BenefulIncredibites are made with small dogs

BenefulIncredibites are made with small dogs in mind. This is a special dog food designed for small breeds, not puppies, adult small breeds. Some examples, of small breeds this food is intended for are Chihuahuas, Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers, Pugs, and Maltese, and any other breed that is around that size. BenefulIncredibites are made from either real chicken or real beef. The meat is the first and largest ingredient, it also has whole grain corn, barley, and rice. Dogs enjoy BenefulIncredibites so much because the primary ingredient is real meat and it is easy for smaller breed dogs to eat. Incredibites with chicken dry dog food sells for $13.99 for 15.5 lb bags. There is Incredibites wet dog food which is avaialable in a variety pack and sells for $14.94 for 27 three ounce cans. There are many $2.00 BenefulIncredibites coupons available online at different coupon websites. BenefulIncredibites with real chicken is a very popular flavor for dogs. There are 366 calories per cup in the beef flavor and also in the chicken flavor. BenefulIncredibites is also available in dog treats for small breed dogs. They are availabile in real chicken and carrots flavor and sell for $5.39 for a 12 ounce bag.

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