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Lime Crime Makes A Statement

Makeup should do two things. First and foremost, it should always make you feel flawless. Makeup is around to help a person gain the confidence that they need in day to day life. Sometimes, a person will not feel very good about a certain part of their body. Maybe their lips aren’t full enough or their face has a blemish. There’s nothing wrong with that. Makeup is around to make a person feel beautiful again and it doesn’t matter what anyone else things.

Makeup is also around for another reason. It helps a person become who they want to be. It helps them convey the person they feel on the inside. One person who really understands makeup is Doe Deere. She’s essentially a makeup legend and always looks flawless. Now, everyone can nail a look just like hers. That’s because Doe Deere has a makeup company called Lime Crime.

Lime Crime makeup is run online  and listed in popular stores like Urban Outfitters and Dolls Kill, and it offers the brightest and most fun products out there. Not to mention, they are all high-quality. Lime Crime offers everything from lipstick to eyeshadows and much more. Their line of lipstick has almost every color imaginable. It’s the colors that most people can’t find anywhere else. These include bright colors like oranges, purples, blues, pinks, and many more shades. The same colors can be found in their eyeshadows and eyeliner. Of course, there is glitter as well.

Lime Crime makeup is for those who want to turn heads. This makeup is so much more than just something that enhances physical features. This makeup is part of a lifestyle. It’s for those who want to show that they’re not afraid to take risks with their makeup. Lime Crime makeup has products that are truly a higher caliber than others. These products glide on smoothly and last for long periods of time. No longer does someone have to keep running to the bathroom to apply new lipstick or a new coat of eyeshadow. Overall, Lime Crime is truly a company that is for those who love makeup and want to branch out and try something different.  Follow the Lime Crime Twitter for brand updates.

As Prices Fall, Soros Drops Energy


According to an article published by The Street, investors may be wary of putting money into, or keeping their investments in energy stocks for much longer. If the reporting is turns out to be accurate, this spells an uncertain trading future in what was often considered a safe investment by even the most successful of investors.

George Soros, famed philanthropic billionaire, had let go of several holdings in the energy sector at the end of 2015. Through the Soros Fund Management, his private investment firm Soros relinquished his holdings in NRG Energy, Chesapeake Energy and Chevron. When it comes to energy markets, few are as big and well known as these three, so why would Soros, a gifted and tested investor, simply walk away from what was likely a sizable portion of his portfolio? Could he know something other investors don’t, and should they follow his lead?

It’s no secret that oil prices have been dwindling over the last two years, performing well under estimates from practically any source worth checking. Conflict in the Middle East between several nations and ISIS have made matters worse, and it seems only Russia and Saudi Arabia have the inclination and ability to cut oil production in hopes of raising the value of their remaining stores. But this hasn’t affected much for the better.

Trouble in this market could be traced back to 2014. Since then, the price of a barrel of oil has plummeted by 73%, which no doubt helped Soros in making his decision to get rid of those stocks. And beyond these markets problems are compounded for the millions of Americans working in the energy sector, making up about 5% of the country’s overall workforce, impacting the nation’s GDP and the economy of interaction nations abroad. How this affects the overall economy could be determined in numbers provided by Goldman Sachs. According to their analyses, consumers in the US devotes a third of all its spending in energy, and a quarter of all research and development projects are dedicated to energy solutions. That’s a great deal of money taken out of circulation with the new price of crude, and if like Soros an investor has money in energy, it may be wise to move it now.

George Soros is a native of Hungary, but fled during the Nazi occupation of his country for the United States. There he had a rough start to a financial career that would eventually progress, making him one of the most successful investors in the world.

Apart from his professional career, Soros has also worked for human rights across the world. With Open Society Foundation, Soros has coordinated with human rights groups, fighting for transparency and against oppression for over forty years.

Yeonmi Park Reveals Her Story Of Abuse On Her Journey To Freedom

The government of North Korea has recently been taking aim with a propaganda campaign against 22 year old Yeonmi Park, who has become one of the most outspoken campaigners against the Communist regime. In a article the story of Yeonmi Park has been told with details of her journey from North Korea to freedom in South Korea, which took her from escape in 2007 to her arrival in South Korea in 2009.

The story of the escape of Yeonmi Park from North Korea begins with her father looking to provide food for his family, which despite his high ranking government role he was struggling to do. After selling goods via the black market to pay for food the patriarch of the family was sentenced to hard labor in a North Korean jail, which would be the first stage in the family looking for escape.

Park, her mother, and sister were the first members of the family to head for freedom under the supposed protection of people smugglers they linked up with after crossing the freezing waters between North Korea and China. The family faced tremendous hardships at the hands of the smugglers and would later find themselves facing issues like starvation and thoughts of suicide a constant issue.

After arriving in South Korea after an almost two year journey to South Korea Yeonmi park decided to reveal the truth about her time living under the Communist regime, and the details of her journey. Park completed a memoir “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom”, which has led to her appearing in many different forms of media and at major public events. Yeonmi Park stated on Reason,com she has refused to be silenced by a campaign against her by North Korean officials, and continues to work to raise the awareness of the problems facing those living under the regime; the plight of refugees seeking to escape closed societies has become a major cause for Park, who wishes to make sure her voice is heard as the many issues of these problems remain a topic for discussion.



Yeonmi Park Exposes Harsh Life in North Korea

Yeonmi Park, an author and a defector from North Korea, recalls her childhood in this impoverished nation of 25 million people. The whole population lives in fear and some citizens are tortured, or even killed, often for no good reason.

The current dictator, Kim Jong-Un, inherited the country after his equally brutal father, Kim Jong-Il, who in turn was the son of North Korea’s founder, Kim Il-Sung. How far Kim Jong-Un is willing to go? It looks like he’s willing to go as far as he likes, which had been seen in a recent execution of his own uncle.

The Army generals also get executed if Kim Jong-Un doesn’t like them according to NK News. He even executed a singer because he got bored of her. This 33-year-old has been educated in Switzerland, yet acts as a Middle Ages tyrant.

Yeonmi Park was able to escape from North Korea with her mother when it was ruled by current leader’s father, Kim Jong-Il. She recalls on The Reason TV seeing the pictures of the “Supreme Leader” everywhere. These were as common as seeing people starving and dying on the street. It came to the point that she even thought that he could be in her own head, hearing her thoughts- such was the fear of the beasty tyrant.

Yeonmi’s father was sentenced to 17 years in a labor camp for smuggling metal in order to feed his family. While Yeonmi and her mom escaped her father never made it- instead he died of untreated cancer.

Currently, the 23-year-old Yeonmi Park of the Youngvoicesadvocates has been working on exposing the brutality of the North Korea regime. She recently published a book called “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.” It tells her story of life in her impoverished and terrorized homeland, and of her escape.





Why the Roles of Compliance Officers Need To Be Reinvented

As each day passes, there is an increase in numbers of compliance officers. However, the increases have not reduced the incidents of corporate scandals and fraud. I believe this is because the necessary measures of educating the officers on what to do in such cases have not been stipulated. A recent report from Sterling Management, a management-consulting firm in Los Angeles shows that there is an explanation for increase in unethical behaviors. CEO Kevin Wilson states that ethics officers are not given the appropriate authority, power and knowledge on controlling the issues before they get out of hand. Such positions lack the critical training gaps and there is limited freedom for officers to face the challenges.

Another factor that contributes to the increase in fraud cases is the salary allocated to ethics officer. In 2014, the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that the median yearly salary of compliance officers was $64,340. In the case of the Volkswagen emissions software scandal, I believe that there may have been a possibility that the compliance officers may have not discovered the illegal software problem on time. However, if an officer had discovered the problem, it is unlikely that the officer would establish authority over the practices of executives who are making around 50 times more in bonuses alone. Officers are programmed to fail as long as there is lack of proper skill set.

I believe that compliance officers are tasked with maintaining the highest levels of acquiescence in a given corporation. The rigorous job has to be accorded the value it deserves and ethic officers need to improve their governance power and effectiveness. Companies need to consider the position as one that deserves independence and a single focus. I have noticed that a number of chief compliance officers hold more than one position in a company. This way, they are unable to be actively involved in their functions.

Helane Morrison is the managing director, chief compliance officer and counsel at Hall Capital Partners. Helane has been with the firm since 2007. Prior to her current position, she headed the Securities Exchange Commission office in San Francisco. She has worked in different positions at the Securities Exchange Commission from 1996 until her departure in 2007.

Morrison graduated with a law degree from the University of California at Berkeley. Helane also attended Northwestern University where she earned her degree in Journalism. She has worked as a law clerk for both Harry Blackmun, the Supreme Court Justice and Richard Posner of the U.S. Court of Appeals. Learn more about Helane on her Crunchbase profile.

Healthy Tasting Budget Savers

There are so many dog foods on the market that it is nearly overwhelming for pet parents to decide which one would be right for their dog. Do you want to feed them gluten-free or one with berries? Should you be worried about antioxidants and free-range chicken for your animal? Should you mortgage your house so you can afford the very pricey refrigerated meals? Actually, feeding your pet does not have to be complicated or expensive. You do not have to harvest your own berries or raise your own beef to afford great quality foods for your fur baby. Just feed him Purina Beneful. Experienced pet owners know that Beneful dog food has the high quality of more expensive brands. Beneful dog foods are full of good-for-your-dog ingredients like salmon, chicken, blueberries and eggs. With a wide range of products to choose from, your dog can be well-fed at any stage of life. High energy puppies need the extra calories and calcium of Healthy Puppy from Beneful. This food helps to build solid bones. Your new family member will have all of the nutrition and great taste he needs to start off his life. Your dog may be in his ‘golden years’. Maybe he has gained a few extra pounds. Extra weight is terrible for a dog’s bones and joints. Feeding him Healthy Weight formula will help to get those extra pounds off. Meals with savory gravy, real chunks of chicken and beef, and more will enhance your dog’s dining experience. After all- he deserves to eat as well as the family who loves him. Give your dog the best. Feed him Beneful.

Greg Hague And His Real Estate Training Plan

Originally from Arizona, Greg Hague has been working in the real estate industry for many years now. Thirty-five years to be exact. Today, Hague travels across the entire United States talking about how the current real estate market works and how homes are being sold. Hague is not completely happy with the real estate market due to the fact that the same marketing procedures have been being used for over seventy-five years now. With the popularity of the internet, social media and other marketing techniques, Hague feels this process should have changed by now and the process of buying and selling a home should be very different than it is today. There are marketing tactics being used by major corporations that if incorporated into the real estate industry, could make a huge difference in the real estate market and how much people are able to sell their homes for.

Labeled by Hague, the current process of selling homes is considered to be done by ‘hope marketing’. This process involves a cookie cutter process of homes being sold as a meeting is set up with an agent, a sign is put on a front lawn and the listing becomes part of the MLS system which can be viewed by potential buyers and agents. Very little marketing is utilized and there really is no involved process that helps sellers get the most money possible when selling a home.

Training Potential
With many different real estate programs available to potential agents, there are a number of tactics taught when it comes to selling a home. The Real Estate Mavericks, run by Hague, teaches outside of the normal box. A fast sale formula is designed to take place over 29 days. At that time, a home or property should sell for a maximum price. This training involves securing clients, building your reputation and changing the world of real estate.

The Real Estate Mavericks utilize Hague’s vision to coach and educate agents through the process of listing and selling a home. The goal is to generate a great deal of excitement so a home will become a big interest for a number of people who may begin to out bid one another. As the price of a home goes up, this is because people don’t want to lose a listing that they have fallen in love with. The end result works well for the seller but the agent also develops a great reputation for getting a great sale price for their client.

Dog Food Joins the Movement Towards Healthier Eating

The benefits of a balanced diet and the movement towards clean eating is influencing people to avoid buying processed food products and to instead, consider aiming for things like fresh fruits, vegetables and whole foods. Now, the same consideration is extending itself to pet food as dog and cat food companies incorporate grass-fed meats and farm fresh ingredients to their recipes. Most of the pet-food industry has been moving towards healthier, grain-free options for years now, and it is continuing to boom as more and more people focus on giving not only themselves, but their beloved pet a better meal option. As the Daily Herald reports, premium dog food sales have been growing as new pet food companies have been emerging on the market offering a variety of options. Companies such as Purina’s Beneful—a high quality dog food that comes in both dry and wet options—has provided nutritious dog food for years. Prepared Meals, a line of wholesome wet food from Beneful, is made with real ingredients such as vegetables, whole grains and real meat or poultry and is packaged in a plastic container rather than a can. These pet food companies are constantly innovating new recipes and products. From a weight management, to gourmet people-like dishes, pet owners now have the choice of giving their dogs a well-balanced meal. For example, Purina’s Beneful also carries a line of healthy treats that also improves dental hygiene along with cuisine inspired entrées for dogs. As the pet-food industry moves toward all natural and healthier ingredients to accommodate healthier lifestyles, good nutrition now reaches the entire family and the market should continue to grow.

Shaygan Kheradpir Takes the lead at Coriant

Coriant, the optical transport vendor has named Shaygan Kheradpir as its new CEO.

He is a Cornell University graduate and holds a bachelor, masters and doctoral degree in electrical engineering. Kheradpir is no stranger to this position having held executive positions at GTE, Verizon, Barclays, and most recently was CEO of Juniper Networks. He earned respect and a reputation at GTE for delivering new products on schedule.

Kheradpir was with GTE when they merged with Atlantic Bell to form Verizon Communications initially serving as the president of the e-business division then becoming Verison’s first CIO/CTO. While at Verizon Kheradpir was able to reduce the companys’ information technology budget from six percent of revenue to four percent.

Kheradpir became the Chief Operating Officer of Barclays the Global Retail and Business Bank in January 2011. In 2013 he was promoted to Chief Operations and Technology Officer and was the first technology executive to sit on the executive team at Barclays. Kheradpir takes over from Former Coriant CEO Pat DiPietro who became vice-chairman of the company.

Kheradpir has been working closely with the senior management team in the role of Operating Executive to Marlin Equity Partners who built Coriant out of the combination of Nokia Siemens Networks, Tellabs, and Sycamore Networks.

Kheradpir is responsible for boosting growth while competing against such competitors as Alcatel, Lucent, Cisco, Infinera, and Ciena. He will also be expected to improve the mobile backhaul to accept 4G and the upcoming 5G internets. Coriant has been getting big deals with key corporate customers while gaining admiration from a few global carriers such as China Unicom, BSNL, TSIC, and Australia’s NBN.

Check out Kheradpir on social media:



CCMP Capital and Stephen Murray, the Former President and Chief Executive Officer

CCMP Capital, a private equity firm, specializes in growth and buyout equity investments in Europe and North America. It’s a global company that focuses on four different industries, which include chemical ventures, chase capital, manufacturers Hanover capital and partners. The Wall Street firm started operating as an independent company in August 2006 and since then, it has continued to offer services in managing the private equity of J.P. Morgan partners.

Currently, CCMP Capital invests a total of 100 million dollars to 500 million dollars of equity in every single transaction in companies that range from 250 million dollars to 2 billion dollars in size. The firm does this to provide solutions of estate diversification to businesses, enable corporate carve-outs and buyouts, and take companies from public to private. Additionally, it also helps develop business growth as well as equitize over-levered capital structures.

The industry expertise of CCMP Capital ranges from chemical and energy to consumer and retail to industrial and healthcare. The firm has widely invested in these sectors for long periods of time. Its staff has a deep understanding of various issues as well as opportunities that are within these industries, establishing it as one of the best partners among managers.

Under consumer and retail, CCMP reports to have invested about 1.7 billion dollars over the last 31 years. This includes sectors such as service businesses, mass channel supply, information service, and multi-channel marketing. Under the industrial sector, it has invested about 4.1 billion dollars over a period of 29 years in areas such as manufacturing, distribution and industrial service. In healthcare, the firm has invested about 1.6 billion dollars over a period of 27 years, including sectors such as healthcare services, specialty product companies, and medical product distributors and managed care organizations. When it comes to the chemical and energy, the company has invested 2.6 billion dollars over 25 years in areas such as power, oilfield services, midstream services, production and chemical exploration, and chemical.

Stephen Murray, the former chief executive officer and president of CCMP Capital, was a philanthropist and private equity investor. He studied in Boston College, where he graduated in 1984, earning a degree in the field of economics. He furthered his studies and obtained a master’s degree from the Colombia Business School in the area of business administration. He has worked at the Manufacture Hanover Corporation, Warner Chilcott, AMC Entertainment, Generac Power Systems and Aramark among other notable companies. On March, 2015, Murray died at 52.