates back to some few decades when she and her husband Dick DeVos attended a school meeting at the Potters House School, which is owned by Bishop Thomas Jakes a televangelist and renown entrepreneur. In the parents’ meeting, Betsy realized that most parents felt that the school was safer and offered a better learning environment for their kids. As a result, many did not mind the fact that its fees were higher or they could not afford, they still enrolled their kids. Upon further research, Betsy realized that parents, who were unable to continue paying fees caused their kids a sudden stop in progress as the kids most times dropped out of school. Consequently, Dick and Betsy started supporting the less privileged kids pay their tuition fees, not only in Potters House School but also in other similar schools. The couple has been in support of these programs since that time. In fact, Betsy says that most of her philanthropic giving is towards education related courses. She gives to cause a reform in the fields and to offer the American students a better future. In her words, education is the only way generation can be empowered.

Many people fault Betsy DeVos for her political giving but they fail to release that her charitable giving is far much more. In fact, her political giving is just pocket change compared to her philanthropic giving. Case in point, in 2015, Betsy and Dick DeVos gave $139 million in charitable giving and only $6 million in political giving. The couple gives through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. They say that their parents taught them good stewardship of their resources could only be archived through giving. Consequently, the couple gives, not as show off but as a way of fulfilling legacy.

In her current position as the Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos is expected to make many changes to the education system, especially to the old public system. Those who are dear to the system say that they fear that she will entirely overhaul it. Nevertheless, Betsy says that the welfare of the children is her priority.

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