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How Nick Vertucci is Using Poker to Interpret Business World

Nick Vertucci is famous for many things in the business world. He is one of the people that has revolutionized the real estate business by making it a viable investment option. In the last couple of years, he has educated masses on how to invest wisely. His book is currently one of the most read business books due to its insightful approach to business, which, unfortunately, is rarely taught in schools. All these attributions to the world of investments and marketing are some of the most visible signatures of Nick Vertucci. In the recent past, however, he has been part of high profile poker games. Why does he play poker?

One of the first reason why this investment guru plays poker is that poker has one of the best tricks in reading the human mind. In his book, he describes the value of having an understanding of how the human brain operates before making any move financially. This understanding is one of the main reasons why Nick Vertucci is fascinated by the world of poker. On this note, he has played with some of the best tacticians and therefore sharpening his interpretation of people’s moves.

Second, the poker world has taught him when to make moves and when to buy time and wait for the best moment. It is without a doubt that the investment world has many similarities with poker and this is one of the primary reasons why Nick Vertucci is an active player. According to him, before he started playing poker, he did not have a vast understanding of when to make a move and when to wait. This approach according to him had an impact on his business. He points out that playing with the best people in the world of poker; he now has a better understanding of moves.

Finally, Nick Vertucci points out that this new world has taught him to be always patient. Patience is arguably one of the virtue that many investors lack. Playing poker, however, he has learned to be patient and still give his ventures time to provide returns. This virtue according to him has completely changed his perception of investment.

Ara Chackerian Has Developed Yet Another Great Healthcare Field Idea:

Florida State graduate Ara Chackerian is an active entrepreneur and investor who has been involved in some of the most exciting recent startups in the healthcare field. His most recent efforts have seen him involved in a new healthcare venture called TMS Health Solutions. This exciting new firm is working hard to change the way that treatment is delivered to mental health patients. A big part of the TMS Health Solutions formula is the fact that the company offers outstanding outpatient services along with revolutionary Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy. The company’s very name derives from this revolutionary new way of treating patients with depression. Ara Chackerian has worked very hard in the development of this exciting new healthcare company and the results have been outstanding so far.

Ara Chackerian’s long and successful career investing the healthcare field and fields such as health tech-related companies have been a major part of his focus. Ara Chackerian was a part of the startup phase of outstanding firms such as BMC Diagnostics and PipelineRx among others. Now he is focusing squarely on the work being done by the team at TMS Health Solutions. The idea behind founding a company like TMS Health Solutions came to Ara Chackerian due to his past experience in the field of outpatient treatment in the radiology field. He has a strong belief a similar business model could work in the area of treating mental health issues. This was the initial inspiration behind the TMS Health Solutions founding.

Ara Chackerian is known for his honest and insightful commentary in regard to healthcare investing and he has recently had a lot to say about how the healthcare sector has been doing in the stock market. Ara is a firm advocate that investors can see their investments really take off in terms of profit when they reinvest their dividend. He also warns to steer clear of investing in healthcare firms that offer investment returns that are low.

Nick Vertucci: Success in the Poker Game

Nick Vertucci is a part-time poker player with rare victories in a game where many players around the world struggle to make it. Nick has competed with celebrities and popular poker players such as David Benyamine, Kenny Tran, Ben Affleck, and James Woods. His love for the game began even before he got into the real-state business in 2014. The No-Limit Texas Hold Championship that took place in CA was his initial tournament, where he ranked 8th out of the 251 players present. Nick Vertucci walked away with more than triple his buy in the game, which was $1500. The player has taken his game to higher levels over the last 15 years.

Nick has been part of worldwide tournaments such as Live at the Bike, Poker After Dark among many others. As a result, he has been highly ranked on, All Time Money, and on Global Poker Index Ranking. His favorite poker game is Texas Hold’Em. He participated in the World Series of Poker Tournament in 2016, which marked a milestone for his career. Here, he was the 828th and he almost doubled his buy-in of $1500 to $2532.

He attributes his winning ways to his skill of being able to read his competitors, and to intelligently bluff. He also knows how important it is to move forward despite the outcome, have confidence and emotional control. His skills in poker are usually attributed to his success in real-estate.

Nick Vertucci has been a successful real estate investor since 2014. He invests in bank owned properties. He is also the founder of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy which helps investors succeed in the world of real estate. He authored the 2018 book ‘Seven Figure Decisions’. The book encourages other entrepreneurs. It is about his challenges as a business person and how he picked himself up after losing out big in business.

Igor Cornelsen: A Leading Investment Professional

Are you on the lookout for information on money management or investing? Do you want to get top-notch investment advice? Perhaps you have researched Igor Cornelsen and want to get in touch with him.

It is extremely important to choose a reliable investing or money management advisor. Many people have money to invest but need help going through the process. Investing can be complex but an expert like Igor Cornelsen can help guide you properly.

There are many options available to anyone who has the money to invest. It is a good idea to consult a professional before getting started.

You need to choose an advisor who is passionate about helping you understand how investing works and how to proceed. A reliable advisor will ensure that you understand how to take advantage of the many lucrative opportunities that are available out there.

Igor Cornelsen is a renowned investment professional and he has accomplished a lot in the financial service arena. Igor was an investment banker for decades and has catered to countless clients. His investment firm is popular among investors and entrepreneurs and is one of the most reliable in the industry.

Igor Cornelsen is committed to guiding ambitious individuals and will work with you to ensure that you reach your goal. He renders services to a wide variety of clients, including those who want to plan for retirement or save money for any purpose. He encourages people to save money for their future.

Whether you want to learn how things work in the investing field or you are an experienced investor who wants to get help in growing your portfolio, Igor Cornelsen can provide the guidance you need. Both beginners and veterans can benefit immensely from the guidance of a renowned money management or investment advisory professional like Igor Cornelsen.

Malaysian Entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran, Malaysian founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies, has been leading the business world since 1998 and is known best as an entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist. He currently resides with his wife and family in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, where the QI Group is currently headquartered. He continues to expand his operation and currently has presence in more than 30 countries with investments in real estate, education, retail, and hospitality, while employing more than 1500 people. He commits ten percent of QI profits to philanthropy and has also introduced a company-wide vegetarian policy.

As the founder of Quest International University Perak in Malaysia, Eswaran continues to mentor entrepreneurs around the world while the university provides affordable, quality education within Malaysia in partnership with local government. It is currently one of the fastest growing universities in Malaysia with more than 1600 students attending from around the world. QI is currently expanding to Qi City and building a new headquarters for Quest International University Perak which includes a hospital, housing, and retail space as part of a $500 million project.

Born in Penang, Malaysia, Eswaran was raised by a well-educated family of Indian descent. Eswaran paid his own way through university by working part time jobs before establishing a market-leading selling network. He eventually founded RHYTHM and Vijayaratnam Foundations in 2005, catering to the developing communities in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The Vijayaratnam Foundation went on to build TAARANA, a Malaysian school for children with disabilities.

Also an accomplished author, Eswaran has published several books including his widely successful In the Sphere of Silence. He also serves as a speaker at many international events and has received several awards including the ASEAN Business Advisory Council and Lifetime Achievement Award for Global Entrepreneurship.

James River Capital: Approaches to Better Leadership

Founded in 1986 and initially going by the name KP Futures Management Corp, James River Capital has its headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. The firm previously served as a variant arm of Kidder, Peabody, and Co., later developing into a separate investment company in 1995. This change came as a result of two officials of the department, Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt securing the firm from Kidder, at the time Paine Webber purchased Kidder.


The firm as currently constituted lists as an investment consultant with the SEC, as well as a Commodity Trading Consultant and CFTC Commodity Pool Operator. By July, 2018, the firm had in the region of $570 million under administration. Paul H Saunders is the current chairman and Chief Executive of the new firm, while Kevin M Brandt is the President, with the firm serving a customer base around the United States.


The firm views leadership as a branch of both science and art, skill is required to develop and manage a team effectively. Adjustments to leadership approach can result in rewards on the time and effort spent. According to research, three alterations result arise from better leadership approaches. The first approach indicates supporting the team rather than leading it, with companies like Facebook having managed to shift the mentality of their organizations using this method. This change, in turn, has altered the leadership interaction with the team as well as roles approach. In exercising slight modifications significant impacts are realized, sometimes the small changes are equated to just wordings.


Research has shown a significant 85% of employees withhold responses to their superiors as a way to avoid retrospective action. Limited communication works against creativity, originality, cooperation, and involvement between the firm and its employees. The research resulted in google coining the term “psychological safety” referring to what management teams should strive to achieve. Any operation should aim to ensure there is a free flow of information to ward off problems, difficulties, and to provide for improvements. The research recommends encouragement and accommodation of growth, while at the same time appraising progress. It also emphasizes the provision of a feedback mechanism in meetings.


There is a need to remove hindrances of team member growth. Observations of this handicap are in meeting settings, where it is essential to have a list of attendees and note their contributions. A proactive stance can then be taken to engage the members that make little to no contributions with an aim of getting their input on matters. However, discussions have to flow naturally without seeming to be pushing for their comments. Primary to this approach is the creation of an comfortable and enabling environment where everyone feels appreciated and valued by the organization. Learn more:


Nick Vertucci as a Popular Poker Player.

Nick Vertucci despite his humble beginning has built himself a legacy. He ventured into selling computer spare parts to earn a living. In 2000, dot com and internet site were established, and as a result, fewer people used computers, so the spare part business went down. With advice from his friend, Vertucci attended a real estate seminar which marked the beginning of his career. Nick Vertucci has always had big dreams and passion for real estate business and be rich; it’s from there he opened an academy known as Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy in 2015. Vertucci equips the students with the skills on how to buy, improve, renovate and sell real estate property.

Nick Vertucci as a poker player

Vertucci has received popularity in poker playing; he has tremendous skills which enables him to win many poker games. In 2004, he took the 8th position and won $7, 530 in the No-Limit Texas Hold`Em championship which was held at the Commerce Casino. After this championship, he continued poker playing on various occasions where he emerged victoriously. He competed with multiple people including:

  • Antonio who is very prominent as he won two World Poker Tour championships and three world series of poker tournaments.
  • Benyamine, a French poker player with a World Poker Tour title.

Competing with such poker playing experts, Vertucci has made a name for him to many people all over the world. Recently, Nick was ranked in Global Poker index Ranking 223, 725th, Popularity ranking at 66, 450th and California, USA All-Time Money list in the 10, 199th position.

In addition to competing with highest earners, Vertucci has attended many competitive Poker tournaments in the world including World Series of World Poker (WSOP) and Live at Bike to enhance his skills and become the best poker player.

Nexbank Capital – A Supporter of Women’s Rights

We are at a time where we are forwarding rights for every single human being, no matter what sex, gender, race or geographical location they may be at. Human Rights is being punctuated by world leaders, global organizations and also in the local scene – we as a race have seen the importance of human rights and there are a lot of efforts being done to protect these rights as far as possible.

One of the strongest movements currently is the women’s rights movement – women and their allies have come far with supporting, protecting and forwarding their rights, especially to equality. Women’s rights have rooted from centuries ago and we as a race have come so far with the development of this movement.

One of the most notable events that celebrate women and their rights is the Annual Luncheon of the Dallas Women’s Foundation. The Annual Luncheon is one of the main and biggest fundraisers of the organization – and the money raised will be put into the development and advancement of women’s economic security and their leadership in the community of North Texas. The Dallas Women’s Foundation is well known for causing positive change and making waves of their own, forwarding the economic change, the social stability and the evident leadership of women in their community. The Dallas Women’s Foundation helps women and children through their research, grant-making and advocates. The Dallas Women’s Foundation is also the largest, most well renowned organizations in the regional degree that is focuses on women’s funds. They have been existent since 1985 and their organization has garnered and granted more than thirty million dollars since the erection of their organization.Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 9.57.04 AM

One of the main supporters of their cause is Nexbank Capital. Nexbank Capital has recently sponsored 100,000 dollars to the cause of The Dallas Women’s Foundation in the said Annual Luncheon. Nexbank Capital has been very popular with helping organizations with their causes, and they have been prominent in their financial management stints. Nexbank Capital is a financial management firm that is well trusted by their loyal clients and their results and numbers are manifestations of how successful they are in their business.

Marked Down In History And Your Financial Bottom Line

We all want to be rich. The riches that are emerging within Dallas, Texas are a result of the innovation that people like you are bringing to the city. Dallas is rapidly expanding, and you’re now a part of the growth we’re experiencing. There’s no better time to consider how you will manage, keep and then grow the money you have. Thinking of these things is very important.

History is being made in the city, and your financial future can be formed along with the tremendous contribution that Texas is making to the entire U.S. nation. Your impact begins with a quick consideration of your own financial destiny. Getting your finances in order is always a worthwhile prospect, and nothing should stop you from improving your bottom line.

A NexBank To Consider

NexBank is the banking agency that puts you first when considering how to best leverage services and financial safety. Our professionals come from the brightness agencies on Wall Street, and the founders of our bank are Wall Street professionals who’ve made their impact in the financial world. The impact to be made now is with your financial legacy.

The steps are simple, but the work is honest and true. It takes a serious dynamic to make a serious mark. The mark we leave behind is a better outlook on your financial life and a better balance in your account to prove it. NexBank is the bank to consider because locality means everything to you right now.

Dallas is expanding, and the money of its people must be managed according to the special resources that are found only within our community.

The Booming Diversity Of Dallas, Texas

This is a time for reevaluating how you’ve been handling your cash. We’re not encouraging you to simply open another bank account. That would be a waste of your time and ours. The commitment that we’ve made to the region is a sacrifice that we’re making to your objectives. Our professionals are ready to hear what you want to achieve and to help you along the way.

The growth in our city is only just beginning, and we want you to be a part of that expansion. The work is easy on our part, so now we just need you to walk through our doors. There’s a specialist waiting for you at this very moment.

James River Capital’s Three Tactics That Will Up Your Leadership Skills

Business experts say that leadership is a virtue, which requires regular development and improvement. Such consistent changes give you the confidence and authority you need to manage a successful team. The sentiments have also been backed up by evidence from numerous research papers from management experts.


Have you been looking for sure ways to develop your leadership style? If yes, the following are three tips that would help you advance your leadership ability.


The tips were suggested by experts from James River Capital Corporation, a financial advisory that collaborates with a team of financial experts to provide valuable insights into management strategies. Since its inception, the company has specialized in Investment management, commodity trading, and financial advisory. James River capital was founded by Paul Saunders, a financial expert based in the US. Learn more:


  1. Lead by setting an example


While most managers think that their work is to issue commands to their employees, savvy ones lead by setting an example. They behave the way they want their employees to act.

The strategy eliminates their employees’ inferiority perception. In addition to removing the inferiority perception, the leadership style increases employee morale. Facebook has been using this leadership style to manage its workforce.


  1. Create an atmosphere that lets your employees express their concerns


Reliable business studies show that over 85% of workers hold back critical information, which could improve an organization’s productivity. Most of these employees choose to keep the ideas since they don’t relate well with their managers, or they fear that some views may land them into trouble.


If you wish to reap from your employee’s ideas, James River Capital experts propose that you need to create an atmosphere that fosters open and transparent communication. The tactic will give your employees the psychological safety they need to share their challenges and escalations.


Besides fostering an open door policy, you should learn to listen, and react reasonably to your employees’ views. The strategy would help you acquire essential ideas that would lead to creativity and decisive engagements.


  1. Meet your employees


James River Capital’s leadership experts say that holding regular meetings is another exceptional way to advance your leadership game. The strategy unites your team members, and it gives them an opportunity to air out and find collective solutions to their shared concerns.


You should make sure that each member of your team gets an equal chance to express their views. You may want to look for intelligent ways to encourage quiet members to voice their opinions without making them uneasy.


Apart from giving your employees an opportunity to air their grievances, you can use the meetings to align your organization’s vision. You would want to share your teams’ achievements, its failures, as well as practical solutions to the failures.

Belamant’s Rise In The Information Systems Field

When he was 14 years old, Serge Belamant’s family relocated to South Africa. He joined Highlands North High School and took part in athletics and became good at it. Progressing, he joined the Witwatersrand University to pursue engineering. However, he later dropped engineering and pursued computer science. Upon enrolling into the computer science class, the school required Belamanto to redo some of the subjects he had earlier done and passed, and this made Belamant drop out of school. Matrix, and engineering firm, later employed him and let his work on its small and medium-sized IBM machines. He went on and developed apps useful for dam levels analysis and optimisation.

During this time, he worked with several organisations like Control Data to gain the necessary skills in the information systems field. Serge Belamant later went to Washington D.C. where he studied linear and non-linear programming and later helped the military operate the COBRA system. However, with the rise of sanctions against the military, Belamant joined SASWITCH and became head of the IT division. During his tenure with the firm, it became the second largest ATM switch firm in the world. He left the company in 1989 and founded NET1 whose foundation was on the Funds Transfer System.

In its initial years, NET1 unsuccessfully tried selling its UEPS system to several firms. Visa later partnered with the firm and developed COPAS using FTS and UEPS frameworks. NET1, later on, worked to improve grant payments.

Serge Belamant has issued patent applications for the protection of some of his work. He has received approval for some of the patents while others are awaiting approval. Some of the patents include Financial Transactions with a Varying Pin and Verification of a Transactor’s Identity.

The Financial Transactions with a Varying Pin is one of the patents applied for by Belamant. The system produces pins for transactions conducted by ATMs. The system also creates points of sale for accurate identification of biometric information. The system uses financial transaction processing networks to facilitate financial processing methods and transactions.

The other patent Serge Belamant applied for is the Verification of a Transactor’s Identity. The framework is a system that oversees financial affairs between a transactor and transactee. It verifies financial accounts and institutions for the transactor. The system has an identifier input property that requires the user to key in their identifier details as they work on the system.

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