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Talk via Text through Talkspace

These days, life is busy. Sometimes life is too busy to accommodate for the anxieties you may be dealing with. For those with a hectic life but in need of professional therapy, Talkspace is here for you. As this world continues to advance in terms of technology, more and more professionals are becoming accessible to the public through the use of a computer or smartphone. You can order items and various products online such as clothing, vacation packages, groceries and more. Now, you can also receive some much-needed therapy. Leading online therapy Talkspace has a network of professionals waiting to help wherever you are. Imagine having access to over 2000 professional therapists and no appointment is required. After a few simple steps to match you with a suitable therapist, and picking a payment plan that fits your needs, you are then a click away from receiving the professional help you need from your very own online therapist.

Having gone through therapy himself, competitive swimmer, Michael Phelps has teamed up with Talkspace to promote mental health. He believes therapy could only aid in one’s mental health, Talkspace provides that and more. Going through life when enduring hard times don’t have to be a fight by yourself. Michael Phelps struggled for sometime before he discovered Talkspace. This secure, affordable means to receiving the professional help you need gives you the advantage over your mind’s mind. There is power in knowing you are not alone and Talkspace gives you that strength at the tips of your fingers. Talkspace was created to remove the stigma associated with mental help and getting therapy. The look on someone’s faces usually speaks for itself when the topic of therapy is brought up. Talkspace has been used by over a million people in search of that listening ear through text messaging. The stigma may be still out there but Michael Phelps and Talkspace are working hard to break down those barriers. There is no need to feel alone in a mental warfare. Let Talkspace get you the professional help you need today to live at peace tomorrow.

Michael Burwell: Incorporating Innovative Strategies To Advance Organizational Goals


The strategic business decisions made by a significant number of organizations are made with different motives. However, there are some issues that are common to all organizations which makes them formulate particular decisions. Fundamental aspects such as profits, risk mitigation strategies, and business survival are essential to any business. Therefore, considerable factors must be put into considerations before implementing a particular decision. Willis Towers Watson seems to have made one of the most critical decisions about the progress of the organization by hiring Michael Burwell as the Chief Finance Officer.

Michael Burwell is one of the leading industry experts who has a clear understanding of the financial aspects of the overall business environment. He is a person who has executed some of the most complex financial strategies that have seen a company grow from strength to strength. Working as the head of transformations and transactions at Pricewaterhouse Cooper Limited is a clear indication that he is an experienced person who understands matters finance. Poaching an employee from such a company also speaks volumes about Willis Towers Watson, a global insurance advisory organization.

Michael Burwell will be expected to lead the technology incorporated in the financial department at the insurance company as he has consistently demonstrated that he is fond of using technology at any given time to increase his productivity. In a recent interview, Mike noted that he has a significant number of mobile app that he uses to make himself more productive. He shares these apps with other members of the staff so that they can be productive as well. He will be expected to live up to the expectations by ensuring that he comes up with innovative methods that will increase productivity in the company.

About Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell’s background in conducting auditing tasks for insurance-related clients will play a significant role in ensuring that he succeeds in the new industry. His ability to encourage members of the staff to formulate strategic policies and come up with innovations that will help the company move forward is something that played a critical role in his consideration in the new role.

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What companies can learn from Fortress Investment Group

Entrepreneurs around the world know Fortress Investment Group for its ability to offer the right investment techniques and advice. The company has been in the industry for years and has become a distinguished leader in the asset management field. It is growing fast because of delivering quality services to investors. The main offices of the company are located in New York, but it has established other offices around the world because of rapid expansion. The company aims at attaining the goals of the founders. Experienced leaders started the company and they had a goal of delivering the best investment plans for investors. The idea came in 1998, and since then the company has beat the competitive financial market to become the best in the United States.

However, the success has not been quick and easy because the founders have worked hard by delivering quality services to ensure that the company can perform. The company has the best value and heritage, and the employees value it. The goal of Fortress Investment Group has always been to inspire and provide top quality services to the customers. Investors who have trusted the excellent work of the company have already benefitted a lot from their investment plans. When you seek the services of the company, you will be given the best insights, and the employees are open. SoftBank Group Completes Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group. The company is not only focused in finance but also in other areas like hedge funds, real estate, and debt securities. If you invest in them, you can be sure that your money is safe.

Fortress Investment Group is managed through innovation, and the leaders have been offering the best management services. The best part is that they are transparent with their investors because they want them to understand what is happening. Fortress Investment Group works with employees who are diligent in their job. Those who have interacted with their managers can tell how they were welcomed and served with openness. It is the value that keeps the company achieving success even after many years of being in the market. Potential investors should consider working with Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress Group has proved that if an investment group is well managed, it can create wealth for the people. The role of a firm like this is to help people create wealth by applying the knowledge that professional who work for them have. The professionals working for this firm have a commitment of serving their customers in the best way possible.

Infinity Group Australia resolves financial challenges

Infinity Group Australia has become one of the top ranking businesses in Australia and New Zealand. According to a report that has been made by the Australian Financial Review, most of the services which are offered by this company are unique and are among the most innovative in the industry. For the period that this company has been in the financial industry, a lot has changed in the Australian financial market. People are now able to repay loans in a shorter time than before. Infinity Group Australia has done a commendable job of treating the people in the manner which will solve the challenges that the people have been experiencing.


Infinity Group Australia has innovative solutions which have not been tried before. The ideas were created by the founding partners of the company, Graeme Holm, and Rebecca Walker. The two created this company out of passion that they had for finances. Their passion was however unique. Unlike other players who join this industry so that they can rip off their customers, these joined the financial industry so that they can provide solutions that will improve the financial status of the people. Infinity Group Australia is a company that has a difference from what others offer.


Infinity Group Australia has solutions which cannot be matched when it comes to giving solutions for debt reduction and money management. The main goal of the company is to help Australians to live a better life away from the debt cycles which impoverish many people. The company offers personal bankers to clients. Each client is assigned a personal banker who will be in charge of the spending that a client makes in a month. The banker will them prepare a report on the spending habit of the clients and how the behavior might have contributed to poor financial management.


Infinity Group Australia is trying to make the people realize that the problem is not with the amount of money they make, but the decisions they make while sending the money. Personal bankers have successfully managed to trim the budgets of clients who have approached the company. Clients are now saving more while at the same time living a comfortable life



Infinity Group has nothing to do with living on a shoestring budget; they ensure that the standard of living is maintained. This company is the solutions that many Australians have been dreaming about. It is now a reality that is helping people to live debt-free lives. Learn more :

Meet Penelope Kokkinides, the CAO at Innovacare Health

The Healthcare industry is one of the core sectors of every country’s economy. It is one of those industries that every player is required to display excellent professionalism because slight slackness would be the difference between life and death. It takes a real dynamo, and a person with a thick skin and a high aptitude to make a worth-while career in the Healthcare industry.One such individual is Penelope Kokkinides who has made a name and an honorable reputation for herself in the industry. She is the current Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health, where she works closely with Rick Shinto, the CEO of the company.

Being a top executive in the Healthcare sector involves making tough decisions that could cause a ripple effect on almost every citizen. This is a role Penelope has taken earnestly, and all through her career, she has worked towards improving health care operations and processes. The fact that she specialized in Medicare and Medicaid programs for two decades boosts her credibility as an executive who has what it takes to run massive public programs. As a result, Penelope is an expert in establishing and managing clinical programs.

All through her career, Penelope has displayed high standards of integrity, and she has always enjoyed her work. According to Kokkinides, her work has been made easy by the inter-connectivity that has come about because of the advancement in technology. As she spends most of her time traveling for official duty, Penelope has email and twitter to thank, for keeping her connected to the world affairs and her loved ones. The busy schedules at Innovacare Health are not alien to her as she held similar duties at Centerlight Healthcare where she served as the Chief Operating Officer. Additionally, she had stints at Touchstone Health as the COO and also at Americhoice where she worked as the Corporate Vice President for Care Management and Disease Management.

To ensure that she remains at the top of the game, Penelope reads a lot of informative materials such as research books, expert articles, and publications. This is a practice she recommends to other entrepreneurs and executives. Penelope has always loved reading and advancing her knowledge, which perhaps explains her two master’s degrees. She holds a master’s degree in public health from Columbia University and a master’s degree in social work from New York University. For more details visit


About Innovacare Health

InnovaCare health is the leading value-based healthcare partner for most people in Puerto Rico and the U.S. The company which has its headquarters in Fort Lee, N .J caters for more than 500, 000 people through their health plans which include Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. Innovacare Health is always looking for ways to improve health care services by integrating blue-chip technology in their operations. Check out



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How Peter Briger Became one of the most influential business leaders in America

Nothing about his demeanor betrays the levels of success Peter Briger has been able to achieve. Meeting with him on the streets of San Francisco, where he is based, as he continues to run the Credit division of the Fortress Investment Group one would assume he is just another ordinary employee of the organization. However, this would soon change once you get a hold of his CV. He has been able to achieve quite a lot in the thirty-three years he has worked in the financial industry.

Having Graduated from Princeton, it was only a matter of time before he got an offer. Goldman Sachs was quick to snatch him off the market as a fresh graduate, and as he worked from the junior levels within the organization, he was able to achieve a number of feats that culminated in him becoming a partner at the bank.

As a partner, Peter Briger was able to work in some committees. These committees were not only essential for his work, but also for his personal development. He was keen on the Asian market, and it was thus natural for him to work on a number of committees that specialized in this market. He first joined the Asian Management Committee. This was a committee dedicated to the management of investments made within the Asian market. Next, he went to work in the Global Control and Compliance Committee. This one was in charge of ensuring all international investments by Goldman complied with the specific rules and regulations of that market. The Japan Executive Committee would follow and would provide him with valuable knowledge on the Japanese market.

Peter Briger then moved to the Fortress investment group where he is today a member of the Board, Co-CEO, and partner. His rise in the group has seen him become a valuable voice within the group as well as making him one of the most influential business leaders in the country according to Forbes Magazine. Peter Briger despite him being the person who oversaw the group’s IPO has been very positive about the group’s acquisition by SoftBank. He remarks that the realities of a company like Fortress being a public company sunk in after they went public. He now appreciates the operations as a private company as the need to convince investors every time they are about to do something has significantly reduced resulting in a smoother decision-making process.


Talkspace Encouraging More People with Mental Issues to Open up and Seek Treatment

Many people are constantly worried about their mental health as they don’t feel themselves at times when they are under too much stress or have recently gone through any traumatic event. Feeling depressed or going through an anxious state of mind can be really traumatic and put your life upside down. However, with the help of a therapist, you can be sure that you would be able to address the issue with ease. Talkspace has some of the finest therapists on board who would listen to you and provide you with the solution that would make it easier for you to deal with the situation. It is often thought that people who are not successful or have personal or professional issues are depressed. But, the truth is that depression and other mental problems do not discriminate. It has been proven when Michael Phelps, the 23 times Olympian gold winner came forward to speak about his struggle and how online therapy helped him overcome it.

Talkspace started its operations in the year 2012 and since then has been growing rapidly. It is because more and more people want to consult with the therapist, but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for an hour-long counseling session. Visiting a therapist has always been expensive, and it is what keeps many people away from therapy. However, Talkspace has eliminated the need to go anywhere or spend hundreds of dollars on consulting with the professional therapist. If you want to completely get rid of any kind of mental health issues that you might be suffering from, make sure that you sign up at Talkspace today. With over a thousand professional therapists at Talkspace, you can be sure of getting the help you need to get back your mental health to fit and healthy.

A therapist would be able to identify what is the problem with your mental health and provide you with the exact solution you are looking for. Rest assured that with the help of a professional mental therapist, you would be able to feel better and get rid of the mental state you were earlier in.

Michael Burwell Uses His Years Of Financial Experience To Help Wills Tower Watson


Wills Tower Watson has announced that Michael Burwell will be the new Chief Financial Officer. Michael Burwell comes with over 30 years of financial experience. Burwell graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s in business administration. He spent 11 years working on business advisory practices for PriceWaterhouse Cooper LLP. From there he was promoted to partner in transaction business in their office in Detroit. He did such a good job in Detroit he was promoted over the central Us transaction division. He was later promoted once again to Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating officer, in 2012 he became the vice chairman of Global and US transactions. In 2017, he moved his career to Wills Tower Watson.


Wills Tower Watson is a global advisory, broking, and solutions company. The company offers solutions to organizations and individuals to minimize risk, optimize benefits, and expand the power of capital. Michael Burwell is excited to join the company. He has been working on projects like AMX for the company. AMX allows them to advise clients on over 120 in assets. It debuted in Europe and is now available in select places in the United States.


Michael Burwell contributes his success in the financial world to several things. One is being a good listener and building up a network. Solid communication with your team, potential clients, and investors is important for any job. It is not enough to try to say what they want to hear, you have to actually listen to their problems, and address their issues. Another is keeping a positive attitude, even when others are criticizing you.


Michael Burwell also states that is important to utilize all the tools available to make yourself as productive as possible. Technology has played a big role in the productiveness of people and making lives easier.


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Paul Mampilly: Investing opportunities in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a technology that will bring significant changes in the use of technology as we know it today. It is going to be one of the biggest changes that have ever taken place in the world. This technology is proving to be one of the greatest ever in that it is affecting almost every industry. From our homes to the industries, this technology is taking over some of the roles that used to be handled by human beings. Its growth in the coming years will lead to the creation of new products, and most of the companies which will be dealing with the production of such products will record huge growth.

According to Paul Mampilly, a respected investor in the United States, the Internet of Things will create opportunities for investors to make money from technology stocks. He is projecting a boom in the industry as it happened in the 1990s when the personal computing devices were first introduced. Investors who will be ready to take up the opportunities that will arise are most likely to benefit from huge profit gains.

Paul Mampilly is projecting growth in companies that deal with algorithms, data analytics, artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous cars and many others such industries. The internet of things is about creating devices which can connect to the internet. Such devices can communicate with each other and do tasks without the intervention of human users.

Mampilly has been a stock investor for two decades, and his favorite industry is technology. He considers it the easiest to get some good opportunities because technological trends keep on coming up frequently. They are also easy to predict since most of us rely on technology for various tasks.

About Paul Mampilly

Mampilly started working as an investor in the Wall Street in 1991. Paul Mampilly’s first position was that of an assistant portfolio manager. He kept showing good results and earned job opportunities with bigger financial institutions. At the peak of his career in the Wall Street, he was working as a hedge fund manager.

Paul Mampilly is now retired from the Wall Street and concentrates on teaching the average investor how to invest wisely.

Talkspace: Innovative Care Backed by Michael Phelps

Talkspace is an innovative way for people to get the mental health counseling and services they need. It is a platform designed to work with patients and care providers alike. With a few clicks, users can get in touch with a qualified and highly experienced mental health professional. The smooth dynamics of this system help craft a new and one of a kind user experience that is incredibly flexible. Chatting and video conferencing are just some of the options that patients have within the Talkspace platform.

Talkspace is an innovator because it improves access to care. People who have busy work schedules or other obligations can easily choose services that meet their needs. Talkspace makes getting help fast and confidential. Michael Phelps has been an important partner, after having benefited from Talkspace. He opened up in an interview about his personal struggles with mental health issues. Many of these conditions were treatable and he found help with the professionals at Talkspace.

Anxiety and depression were just some of the things Michael Phelps experienced while touring. He explained how the competition made him feel overwhelmed and he found himself unable to cope. Talkspace was there for him when he needed it the most. Phelps explained his own amazing results with the platform and encourages other athletes to use it too. He was particularly impressed by the ease of use and convenience that Talkspace was able to provide. No longer did he have to worry about missing appointments at a doctors office.

There are a lot of benefits to Talkspace including growing recognition from the marketplace. Many organizations have established partnerships with Talkspace in order to make mental health services more readily available. Employees of several corporations can now get access to mental health care without having to schedule an appointment at a traditional office. The ease of use and highly skilled personnel available in the app set Talkspace apart from other methods of care and treatment. Overall Talkspace is a great tool and can help improve the lives of countless people in the United States and abroad.