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Use common sense when engaging in drone photography

Drones are seen as new technology, although the civilian versions are simply newer versions or radio controlled flying devices. While helicopter and plane hobbyists have existed, drone enthusiasts have found a new way to do an old sport. Many people use drones for aerial photography shots. While aerial photography using drones brings up privacy issues, drones are a good way to safely get shots a person may not be able to get in any other way. One innovative use of the technology involves flying sides inside glacial caverns. One pair of Alaskan photographers has produced stunning visual images of the inside of glacial caves using this technique.


The standard photographer does not does not normally go into glacial caverns, even if he lives in an area where they are more easily accessible. These caverns routinely melt or collapse. Even the larger caverns are far from stable. An explorer may go into one of these caverns and find himself trapped a few minutes later. Using drones to take these pictures takes the human risk out of the equation.


Newly minted aerial drone photographers should read up on federal, state and local laws. They should also use common sense before heading out. Fly these in safe areas and do not fly them over the houses of neighbors who are likely to disapprove of their presence. Pilots should also take time to learn the controls and how to fly the craft properly. Newer drone models do have crash-avoidance features, but these features are no substitute for a good pilot. Be sure to know how far the drone can fly on a single charge or a full tank of fuel. Commercial and private airliner pilots know why it is important to keep track of this information.


If a drone pilot has the money, he should consider getting a gimbal camera. These cameras can swivel to a different position and are excellent for aerial photography. Military aircraft mount similar cameras on their wings. Video cameras work better than still shot cameras for this hobby.


Take striking pictures by understanding color palettes

Instagram and other forms of social media makes it hard for someone’s pictures to get noticed. Almost paradoxically, it also makes it easier for some people to gain a world wide following for the pictures they take. While there is no mechanism for determining who will become a star for their photographs and who will simply have their photos enjoyed by their friends, there are some tips amateur shutterbugs can use to make their photos stand out. One good way to make photos stand out from others is to understand how to make the colors in the picture stand out.


Developing a signature color pattern is a process of trial and error. Alia Stearns, a writer for the Uproxx website recently interviewed Nathan Szwarc to ask him about his process. Szwarc’s style of nature photography involves finding contrasts that work well together. As a young mane, he grew up in the southern part of the Appalachian Mountains. The young man often went out during the summer, but he found he had a problem. The major color pallet of the mountains during this time is green. Everything was green. To distinguish his work from other photographers, he looked for a way to allow pieces of golden sunlight to come through in his pictures.


The technique works well for him, but it is not the only one he uses. If he wants to spice up a picture more than just watching for the interplay of colors, Szwarc uses two techniques. Depending on his subject, he either saturates or desaturates the color palette. This creates striking images that change the nature and the appearance of his subject.


Photography, like any other skill, takes practice. Szwarc did not start creating the beautiful images people can see on his social media accounts. Like many amateur photographers, he spent time going out and taking the images he found most interesting. Sometimes he just took pictures because he wanted to take pictures.

Contributions of Whitney Wolfe in the World of Dating

The industry of technology grows day by day, and this has led to the evolution of gender companies. Most of the companies that were launched were specifically for the male gender, and it is because the founders and executives were men. When Whitney Wolfe created a company for the female gender it captured the attention of a lot of people, the firm is managed by ladies. Things began changing when Whitney established a dating app known as Bumble. Whitney Wolfe did not just find herself where she is today with the Bumble. There is a journey behind her success. Her journey began at Tinder a well-known dating app. Whitney Wolfe is among the founders of Tinder, and she worked there as a marketing VP. At Tinder is where the passion of improving the vision of strengthening the female grew.

Whitney was popular because she was dedicated to her working of easing the process of helping people to hook up with probable romantic partners. Tinder was efficient but not much impactful in the online dating. Whitney started Bumble which was the first the first app for female dating. Unlike the traditional dating apps, Bumble app accommodated both male and female. The women are given the priority in Bumble. The users of the Bumble have rapidly increased to millions, and it is the topmost dating app in the world today. The fact that Bumble is transparent and its environment is conducive for women since they feel strengthened and secure made it, Bumble to be the frontline dating app in the United States.

The goal of Whitney Wolfe is to advance the Bumble in a way that the people will be able to locate the romantic partners but business partners as well. The successful business journey of Whitney Wolfe began while she was learning at Southern Methodist University where she specialized in International Studies. Whitney revealed capability of coming up with creative ideas that would work well in the marketplace. She used to sell the bamboo tote bags minding about the advantage of marine environment at the Gulf Coast that was destroyed by the BP oil. Wolfe associated herself with Patrick Aufdenkamp who was a renowned artist, and they formed Help Us Project with the aim of designing the totes. The passion of Wolfe was to make a better living in the world. Wolfe was born at a place called Salt Lake City, and she married to Michael Herd in 2017.

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SELFLLERY: Changing Stock Photography’s Pay Game

SELFLLERY is a game-changer. This website has changed the way photographers make money selling their photographs and images. Before SELFLLERY, photographers loaded their photographs up to a micro stock or macro stock website and then got paid a percentage of the price of the photograph sold. On SELFLLERY, photographers are paid by cryptocurrency based on the amount of social media interaction they incur on the website.




On SELFLLERY, a photographer’s social media interaction is the activity the uploaded photo generates and as a result the more the photographers are paid. The generated activity includes the number of likes and views the photo receives and the number of comments posted about the photo. The photographer can increase their social media activity by entering photo contests and other events.


Paying With Cryptocurrency


SELFLLERY is a social media website that pays photographers for photos and images in cyrptcurrency called YOU tokens. YOU tokens are ERC20 tokens that are built on Ethereum blockchain technology. YOU tokens made be withdrawn and converted to cash using the Ethereum wallet. YOU tokens may also be used to purchase additional YOU tokens, purchase products and services in the SELFLLERY marketplace or make a donation to a favorite charity.


The Future of Stock Photography


There is an increasing demand for stock photography. According to a Zion Market Research report, “the global demand for digital photography market was valued at around USD 77.66 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach approximately USD 110.79 billion in 2021, growing at a CAGR of slightly above 6.1% between 2016 and 2021.” .


SELFLLERY has a unique approach to selling stock photos and providing income to photographers. By using YOU tokens as a form of payment to the photographers for their photos, they have introduced a new and exciting avenue for making money from selling stock photographs.

A few quick digital photography tips

Shutter bugs still exist, but some of the equipment they used to have in the past has faded into obscurity. No one longer uses the dark room to develop their prints. Perhaps that is not entirely true. Developed film is still used, but the average user engages in digital photography. It makes sense for most people to make the move. Decent digital cameras come with even the cheapest models of cell phones. Even though anyone can take a picture now, it is still hard for people to take good pictures. A few quick photography tips can help anyone get a start.

The first lesson a new photographer must learn is to keep the light out of the shot as much as possible. This is not always easy. Cell phone cameras usually have a wide display field. If someone takes a shot into the sun, the sun may wind up in the photo, whether the photographer wants it to be there or not.

The second tip is called the rule of threes or the rule of nines. Some cell phone camera software includes a grid the user can use to help center the shot. The idea behind the rule is that the photographer should draw the viewer’s eye to the center of his subject. The subject’s center should appear in the middle of the photograph. Technology has made this easier than ever. Even if the camera software on the shutterbug’s phone does not have a grid feature, it probably does have a feature that shows where the camera will focus.

The final tip is do not be afraid to use magnification, but be aware that it can make the picture look grainy. Most cell phone cameras can only magnify the image up to four times. This is not a problem for most people, but larger magnification settings can make the final image look grainy. Digital cameras with a zoomable lens can reach higher magnifications.

Photography is too complex a subject to be covered fully here. These are just a few quick tips to help a person take decent snapshots. Cell phone snapshots may not sell to Time Magazine, but they can easily be shown to friends and family.

The Success Journey of OSI Group

Behind every successful venture, there is a story of both the sad and happy moments it underwent to be where it is today. Being in the game for more than a century, OSI Group has more than what we can call a story. Today, the company is a leading provider of protein products around the world. Also, it is among the largest providers of employment opportunities with over 20,000 staff who work in its 65 facilities set in 17 countries.

The company has risen from a humble background to a significant corporate and distributor of food products around the globe. OSI’s history is associated with the American immigrant experience. In 1907, Otto Kolscowsky was among the German-immigrant community living in Chicago, Illinois. During that time, Chicago was an entry point for new immigrants as well as the industry’s point of origin.

In 1909, Otto created a butcher shop and a meat market in Oak Park. It is right to say that business was good for Otto because after a decade, he expanded his venture to Maywood, Chicago. Also, Otto grew his business into wholesale to broaden his market. In 1928, Otto’s venture was rebranded as Otto & Sons.

Although small, Otto & Sons was prominent and part of the American community, and this is what influenced its significant growth. OSI Group was the earliest suppliers of McDonald’s after the agreement with Ray Kroc before its opening in 1955. The deal between Kroc and the Otto sons saw the two grow their businesses as well as outreach. Today, McDonald’s is a recognized and respected brand around the world.

McDonald’s was looking for a global market, and this is what saw OSI Industries expand its services to the world while trying to satisfy McDonald’s growing demand. Kroc was looking for a consistent product to its customers, and it was Osi Industries duty to meet the demand. The introduction of cryogenic food processing (freezing food using liquid nitrogen) saw the relationship between the Otto sons and Ray Kroc. The association was enhanced by the fact that Otto & Sons could meet the high demand at a reduced cost.

In the early 70’s, Otto & Sons launched a plant in West Chicago with advanced tech for freezing hamburger patties, and it was dedicated to McDonald’s. Business with the local restaurant and markets continued as usual via the Glenmark brand. In 1975, Otto & Sons rebranded to OSI Industries as part of its transition. The company did change, not only its name but also improved its leadership. All along, members of the Kolscowsky were running the company and had reached retirement age, and this is what saw Sheldon Lavin join as a partner.

After the transition, OSI Industries continued to grow as a supplier of both McDonald’s and local markets. The move saw it expand to Utah and even other North American facilities by the early 80’s. The urge to lead the international market saw Sheldon Lavin become the company’s chairman and CEO in the 80’s. Lavin’s role in the company is significant, and he has continued to oversee the expansions to new facilities as well as new sectors such as poultry. Today, OSI is a distinguished company. In 2016, it was ranked #58 by Forbes among the largest private companies. Its sales were approximated at $6.1 billion.

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Alex Pall Elaborates His Journey Towards Shaping His New Identity

Alex Pall is part of the duo that makes the Chainsmokers. The pair that has focused on electronic music recently had an interview with Mathias Rosenzweig of Interview Magazine. He wanted to know how they were getting along after the release of their awaited song “closer” featuring Halsey, the star-of-the-moment. Alex and his partner talked openly about how they planned to establish their identity and unfold with their expanding audience.According to Alex, the two met through their manager. He was DJing around New York when his desire for electronic music grew and he decided to give it a shot and immediately found a new partner.

When Rosenzweig asked about how they knew they could work together, Alex replied saying, both knew what they wanted, had the same core values and were willing to take risks towards shaping the same identity. His ally, Taggart, agreed with him as he responded to Mathias on the challenges they faced as a DJ duo making electronic music. He said that the fact that a million people were doing the same thing, one had to imitate what’s going on around until they can develop skills to make something unique.

The pair moved Rosenzweig because unlike their peers, they sang their compositions. Alex told him that they were at a point where anything they did contributed to shaping their identity. They preferred doing their songs so that each song in an album of 10 songs would have a relation with the other. He told the magazine that working with Halsey was an incredible opportunity because she was a great artist both vocally and even when performing.

Alex Pall was grateful for social media for helping them reach a wider audience, something that excited them. Andrew backed him up saying that as they grew their music evolved from targeting only the college students to reaching a below 15 and over 30 audience. They told Mathias that they were pushing so hard to have every fan catered for by changing their visuals on their shows. The two are determined to give their fans new experiences each time.

Why Photography Should Still Be Important To People

With the ways technology has improved our lives, many old habits and methods are being underutilized and underappreciated. More than anything, we need to be more aware of the fact that it was these old yet creative methods that opened the door for the advancements we have today. One of these old methods is the amazing method of photography. Even though the art of photography is still alive and well today, the majority of the population is not as appreciative of how far we have come with this method. Nowadays, we have top of the line photography pieces from our own smartphones. This is a day in age that many of the past generations never imagined that we would reach. In other words, photography is not as an important part and, is instead seen as an everyday recreational activity that we have the ability to do from our phones at any instant. With that said, here is more on why photography is still important today.


How We Have Shown Why Photography Is Still Important Today

In an article that illustrates how we have essentially proven why photography should still be important today, we come to the understanding of just how underappreciated this art really is. According to the article, it was as simple as utilizing tap water with photography, to show the great leaps we have made in this area. Specifically, the article discusses how developing photography with water from the contaminated water of Flint Michigan, developed flaws in the photography that would otherwise not be there if it was not for the water. Without getting too confusing, what this shows us is that we have come so far in photography as to have developed a photographic film that has the ability to show how contaminated water is. Put even simpler, because of the advancement we have made in photography, we can now detect levels of contamination in water. Overal, how amazing is that fact?

The Power of Photography To Make Us Feel Human and Alive

Every day is a day of celebration, and the stories we read online don’t cease in inspiring us to be our best. One of the ways that we get inspired is by looking at fascinating, inspiring and often lachrymose beautiful photography online. In a recent feature in Digg, this is exactly what we get. Digg featured a weekly review of the best photography that has been taken all over the world, and the results are, for the lack of a better term, transcendental.

The Disappearing Jobs

One of the photos that stood out in the feature is done by the Agence France-Presse, and it’s a feature of people who are still working on jobs that are slowly disappearing. We see a photo of a lamplighter, which is a rare job already that goes along with other disappearing work, such as rickshaw puller and an elevator attendant. Another photo there is an excerpt of a photo collection from an artist, and it’s a photo of Bangkok awash in artificial neon light of pink, purple and blue lights. You can see more of the collection at an article from the Colossal magazine.

There’s also a wonderful photo there of the life in Russian culture in the 90s. The 90s is an era of transition from a Soviet state to an order of global capitalism. There’s a lot of cultural growth, transition, and movement in those years that have given momentum to the explosion of art and political disorder in Russia right now. The photo and imagery in the feature captures all of that in an amazing and powerful light.

Another photo in the review is a surreal image of a sub-urban mother who documented his life and the ins and outs of her marriage. This is part of the collection that she wants to put in her new book, Dream Away.

Photography’s Power

The collection featured in Digg is indeed a powerful symbol of how photography can move us. They say that pictures capture more than words, and the Digg feature is indeed a fitting and robust example for such quote.

The Young People are the Worst Cooks- a Study

Cooking is a daily activity for every household, some people do it themselves while others hire professional cooks to do it for them. Some individuals prefer to order in ready meals from popular food vendors. It’s important to learn how to cook, you get to know what exactly is in your meal, you will be able to avoid unnecessary expenses from ordering food from vendors. The food from the vendors is relatively expensive as compared to the meals you can make, the cost of the ready meals usually includes charges such as transport and the labor. When you learn how to cook you will also be able to eat healthier meals as you will be able to choose what to include in your ingredients.
According to a research conducted by, the young people are not good cooks, most of them are used to ordering in meals from their favorite food vendors, they prefer buying meals to avoid cooking. Others subscribe to regular food delivery service, the arrangement is usually between a customer and a food vendor where the customer specifies the preferred meals and time for the delivery. Most of the food delivery services are prepaid by the customer. Some will cook food and put it in their refrigerators so that it can last for some more time and therefore avoid cooking.–according-to-millennials
According to this research by, a significant number of young people have used a home delivery service or a meal subscription service. The trend could one of the reason for the increased number of food vendors with home delivery and meal subscription services in the United States over the years. Many entrepreneurs are keen to take advantage of this emerging trend. The research finds that a significant number of young people cannot be able to prepare simple meals such as roasted chicken, making barbecue ribs or cooking fish.
A good cook must be able to identify various tools used in cooking and their uses, according to this research by, most young people cannot easily identify simple cooking tools such as a butter knife, a garlic or a salad spinner. There is a need for the young people to learn how to cook, they should make an effort of knowing how to make simple meals as opposed to ordering in or subscribing to home deliveries from food vendors. By doing so, they will be able to save some coins which they can use for other needs.